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    Are We Going To Say Goodbye To Mommy Now?

    Wednesday, March 14 2012
    Patrick has a hard time pulling it together, Maxie refuses to go to the funeral and Jason is kept in the dark.

    Jason wakes up in the hospital and Sam rushes to his side and tells him he's going to be fine. Jason wants to see Robin to thank her. Sam talks him out of it as Spinelli visits. Sam leads Spinelli to the hallway and tells him it's too soon to tell Jason about Robin. Spinelli doesn’t necessarily agree, but will support her decision. Sam asks about Maxie. Spinelli relays how broken up she is, but he will be there for her in her time of need. Sam returns to find Jason getting dressed to walk the halls. She urges him to stay because she worries for his health. He vows not to do anything to jeopardize his life with her and their baby. He just wants to see Robin.

    Patrick sees Robin in bed. They share a nice moment, but then he wakes up and is crushed she's not there. Patrick again senses Robin in the shower, but she's gone when he turns around. Patrick tries to get dressed but has a hard time with his tie. He sees Robin dressed up and tells her she's beautiful. She says they have to go, but Patrick just wants to stay there with her. She tells him Emma needs her daddy as she ties his tie. Tears stream down his face as he says he needs her more than she knows.

    Downstairs at the Drake house, Matt and Elizabeth cheer up Emma who doesn’t want to say goodbye to her mommy. They send her off to get dressed and Matt says he wishes it was as easy to make his brother feel better. Patrick walks out and Emma runs into his arms. She asks if they are going to say goodbye to Mommy now. Patrick hugs his daughter and Liz takes her out of the room. Matt sits with Patrick and tells his brother they'll get through this. Patrick doesn't know how.

    Mac comes to Maxie's door to pick her up for the funeral, but she doesn’t answer. Lulu walks up and uses her key to enter. They find Maxie curled up on the couch. She says she's not going to the funeral because she has to work. Despite Mac and Lulu's best efforts to convince her to go with them, Maxie leaves the room to get ready for work. Lulu tries to explain to Mac that Maxie feels guilty about her last interaction with Robin in the lab. Maxie returns to overhear Mac insist it isn't her fault. Maxie walks out dressed in red for work and leaves.

    Tracy finds Edward looking at photos of the people they've lost. Edward talks about seeing Robin at the hospital and hearing about her wonderful Christmas with Patrick and Emma. It reminded him of how much Lila loved the holidays. Edward says he misses Lila. He misses them all. Tracy assures her father he has her and she's not going anywhere. Alice enters with Tracy's bags as Monica follows telling her sister-in-law she is moving out because she married Anthony. The women bicker until Edward passes out and falls to the floor. They get him to the chair and Monica checks him out. Edward says he needs to get to Robin's funeral, but Monica orders him to stay put. Tracy offers to stay with Edward. Monica, who is going to the hospital to honor Robin by saving more people, allows her the reprieve, but then she has to get out. After Monica has left, Edward lights some candles for Robin and says his goodbyes to her photo. Tracy gets choked up as she tells Edward she's glad he is still around because she needs him.

    Anna lights a candle at the church, as Luke enters. Anna isn't sure she can do this, but Luke holds her and says, "You will." Anna isn't sure if she's more angry at God, or whoever took Robin from them, or Robert for not being there. She can't believe Robert is leaving her to do this alone. Luke says it's his fault because he told him he had a son who needed him. Anna thinks he did a good thing because she knows Robert was considering ending it all. Luke thinks Robert and Ethan will be good for each other. Anna tells him he's a good father, but Luke believes Lucky would disagree with that. Luke offers his support if she needs someone to lean on during the service.

    Tomorrow's Port Charles spoiler for General Hospital:

    A few surprises at Robin's funeral.

    Patrick tries to speak at the service.

    Carly sets out to tell Jason the truth.

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    Posted by 3koalabears at Wednesday, March 14 2012 01:32 PM

    Today's episode and tomorrows episode will be heartbreaking. I had to cry when Patrick cried and when little Emma said she did not want to say goodbye to Mommy.

    Posted by TheVirg at Wednesday, March 14 2012 01:34 PM

    I'm sorry people but I want to see Sam Beat Carly's Arse. Who does she think she is? It's not her place to tell Jason anything. If it were me I'd punch her right in her big Mouth, then proceed to but a whooping on her she would never forget.

    Posted by PumpkinGirl at Wednesday, March 14 2012 01:34 PM

    hi all,
    i cant watch today. so catch ya tomorrow friends.

    Posted by TheVirg at Wednesday, March 14 2012 01:35 PM

    Proceed to put a whooping on her not but a whooping.

    Posted by zachtopiammmmm at Wednesday, March 14 2012 01:42 PM

    Oh my goodness, JT was simply heart wrenching today, his style of mourning was understated but extremely powerful. The single tear rolling down his cheek when Robin tied his tie, wow,the expectation of her touch in the shower and the heartbreak when she wasn't there. It felt so real, imo, it is because of the closeness of these two actors and the simple fact of not working together anymore.
    Also thought Anna was fantastic today, so believably feeling guilty at her absenteeism of motherhood, and pissed at Robert for leaving her alone to deal with it all.
    Bravo to all the cast today.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Wednesday, March 14 2012 01:42 PM

    Who's the big guy? Oh wait! It's Jason. I didn't recognize him since he just had brain surgery and yet doesn’t have a bandage in sight, or a hair out of place.

    I was completely wrong about Emma. Little girl can act! As can a member of a different generation – Edward. He was wonderfully funny with his exasperation as always, but his sense of loss was palpable and heartbreaking in light of the recent death of his real life wife, Grace.

    Anna and Luke were great as well. You can almost believe that Fiona was talking about her regrets that she didn't come back to the show more often, and Luke was most profound when he said “I believe Love has resonance that gives our lives meaning.” Perhaps the most beautiful sentiment we will hear all week. I wonder who wrote that line.

    Great show! Now we're talking! THIS is what we were clamoring to see all last week!

    Posted by Vulpa at Wednesday, March 14 2012 02:04 PM

    I just read an article at Ratings By The Numbers and this article said that One Life To Live never hit as low in the ratings as General Hospital did recently,In the key 18-49 Demo-Graphics.Also Carly & Sonny just to name a few get way to much air time I can't believe that the actress one of the worst out of all of them who have played Carly won an Emmy she is just so Terrible.And I will keep saying this over and over bring on Irene Manning and Helena and make them Front and Center now there is so much good story possibilities with them.

    Posted by lily hunter at Wednesday, March 14 2012 02:17 PM

    Just watched the show, and I need a little time to gather my thoughts.

    Vulpa - In the spirit of kindness, I would like to invite you examine whether you want to be right or join a community? If it's the former, then you will be ignored. If it's the latter, then welcome.

    Posted by zachtopiammmmm at Wednesday, March 14 2012 02:25 PM

    Lily, couldn't agree more!
    And please Vulpa, you are beginning to sound like a broken record, we would much rather hear your thoughts and takes on todays show!

    Posted by ransomha at Wednesday, March 14 2012 02:27 PM

    Monica isn't going to the funeral? Not only was she Robin's boss, co worker for many years, it was also Monica's son that Robin gave her life for. Shame on her.

    Jason wakes up in a black t-shirt? No one has changed his shirt in the days he's been out?

    Patrick ROCKED his scenes today. He was heartbreaking. Great job!
    Emma, Liz and Mat were also sweet. Liz is just a stunning woman.
    I enjoyed her with a little girl for a change.

    Glad to hear Anna say she was staying around. I enjoy this actress.
    She said she was feeling guilty for not being around for her daughter and IMO she should.
    I understand many mothers have to work, some choose to but, Anna was gone more then she was there. Time is the biggest gift you can give your children.

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