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    I'm Looking For My Daughter.

    Friday, March 02 2012
    Blair hears about the accident, Carly is determined to defy Sam, and Dante finds a gun…

    Dante enters the mansion and confronts Tracy. Where's Anthony? People have died because of his actions! Tracy claims not to know where Anthony is and blames Sonny as the guilty party. After she throws Dante out, Edward appears. Tracy sits him down, tells Edward about Robin's death and says, "I'm sorry, Daddy." Tracy comforts him. He looks up, knowing Robin is with the angels now, and says, "May you rest in peace."

    Sonny talks to Kate at Crimson, wondering if they're okay. They look at Kate's bloodied wedding dress. Sonny doesn't want her to pull that out every time she doubts him. He wants Kate to think of last night as a very difficult moment in their lives, one they survived. Kate cries her apologies. They kiss and make plans to meet later. After he leaves, Kate picks up the dress, lays it on a chair then puts on some perfume and lipstick. She looks in the mirror and says to her reflection, "I can't let you do this, Kate." Later, Dante finds the office empty and stumbles upon a gun.

    At Johnny's Carly admits she and Robin didn't get along, but Jason loved her. Johnny doesn't understand Carly's undying loyalty to Jason. He's her best friend, and Carly plans to be there for him. After Carly leaves, Anthony appears and asks for Johnny's help. Johnny doesn't blame Sonny for trying to kill Anthony, who tried to kill his son. Anthony denies taking the shot but knew Sonny was coming for him. It's why he tried to get out of town. He insists to Johnny that Sonny shot out his tires. As Johnny tends to Anthony's wounds, Anthony comments about the others not being so lucky. He thinks back, and how he refused to help Starr, but doesn't let Johnny in on it. Later, after Antony leaves, Kate appears all dolled up and says, "What's the matter, Johnny Boy? Cat got your tongue?"

    Blair Cramer rushes into the hospital. She tells Epiphany, "I'm looking for my daughter. Starr Manning." As Epiphany explains Starr's condition, Blair interrupts that Starr was traveling with her daughter and boyfriend. Where are Hope and Cole? Blair can't believe Hope and Cole didn't survive. In tears, Blair begs Epiphany to take her to Starr. Epiphany warns that Starr doesn't know about the deaths yet.

    Michael sits by an unconscious Starr's bedside. He doesn't think he should be the one to tell her that her boyfriend and daughter are gone. Blair appears and rushes to Starr, as Michael relays the accident to her. Blair thanks Michael, who admits Starr was so brave. All she wanted to do was save her family. "You have no idea how brave she is," Blair cries then whispers to Starr. "You're going to get through it." After Michael talks about the other car involved, Blair demands, "Where's the driver?" Michael names Anthony as the driver, who hasn't been located yet. As she wonders what Michael isn't telling her, Starr calls out, "Mom. Where are Cole and Hope?"

    Over in Jason room, Sam asks Monica if she thinks there's any way Patrick botched the surgery on purpose. Monica knows Patrick did his best and wants to keep Jason calm. She doesn't think Jason should know about Robin until Patrick gives the go-ahead. Carly appears but Sam asks her to leave immediately. In the hall, Sam briefly fills Carly in on Jason's condition but refuses to let her upset him. Carly can't believe Sam has kept Robin's death from Jason and vows to tell him the second he wakes up. This is exactly why Sam refuses to let Carly see him - and Monica agrees with her! This means nothing to Carly, as Sam threatens to ban her from Jason's room. Carly promises not to let this go and walks away. Carly runs into Sonny, who talks about how Robin saved Jason's life. Carly holds Sonny close. Back in Jason's room, Sam apologizes to an unconscious Jason. She can't risk losing him.

    Luke finds Anna at Kelly's. He holds her close, as Anna says, "I can't believe she's gone." Luke sits with Anna and lets her grieve the unfairness of Robin's death. Luke warns Anna not to think about all the 'what ifs'. Anna explains how Robert's consumed by them. This is why she called Luke. Anna fears Robin's death will cause Robert to do something stupid. She has no idea where Robert is and shows Luke his goodbye text. Anna wants Robert found. Luke has an idea of where Robert might be and leaves, promising to find him.

    Roberts stands outside glaring at the ground far below him. Luke appears and says, "I thought I'd find you here. Enjoying the view?"

    Monday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Todd visits Starr.

    Dante and Delores work on a case.

    Maxie has a flashback.

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    Posted by BOND66 at Friday, March 02 2012 01:10 PM

    Can anyone believe that dumb, evil twit Carly? She wants to go against Sam (Jason's wife) and Monica (a doctor) and tell Jason that Robin is dead. She is so stupid that she can't realize that telling a person in his condition something like that is very dangerous! That brat Carly always has to have her way no matter what! When Edward said too bad people like Robin die and ones like Sonny are left, he should have added the names of Carly, Helena and Anthony!

    Posted by Unicorn Girl at Friday, March 02 2012 01:18 PM

    Carly IS being an arse! I believe if anyone but Sam had told her about not telling Jason she would have been all for keeping it a secret. But, as it was, it was Sam. Won't watch because I can't stand to hear Sam say Jason's name. Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaason.

    Still don't understand why they killed off Hope so I'm just going to rewind and view this as another soap reality and in the real soap "reality" Hope is still alive.

    Love Tracy and Edward bonding time.

    So sorry for Anna.

    Don't care if Sonny cries over Robin. He freaking nicked her in the arm when he burst through the door of her house like a rabid dog looking for Jax. And he didn't pay for it in any way shape or form. He didn't care about THAT, now did he.

    I hope Todd comes and wipes the floor with him....some way...some how.

    Posted by leo123 at Friday, March 02 2012 01:38 PM

    Ah, Edward stole the show today; I guess he's still grieving over the death of his (real life) wife.
    Carly should just home and be with her daughter. If I hear one more person say that she's a good mother, I'll scream.
    What good mother stays out all night, and is not there when her daughter wakes up? WTH.
    She's a slutttt and always will be.
    Is this the first time Kate has gone to Jonnie's?

    Posted by Diana8254 at Friday, March 02 2012 01:39 PM

    Yesterday I read (can't remember which soap site) interview with Kristin Alderon (wrong spelling) that the writers had to kill Cole because neither actor was available guess they decided to kill Hope also so Starr couold have different story line.

    Posted by leo123 at Friday, March 02 2012 01:44 PM

    Edward stole the show today; I guess he was thinking of the passing of his (real) wife.
    If anyone says that Carly is a good mother, I'll think I'll I'll be sick. She should be home with her daughter. What mother stays out all night and not home when her child wakes up.
    Is this the first time that Kate went to Johnny?

    Posted by Unicorn Girl at Friday, March 02 2012 01:49 PM

    leo123...I totally agree with your comment about Carly and what a "great mother" she is.

    Posted by MississippiSouthernBelle at Friday, March 02 2012 01:57 PM

    From the way Kate was acting today, I am positive that she is the one who shot at Anthony. She is stone crazy. Im sure that Sonny will be blamed and it will be a "who done it" all over again but I hope when they find out it was Kate, someone gets that girl some counseling and a padded room. As far as Carly, someone help her (by smacking the hell out of her). She has no respect for Sam being Jason's wife. As his best friend, you would think she would at least want Jason to be alive and healthy. But then again, Carly only looks out for Carly.

    Posted by bash20 at Friday, March 02 2012 02:20 PM

    "Sam Ban Me" I love it! Welcome to the Carly show, Sam. What Carly wants, Carly eventually gets.

    Posted by poodles at Friday, March 02 2012 02:32 PM

    Hi everyone.

    Unicorn, Mississippi and anyone else who thinks Carly is being an a$$ I totally agree with you. Who in their right mind would think it was so important to a man who just had brain surgery a friend died while saving his life. On a good day, that would be hard to process. What can Jason do? I wish Sam would shot her---I’m not sure who would miss her. Poor little Joss only see her when she is being used as a tool to get Jax or Jason.

    Kate is crazy, but Sonny is stupid. Why would he leave that horror prop of a wedding dress with the nut job. I think if he really cared he would have insisted on getting rid of dress.

    ***OFF TOPIC***
    Ran's- I think Demi Moore daughter is named Tullalah.

    Posted by StraightTalker at Friday, March 02 2012 02:33 PM

    Hello all:
    On yesterday’s epi:

    I can feel for Patrick now that he is away from the hospital and is not spewing his hate all over Sam like a busted faucet. I too would have liked if Anna was the one to tell Emma about Robin’s death, however, I don’t find it so out of place that Liz was there for that moment. She has been great friends with the Drakes and it was natural that she would have gone by as soon as she heard what happened to Robin. I can see why other posters might be suspicious about Liz given her pattern of behavior in the past pertaining to vulnerable and grief-stricken men, but I don’t think she had any ulterior motive for her behavior at the present. The writers can have her revert to old habits tomorrow or next week, but right now, she is being a good friend, something Patrick and Emma needs.

    I get that Carly wants to get her groove on and that is her right, but she would be a hypocrite if she becomes further involved with JZ after what went down with Sonny and Jax. Granted that JZ has a better head on his shoulder than Sonny, but the premise for cutting Sonny out of his kids life still stands where JZ is concerned. Baby Joss probably thinks that her nanny is her mommy by now.

    I want to say a couple things on the topic of Star.
    I am not sure which set of writers are writing her scenes- the ones from GH or the ones who came over from OLTL. If the latter are the ones, then I am in complete shock because how they are portraying her is not true to the character she was on OLTL. One thing that I have always admired about Star is her level of maturity and responsibility given how young she is. She was shafted when it came to the parent department because her mother and father were the worst examples of parenthood that anyone could have had. When Star became pregnant she decided to carry to term and then give the baby to her teacher, Marcey, to raise because she thought she was too young to be a mother. Cole at the time wanted to be a father and was willing to raise the baby on his own, but star thought that Marcey would be able to give their baby Hope a better life. In the ensuing months, Star bonded with the baby but she didn’t change her mind. Things went wrong during the delivery when the doctor, who was being blackmailed by her father, told Star that her baby died. Both Star and Cole were devastated at the news and for months they both grieved for the daughter they never got the chance to meet or touch. After several twists in the s/l, it was discovered that the baby didn’t die and Star and Cole were able to reunite with their baby girl.

    When Star got Hope back, she fell in love and wanted to keep her but she also knew that she had promised Marcey that she would let her be a mother to Hope. This was a very difficult decision for a sixteen year old girl to make, but Star, knowing what Marcey had gone through with loving a child and having to give that child up, didn’t want Marcey to go through that pain again and so she honored the promised she made to Marcey to let her raise her baby. Marcey was happy at the prospect of raising Hope, but she also knew that a lot had changed since Star had made that promise and she also saw how much Star loved Hope and what it cost her to give up her baby. Marcey took Hope home but she return her to Star because she knew that it was the right thing to do. I had to say that this part of the s/l was one of the best portrayal of love, sacrifice, respect and selflessness that I ever saw on a soap. Anyways, Star was a great mother to Hope and I would have to say one of the best parent on OLTL and the fact that she was still a teen just made it more impressive. Was she perfect, no, but she loved her daughter like crazy and her behavior also reflected that fact. At a point in her life where being selfish, irresponsible and impulsive would have been the norm for someone her age, Star stepped up to the plate and was the parent that her child needed her to be. She did it willing, lovingly and without any complaint or reservation. The same was true for Cole. Beyond being a excellent mother, Star was a great daughter, sister and friend. She was compassionate and fair in situations where she didn’t have to and with people she didn’t have to be. Star loves her family and she loved Cole, but most of all, she loved her daughter.

    I can understand why many are chewing her out for being a bad and irresponsible mother for leaving Hope in the car and for seemingly putting Cole’s well-being above that of her daughter. I would be right there with the rest of you if that was truly who Star was, but that is not the case or what use to be the case. Nor was she a whimpy or whiny character when she was on OLTL. She wasn’t my favorite character on OLTL but I admired her for being one of the few characters who had a good head on her shoulder, a big heart and good judgement among the heard of irresponsible, impulsive and screwed up grown ups. My intent was not to write an ode to Star, but to simply present a fair picture of who the Character has been up to this point. The Star I have been watching for years would have walked through fire to save and protect her daughter and it ticks me off that the writers are trying to do a wrewrite of the character just so that they can fit her into whatever mold they want her to inhabit now that she is on GH.

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