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    I Don't Have Time To Kick Your Scrawny Butt.

    Thursday, March 08 2012
    Carly causes a scene, Todd consoles Starr, and Ewen comes to a conclusion...

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    Posted by TipsyTess at Thursday, March 08 2012 10:49 PM

    Hi everyone..I still do not understand why Dante would not take Kate down to the station and have her fingerprints taken since the gun was in her office.
    We seen Deloris hiding looking, so I think it was her that deleted it from the computer...must be her husband?

    Starr told Todd she remembered the guy been old..Well if the cops question her and bring a picture of Sonny she would know it isn't him. Also why woiuld she just take AZ word that it is Sonny..She has no idea who AZ is..Dumb Starr. They really have changed the storyline with Todd and by the way the person they said Todd killed is not even dead as we seen this person alive on the last show of OLTL.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Thursday, March 08 2012 10:57 PM

    If Connie is responsible for all these shootings, and they find a witness who can give a general description, how would they describe the woman they saw?

    SEX: Female RACE: White AGE: 22-30 HT: 5'6” WT: 110 lbs. (slender build) HAIR: blonde (long) EYES: Brown Last seen wearing boots, a tight skirt, and a jacket, or a bloody wedding gown.

    If they had a line-up of Kate, Lulu, FauxMaxie, and Starr, they'd NEVER get a positive I.D., much less a conviction. And would Kate be innocent if Connie was the shooter? Talk about reasonable doubt.

    We used to post about all the Brenda clones that have paraded through Port Charles over the years. We had Lily, Hannah, Sam, Claire, and then Brenda again. Now we're hip deep in brown eyed blondes! Sigh... I miss Shaboom. At least she stood out from the crowd.

    Posted by lovelymarlena at Thursday, March 08 2012 11:13 PM

    FUBU loved Carly today.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Friday, March 09 2012 12:09 AM

    ***off topic***

    Willowk – Holy Crap! Thank you sooooooooo much! I was just thinking that there's got to be a way for me to submit some of my stuff to ABC, and BOOM! You give me a link to an article that led me to where I need to go to do just that! I looked into it already. It's called the Disney|ABC Writing Program, and they will only accept applications May 1- 31.

    Check this out from the ABC website:

    ...Writing Program applicants will need to submit a completed application, a spec script of a broadcast or cable network series that is in production for broadcast during the current television season.

    Among the extensive criteria for spec scripts are: accuracy in character voice; story structure; effectiveness in capturing the series' tone; and innovation. No previous professional writing experience is necessary, but strong spec script writing samples are required.

    Individuals selected as finalists will be required to provide additional writing samples.

    The program is designed to expose writers to key executives, producers and literary representatives – all essential in the development of a writing career. Additionally, while in the program, writers have the opportunity to work one-on-one with a current programming or development executive to create spec scripts of series from the current broadcast season. The ultimate goal is to prepare the writers for television staffing.

    Gee, that sounds like they're looking for someone who can write original GH scripts with a twist. Hmmmmm....... And best of all, it's a PAID position!

    All I ever wanted was to get something I write into the hands of the right people, and see what happens.
    This is GREAT! Thanks, Willowk.

    Posted by Monkey83 at Friday, March 09 2012 12:59 AM

    Off Topic

    Aussie-Poodles-Rans, and anyone I may have missed. Thank you for your kind words. It is very much appreciated.

    ON Topic

    I wasn't watching back when Robert was on so I'm not really invested. But I think its crap that it appears he won't be going to the funeral. That is really low in my opinion.

    Not really interested in seeing Carly in her underwear in the hospital. She needs to grow up a little I think.

    Posted by poodles at Friday, March 09 2012 05:02 AM

    Good Morning & Happy Friday.

    Hope we get Jason and Sam today and a sighting of Shawn. I guess Carly is all out of tricks and will be settling in with Johnny. I’m going to miss Ethan, Robert and Holly.
    Hope everyone has a great day.

    ***OFF TOPIC***
    Scrimmage- I’m thrilled that you have found a source to submit your amazing talent. Hollywood will be knocking in no time. GO FOR IT!

    Posted by Cynic at Friday, March 09 2012 05:14 AM

    I really feel as if I've been had! After hearing that Tristan Rogers and Emma Samms were returning to the show, and looking forward to their formidable partnership with Luke, they dashed in, stayed a few hours in soap time (it's still the day after the shooting at the benefit) then "See ya'. G'bye" and Robert dashes off on a wild goose chase, to be followed by Holly without even bothering to go to Robin's funeral. Hey Robert, there is a grieving husband and little granddaughter back home.

    If the writers were trying to alienate the viewers, they couldn't do a better job. Killing off children and a body count of four in one day (soap time) is not the way to appeal to the ladies who view! Then there is the introduction of a boring group from another daytime drama, one of whom needs to go to acting school. At least Todd is handsome.

    Right now there are too many characters and some story lines are lapsing. They need to tighten up and solve a few loose ends, not to mention keeping the momentum going with Shawn, Delores, the blackmail of Tracy, and solving the Lisa Niles murder. Remember Lisa?

    The antics of Kate Jekyll and Connie Hyde are just plain silly, as is the women standing in line to bed Johnny. I know he is hot, but they are desperate! I was certainly glad to see Epiphany stand her ground with Carly. I would have called security the moment I spotted her, and she could have joined her ex in the lock up. Strangely we haven't hear a peep about Sonny's claustrophobia today.

    I do not want Kate to be the one who shot out Anthony's tires. They have not proved that the handgun found was the one that fired the bullets, only that it in a 9mm and COULD have fired the bullets. I am hoping that it is another gang and that the weapon found in Kate's office is a red herring.

    From being a small child, when it was milk and cake with 'Listen with Mother' and 'Mrs. Dale's Dairy', through afternoons with 'Emmerdale Farm', to my retirement with 'General Hospital', 3 pm has always been my relaxation time with a cup of tea, an afternoon snack, and my feet up while I drop in on the fantasy lives of my favorite characters. Now they are being killed off in droves, and their characters assassinated. This just will not do! Please writers, get back on track - love, affection, and people doing the right thing.

    Posted by Cynic at Friday, March 09 2012 05:38 AM

    GH characters I would keep on the soap: Coleman, Kate (not Connie) Olivia, Dante, Monica Q, Edward Q, Tracy Q, Alice, Anna Devane, Emma, Delores, Anthony Z, Morgan, Mac, Robert, Maxie, Johnny, Shawn, Ronnie, Epiphany, Spinelli, Diane, Alexis, Molly, Father Coates, Dr. Lee and Ethan

    GOODBYE: Sonny, Carly, Michael, Jason, Sam, Elizabeth, Patrick, Luke, Lulu, Elizabeth, Todd, Blair, Matt, Starr, Helena, Holly, and Ex-mayor Floyd(I believe he is Sam's father).

    For the posters who commented on Emma Samms' appearance, I just think she has lost too much weight. Although she is quite tall and a normal weight, TV has a way of making people look heavier than they really are. I think is is the two dimensional picture. Emma had a round soft face which came across as plump, and she may have dieted. The long hairstyle does not help and the too-heavy make up (which seems to be a trend among the actresses in the show, even Molly is plastering it on). She would have been better with her old short bubble curls, but whatever they did, she is still a beauty.

    Posted by PumpkinGirl at Friday, March 09 2012 05:57 AM

    thanks aussie for the info on the opening. how do you get such up to date info?

    nashville tn!

    scrimmage the best best best of luck. they would be lucky to have YOU.

    Posted by PumpkinGirl at Friday, March 09 2012 06:06 AM

    someone on the casting couch loves blond brown eyes women. that is what i figure. nothing wrong with blonde but once again yesterdays episodei i thought, lulu looked just like starr and starr looked just like lulu and i was like wait starr i thought you were at the hospital, and boy you got to the police station quick. is lulu!

    i know what i thought i forgot to mention, yesterday that scene placement with laura's pict looking over lukes shoulder almost when he was talking to holly was almost erie. i would swear they did the scene that way. go back and watch.

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