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    A New Light At The End Of The Tunnel.

    Wednesday, March 07 2012
    Ethan agrees to Luke's plan, Robert is re-energized, and Todd and Carly get acquainted.

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    Posted by aussie1 at Wednesday, March 07 2012 07:45 PM

    Oh Tipsy, don't remind me of that stupid music video Starr did for Rick. That was so dumb!

    Posted by lolaB at Wednesday, March 07 2012 08:08 PM

    Carly..I love your character. Jason and Sam are MARRIED....Hopefully you will see and visit your best friend. Pray for him, tell him how much you miss him. Don't let him know that Robin is dead. Don't do it Carly. Respect his Wife and Others that say don't tell......He will find out eventually.

    Posted by lolaB at Wednesday, March 07 2012 08:21 PM

    Carly looked amazing today and so did todd. Mention he will pay cash only...She brought a drink to him (maybe tea, lol). Your room is almost ready.....

    Posted by aussie1 at Wednesday, March 07 2012 08:36 PM

    So what would Todd & Carly's name be? Torly or Cadd. LOL....

    Posted by willowk at Wednesday, March 07 2012 08:52 PM

    lily--you're right, that touching moment when she ties the tie and reminds him of that good memory was something that spoke of great love and acceptance. Anna's a strong one.

    On Carly and Todd, he might be the perfect man for her. He's messed up, dangerous, rich, and not in the mob, so folks around him don't get shot at so much.

    Posted by OG88 at Wednesday, March 07 2012 09:02 PM

    Awesome episode today guys the Manning's are on in the house Starr Manning's in the house talking with Michael awesome their going to be great together with some scenes i can tell really I can.The Manning's are in the house with Todd Manning in the house working with Carly ha ha now those are some great awesome I can tell scenes together truly amazingly awesome great work their are fitting right in nice episode great awesome job everybody great awesome scenes with them.

    Posted by OG88 at Wednesday, March 07 2012 09:05 PM

    I loved today's awesome episode of General Hospital now I can't wait until for tomorrow's episode of General Hospital now Todd and also Sonny are going to meet really amazingly awesome scenes with them together can't wait. Dante questioning Kate can't wait for those either now on to tomorrow's episode we know with Dante on the case he'll figure some stuff no problem with him.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Wednesday, March 07 2012 10:22 PM

    It's just a guess, but I believe what we're seeing are just re-edited versions of the old opening until all the new cast members are on board and they can debut a new opening and theme song.

    If anyone questions why I call Dante “Defective Falconeri,” we need look no further than today for the proof. In the interrogation room, he confronts Sonny with the only evidence in the case, the gun used in the highway shooting that he found in Kate's office, and THEN what does he do? He LEAVES THE ROOM with the evidence STILL ON THE TABLE!

    “What's wrong with that?” you may ask. HELLO! IT'S A GUN! I don't think it's loaded, but hey, this is the PCPD we're talking about.

    Not only that, but if there are any traces of Sonny on it, blood, fingerprints, whatever, all Sonny has to do is take the gun out of the bag and that evidence is useless. FABULOUS police work by the Defective Detective.

    Todd lays the “Loner / Man of Mystery” stuff on pretty thick, but I enjoyed his scenes with Carly, and I'm getting used to his voice. I guess I was taken aback by the way he spoke when he was trying to reason with Blair in a calm and measured tone (I-just-want-to-see-my-daughter) when I said he sounded like a TV weatherman. He was much more natural with Carly. I can see some potential in this guy.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Wednesday, March 07 2012 11:05 PM

    A Parting Gift for Ethan and his fans.

    I thought a great summer spin-off series would be watching the way this game that Luke set up between Ethan, Robert, and Helena unfolds. Anna and Holly are likely to play big parts in what happens as well. I can see Ethan turning the tables and allowing the legendary super spy, Robert Scorpio, to lead him around the world on the trail of his supposed captor, Helena, who killed the woman Ethan loved (for five minutes) in order to avenge her death. The challenge for Ethan would be to be able to keep up with Robert, without being detected. Here's how I see the big showdown playing out, in short story form.


    A large, lavishly furnished room in a secret Cassadine Compound in Greece. Robert has just dropped in on Helena unannounced. He doesn't realize that Ethan has followed him, and is lurking behind some curtains.

    When Robert finally confronts Helena, she laughs at his foolishness and tells him that he's been conned. Not only did she not kidnap Ethan, but she also informs him that the DNA tests she ran are proof that it is indeed Luke, and not he who is Ethan's father, and that soon, she will take her revenge on the son of her mortal enemy. Then her goons show up and try to grab Robert. At this point Ethan appears out of nowhere with a gun, and gets the drop on Helena and her henchmen. He confirms Helena's story to Robert, explaining how Luke got the idea from Holly and ran with it to bring Robert literally back from the edge. He then tells him how he adapted it to his own ends, and followed Robert so he could find Helena and get justice for Cassandra's death. Robert says he's impressed by Ethan's ability to follow him without him knowing it, and admits that he had a feeling all along that either Luke or Holly had lied, but that he thought the danger was real and that Ethan's life was truly at risk. He felt Robin would expect him to do everything he could to save him. Then Robert tells Ethan that his life IS in more danger than he realizes, because if he kills Helena in cold blood his life will never be the same. Even though Robert knows Ethan isn't his son, he doesn't want to see him throw his future away, but Ethan argues that this isn't about him, but about Cassandra, as his fingers tightens around the trigger of a gun pointed at Helena's head.

    To his surprise, Helena laughs at the mention of the name her daughter once used, and says, “Well if THAT'S what you're so upset about...” and then snaps her fingers. A door opens and Irina walks in, alive and well, saying “Yes, Mother?” Helena tells her that they have guests, and to say hello to Ethan, who has come to visit her. A dumbstruck Ethan drops his gun and runs to Irina, asking her if she is all right. She tells him she's fine and that she is glad to see him. Then, with a single tear in her eye, she apologizes for using him the way she did, but that it was all part of a plan, including her “death,” that Helena had been training her for all her life. With love in his eyes, Ethan tells her that all he cares about is that she's still alive and that now they can begin their lives together, but she turns him down, saying that her place is here, in her home, with the only family she has ever known. She says that their time together was a beautiful, romantic little fairy tale, between “The Woman In White” and the “Handsome Stranger,” but that is was never real, and that it's not going to end with the two of them living happily ever after. As she kisses him on the cheek, she whispers softly “I'm so sorry,” before leaving the way she came in. Ethan, stunned, sinks to his knees.

    Helena now stands there gloating at Ethan's new misery, saying that THIS was her plan all along; to use love to crush the spirit of Luke's son, the way her sons were brought down by their love for Laura, a weakness that eventually cost them their lives. Then she orders Robert and Ethan to get out while they still had theirs, and tells them how fortunate they are that they amused her tonight or else she would not be so merciful.

    As they make their way out of the Cassadine compound and down the road, after a long silence, a dejected Ethan finally says to Robert, “Well, I guess Helena won after all.” Robert scoffs. “Helena's won NOTHING! You're not broken! What man worth his salt HASN'T been made a fool of by a beautiful woman? You weren't the first, and this probably won't be the last time it happens to you either. Just look at me!”

    “You proved what kind of man you are when you didn't kill Helena when you had the chance. That's the real difference between the Spencers and the Cassadines. You're a better man than any of Helena's spawn ever were. Your father would be proud, and I'm proud of you too, son or not.”

    Ethan can only smile ruefully and say “I guess anything that doesn't kill me, eh mate? Still, I hate that Helena got the last laugh.” As they get into his car, Robert looks at his watch and asks, “Who says Helena got the last laugh? 3... 2... 1...” followed by a huge explosion in the compound behind them as Robert starts the car. Ethan looks at the older man with a shocked expression on his face, but before he can form the question, Robert cuts him off saying “Don't worry, no one's likely to have been hurt... at least not fatally anyway. Just a little C-4 on a timer I planted in a couple of strategic locations, just in case I needed a distraction while I was rescuing you.”

    As they speed away from the scene, an astonished Ethan says “A LITTLE? That was a pretty big bang back there.” Robert just shrugs and replies, “Well, I planted one of the little buggers in Helena's armory. No telling what nasty little toys she's got in there.”

    With a raised eyebrow Ethan asks, “And the other?”

    “Helena's garage, where she keeps her car collection. That's where I picked up THIS baby!” patting the dashboard of the Aston-Martin they're riding in.

    With a crooked grin, Ethan sits back, shaking his head in awe of the legend sitting next to him, and finally says, “Oh you are good! You are SO Good!”

    Laughing, Robert says “And you know what the best part is? Tomorrow is Father's Day! What say you and me pay a visit to my sweet little granddaughter, Emma, and drop in on that old wreck of a man you call Daddy?”

    “Only if we get two things straight,” replies the suddenly serious Ethan. “First, I never called ANYONE 'Daddy'...”

    Robert: “And the second?”

    Ethan: “You've GOT to let me drive this thing!”

    Gunning the engine as the two adventurers race through the twilight along the Grecian coast, Robert shakes his head and says “All in good time, Young Spencer; all in good time.”

    The End

    Posted by WatFan at Thursday, March 08 2012 06:19 AM

    That was brilliant Scrimmage! - I hear the aussie accent and everything!

    Maybe you should freelance for GH.

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