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    A New Light At The End Of The Tunnel.

    Wednesday, March 07 2012
    Ethan agrees to Luke's plan, Robert is re-energized, and Todd and Carly get acquainted.

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    Posted by PumpkinGirl at Thursday, March 08 2012 07:10 AM

    morning friends,

    i wish i was able to go to that fan event and meet aussie and others who may go!

    i have had the opportunity several times to see the band port chuck, which would be cool as steve burton and spinelli etc. but, i admit i can't bear to cause i can't take out of tune music. sorry guys! love you anyway. no offense please, i know some of you must love the band.

    scrimmage too funny i was thinking that as ethan left, what a great spin off web series they could do of the ethan/robert/helena crusades. who knows maybe someone has thought of this. it makes sense they way they did his exit and it never being official. i would watch in a heartbeat.

    GH night shift was wildly successful, in fact so much i never understood why they stopped after two seasons. wish they would do something similar again.

    love todd. love todd. that day when he appeared in the hospital is was like....wait....who is that? i hit the RR button and kept watching him. his robot voice just added to the intrigue. definitely he is a GH match.

    Posted by leo123 at Thursday, March 08 2012 07:24 AM

    Scrimmage; you're brilliant! loved it; made me teary.

    Posted by Cynic at Thursday, March 08 2012 07:37 AM

    It's bad enough having the Mannings dropped into GH witout any kind of introduction, but to bring back a favorite, Robert Scorpio, for a couple of days then have him dash off without attending Robin's funeral is VERY bad writing for a show that has mainly women viewers. SHAME on you!

    Bruceyboy, I was thinking the same about Emma Samms. She looks very stiff. I know we all age, so put it down to old father time.

    Posted by FUBU at Thursday, March 08 2012 07:42 AM

    Good morning, 4My, Hera, EK, Poodles, Straight, Rans, Scrimmage, TXMN, Ring, Enad, Lilmafia, Da_Kid, Kini, Star, Fire, Storm, Lumi, CBRU, Cynic, Lillybee, Bean, Been, Beyond, Lucky, Lovely, Tipsy, TT, TN, NY, Cowboys, Blessed, Mamajj, Canadagirl, Ali, Dexdon, Isitso, Monkey, Dubbs, Akitas, Badgirl, and anyone else I missed.

    WatFan again I am not saying that Sam did not have the right to make the call she did regarding telling Jason about Robin or that she was wrong for standing up to Carly.

    What I am saying is that every since Jason asked Sam to marry him she has been acting very resentful towards Carly something other than annoyance or dislike. This recent attitude when Carly showed up to see how Jason is doing is a perfect example, why the attitude then she calmed down some when Carly just asked how Jason was.

    I can understand her getting upset etc. after Carly went on and on about how Jason needs to know about Robin but that came after all of the attitude.

    Like I said before every since Jason asked her to marry him it’s been Jason has to give this up with Carly and that up with Carly but what has Sam given up? If Sam had that much of a problem with Carly being in Jason’s life she did not have to marry him.

    I love and I mean love the simple thought of Carly and Todd becoming good friends and getting into all types of trouble together. My warped mind is in full buzz mode right now.

    Aussie, Carly has always been a pit bull so why the attitude now like since again Jason asked Sam to marry him.

    Oh well we will see.

    Scrimmage, you have got to start getting paid for your great ideas.

    Posted by WatFan at Thursday, March 08 2012 08:46 AM

    FUBU - Maybe Sam is getting catty now that she is married because the ring on her finger gives her that right. That's the difference between being a girlfriend even an financee and a wife. What one women couldn't or shouldn't intervene in - the other can.

    She told Jason when they got married Carly was to stop barging in and out all the time and Jason agreed. I honestly think Sam is just exasterbated by Carly and find her an annoyance more than jealousy or resentment. Plus, Carly doesn't respect the position Sam has in Jason's life as the number 1.

    This site keeps "freezing" on me. They really need to get this fixed.

    Posted by FUBU at Thursday, March 08 2012 09:25 AM

    WatFan see that is what I really don’t like in people just because your status change does not mean you have to get brand new. I have heard of women who get married and their attitude changes like they have one up on everyone else who is not married or like their crap does not stink. I say get real and get over it.

    I can understand Sam wanting Carly to respect her place in Jason’s life but that should have been the requirement from day one.

    As an adult woman Sam is perfectly capable of demanding the respect she is due and not having to hide behind Jason to get it. Sam should have stood her ground a long time ago, put Carly in her place and then now they would not have any of these problems. But she did not she accepted it like a dog begging for bones and now that she has married Jason expects something different form Carly but based on what grounds. To Carly Sam is still essentially the same person she has disrespected and hated all along and nothing about that has changed except Sam’s last name.

    Why should I respect you if you don’t demand it from day one? You are responsible for how people treat you. Now Carly and Sam may not have ever been the best of friends but Sam would not have had to wait until Jason decided to marry her to demonstrate her place in his life for anyone least of all Carly.

    Posted by PumpkinGirl at Thursday, March 08 2012 09:49 AM

    regarding carly; don't see sam as catty. she has pretty much all along tried, along with jason, to set up boundaries especially with their progressions of relationship.

    like it or not, sam and jason were girlfriend and boyfriend and are now married. a best friend doesn't trump that and shouldn't even try. so carly i think kinda needs to get over it and accept it and if she really wants what is best for jason she would try and get along. but i know she can't and it is hard for her. secretly to me she always wants that numero-uno status in the relationship.

    and of course, sam should also check her reactions even though it is probably difficult for her to do so. i would find it difficult if a friend of my husbands was constantly trying to trump me and get in the middle.

    just my view.

    Posted by PumpkinGirl at Thursday, March 08 2012 09:55 AM

    and that would be a male, or a female, trying to get in the middle. although, a female would bring in the possibility in my head that she may be trying to replace me. yes, i could be jealous.

    so maybe sam is jealous. and maybe carly is trying to make her jealous.

    maybe jason kinda created this monster. there is a thought we could ponder.

    Posted by SouthGAgirl at Thursday, March 08 2012 10:10 AM

    I am trying for the 7th time to write my 1st post! Hello Everyone! I'm a 1st time poster...long time reader...& very long time viewer of both GH & OLTL since the mid 70s). I want to say that I really enjoy all of your posts (weather I agree or not). I also like the fact that it seems like many of you have formed warm & wonderful friendships through posting to this site! GH & OLTL were always my 2 fav soaps so I am very happy to see some of my fav actors brought over from OLTL...thank you GH!

    On to the show: I LOVE RHs Todd! Always have..even when he was a BAD/horrible college student when he first appeared...then I loved to hate I just love him! He will do anything for his kids & the people he loves! Can't wait to see him & Sonny go toe to toe! That will be good!
    I'm not sure why but, Starr's acting is off since she came to GH..maybe just nerves working with a new cast??? She is really a better actress than her scenes on GH have shown!! I hate that they killed Hope & am holding out that she was thrown from the car & is in a coma so Starr will have to stay in PC!
    I'm also hoping that Robin is not reallydead but, that someone has kidnapped her (maybe Fasion her parents old enemy)! I do like the fact that her death has brought back Robert & Anna!
    I also LOVE Jason! Always have...always will! Wish they would have a few shirtless scenes with him in the hospital...maybe a sponge bath (I will volenteer to give him one)the man is HOT!
    I will stop before I loose another post. Looking forward to going home & watching today's epi! Happy Posting!

    Posted by FUBU at Thursday, March 08 2012 10:35 AM

    Pumpkin no doubt Jason helped to create the monster that is Carly and so did Sonny.

    I really hate to see this jealous and insecure side to Sam. I have always thought of her as a pretty tuff cookie. I also would hate it if she turned into one of those women. Her attitude reminds me of how catty Liz was to Rebecca whenever Nik and Lucky were not around I just hated it.

    SouthGAgirl, welcome, I agree Star is definitely a much better actress than what we are currently seeing from her. I know some are not but I am happy to see some familiar OLTL faces. Personally I can’t wait for John McBain to hit PC I really want to see how he and Sam do in any scenes together. They were smoking hot in Port Charles.

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