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    Crank Up The Heat.

    Friday, May 11 2012
    Todd checks into the Metro Court, Steve tries to save Maggie, and LuLu has a revelation about her life.

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    Posted by raineysmom at Friday, May 11 2012 03:15 PM



    Shaving your face every day is ONE thing I'm glad that women don't have to do.....Legs (and other things) is bad enough!!!

    Posted by tomsmo at Friday, May 11 2012 03:16 PM

    I wish they had come up with better name for Todd Credit Card then American Excress also I have feeling Todd selling The Sun and buying Crimson to get back Kate

    Posted by Dubbs at Friday, May 11 2012 03:19 PM

    I played football and Lacrosse and I don't play them lightly.

    Posted by fromthestart at Friday, May 11 2012 03:19 PM



    LOL....For me it was more noticeable then...HAD black it is salt & pepper...could get away with it more easily now....

    Posted by raineysmom at Friday, May 11 2012 03:21 PM


    Thanks for the clarification, Dubbs....I hope that YOU didn't get any broken legs!

    Posted by lily hunter at Friday, May 11 2012 03:22 PM

    Happy Friday Everyone,

    First the Super Moon appears and now it's going to be a cold day in he// according to Todd. The more I see him in this adaptation, the more I like him. Too bad he's determined to believe his unbalanced daughter's version of reality. I have to say that he seems more chocked full of hubris than I remember bringing discount flowers to Carly after she'd just thrown the better bouquet from Johnny in the trash. Snapdragons, cosmos, and stock fill - yes these are indeed discount flowers. I have to say that I'm enjoying the banter, especially the small town talk. I grew up in a small town and yet I don't remember any of the close to inbred activities Carly and Todd were discussing going on and believe it was such a small town if those types of hookups were going on, everyone would have known about them.

    Anyway, I've digressed from my favorite conversations today. We all know that in the modern day world most daughters want to be more like their fathers than their mothers and I think Lulu deserves a Spencer coming out party as I'm sure she didn't do the debutant thing when she was 16. Too bad Luke is reaching the age when the male menopause reduces the need to stare down the barrel of a gun (or the bottom of a scotch bottle) just when Cupcake is coming into her inner Spencer living the moment vibe, which leads me to the Line Of The Day: "You're a Spencer, danger will find you." Cue Heather's phone call and veiled confession/threat to Luke. I'm thinking (not a spoiler) that Lulu will be the one to save Olivia from Heather's clutches sometime before the end of sweeps, which of course will set Dante on the dark road, despite his father's warning. Hey, maybe he'll meet up with Jason along the way. It's always great to find a kindred spirit while on the journey.

    So today we see that Johnny is willing to threaten Delores with the wrath of Dante (yes, I'm laughing as I type that) to dispose of the gun. Geeze, didn't he wipe it before he put it back into it's special box? Johnny, Johnny don't you remember what happened the last time you tried to help a clueless 19 year old blonde with daddy issues? If not, you may want to invite Lulu for a drink to reminisce. Otherwise, the Corinthos/Zacharra feud might just pass the next generation (Michael vs. Johnny). Of course that will have to go on the back burner, now that Todd's lurking has garnered the news that Connie could be the one responsible for the event that unhinged his daughter.

    Posted by fromthestart at Friday, May 11 2012 03:24 PM



    Would you be our QB on the FOD team ??

    Posted by mamajj at Friday, May 11 2012 03:27 PM

    Hi all.

    OK I had a couple WTF moments during this show.....

    How did Maggie write a good bye note to Steve. he said it was her hand writing. She was passed out last we saw. So heather now is an expert forger? WTF I also see she is a phone # hacker. OK???

    Dante & Lulu are talking like she has never been in danger before. Did Franco not kidnap her & almost blow her up? Was she not almost raped last year in the brothel looking for Luke. But a gun in her face made her more alive then ever before. WTF

    Loving Tea.

    Rainey...Great minds. I was going to post the same thing. The FOD is focusing on the wrong guy. johnny is a threat to Dolores. BIG TIME!!

    Man what a week..Ronnie is dead. Maggie is dead. Lisa killer is revealed. Sonny's shooter is revealed. Az's shooter is revealed. wrap it up & let's move on to Jasam coming back together & being happy. FOJ forever!!

    Hello to all my poster friends.

    Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms.

    Posted by fromthestart at Friday, May 11 2012 03:30 PM

    I will have to admit there ARE a lot of story lines making their way through Port Charles...Will they all be resolved by the end of May Sweeps ???? Will Heather still be the resident LOONEY TUNE by the time June rolls around ??

    Posted by sladest38 at Friday, May 11 2012 03:31 PM

    Happy Friday my fellow GH lovers.
    Have a great trip zachiesis ,Sending out thoughts of wellness to Bear,Pumpkin,Been’s son,zachto(glad to see you posting) and mamajj’s son and anyone I have missed. Sladette continues to get better,although she being very careful with her pain medicine,Dilaudid is something you don’t mess with.
    Feliz Dia de las Madres.
    I asked my Mother where she would like to go out for dinner for Mother’s Day.”Oh I don’t know… KFC?”
    I thought she was joking but she wasn’t.For the past 20 or so years that ‘s where she wants to go to on Mother’s Day.
    And if KFC makes my Mama happy so be it.

    On to the show……. Wow
    Delores….Muchacha Hermosa
    I think I may need a new tv as her hotness melted my beautiful HDTV.
    I pause and rewatched her graceful exit up those stairs so many time that an hour show turned into 3 hours.
    Ummm oh yeah there were other things that happened…… Oh yeah Todd talking to Carly and his imitation of Blair’s southern accent “he was a liiiiiier “ was ROTFLMAO .
    Tea I love you hon but that flippant attitude to Alexis was so uncalled for.
    Ummm what else……um.oh dang it I can’t get that image of Delores walking up those stairs out of my head.
    I am such a FODder for everything Delores!
    Great post everyone. I`ll try to think of other things to say once my brain returns to normal.

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