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    Flawless Timing English.

    Tuesday, February 28 2012
    Holly returns, Patrick operates on Jason and Spinelli breaks the news to Maxie.

    On the side of the road, Michael updates Dante on the people in the car, as Starr lies passed out. Dante calls for help as Michael continues to try to get Hope and Cole out. Dante screams out for his brother as the car goes over the side. Michael is devastated he couldn't save them, but Dante tells him there's nothing he could have done. They see the car explode. Michael picks up an unconscious Starr and carries her away to the hospital, as Mac arrives. Dante discovers that the other car on the road belongs to Anthony. Mac realizes his tires have been shot out and jumps to the conclusion that it was Sonny. Dante reminds him even his mobster father is innocent until proven guilty.

    Michael carries Starr into the E.R. and fills Epiphany in on what happened. Michael looks for Starr's ID and finds her driver's license and photo of with Cole and Hope. Michael blames himself, but Epiphany knows he did everything he could. Michael promises a comatose Starr he will find out who is responsible.

    In the O.R., Jason tells Patrick to thank Robin for him. As Jason is put under, Patrick sees a vision of Robin in the room. Robin knows Patrick is going to let Jason die on the table. Patrick doesn’t think Jason gets to live when Robin didn't. Robin urges Patrick not to tank the operation, but Patrick points out the procedure is tricky so the board wouldn't question him. Robin reminds him he is not a killer, but a healer. He doesn't know what he is without her. Robin says he is a father and Emma needs him. Robin urges him not to throw his life away and end up in the bottom of a bottle. Patrick sees the appeal in that. Jason stars to crash.

    Sonny meets with Sam in the hospital lobby. She tells him Patrick is the only surgeon qualified to do Jason's surgery, but she's worried because he just lost his wife. Sam relays that Jason doesn’t know about Robin. Sonny tears up as talks about his past with Robin and how she made it easier for him to deal with Stone's death. He loved her like a little sister. Sam asks why he let Jason into the business after losing Stone. Sonny couldn't stop Jason and recalls how he, Jason and Robin became a like a family. He shares more memories of the past and cries over never seeing Robin's beautiful smile again. Sam explains how she had to use her baby to try and change Patrick's mind about operating on Jason. Sonny is surprised to hear the news and congratulates her on her pregnancy. Sonny knows Patrick will save Jason for Robin. After Sonny has walked away, Patrick steps off the elevator and walks over to Sam.

    At Wyndemere, Luke tries to reason Helena away from killing Ethan, but Helena wants Luke to suffer like she has. As Helena is about to shoot Ethan, Holly bursts in urging her to stop. Luke notes his English has flawless timing. Holly stands in front of Ethan so Helena can't shoot her son. Holly is updated on the situation, but tells Helena she won't get her vengeance through Ethan because he isn't Luke's son. He's Robert's. Helena doesn’t believe her, but Holly insists to everyone it's true and declares the DNA tests were doctored.

    At the apartment, Spinelli delicately tries to tell Maxie about Robin, but she blurts out that he has to move out. She rambles on about trying to work things out with Matt. When she's finished, Spinelli softly tells her that Robin was killed. Maxie won't believe him and tells him to be gone when she returns to the room. Spinelli stays and shows Maxie a news report on the laptop. Maxie falls apart, as Spinelli consoles her.

    Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Michael feels responsible.

    Robert comes home.

    Ewen and Liz have a heart to heart.

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Tuesday, February 28 2012 01:13 PM

    Holly asked Helena if she was willing to shoot her in front of two peole. Holly honey, she just had her daughter shot in front of more than two people.

    I wonder if Holly was telling the truth about Robert being Ethan's father. If she is, Helena shot her daughter for nothing.

    I get so sick of Mack and his vandetta against Sonny. Mack it was Anthony who was driving the car, go after him. Do you think you can find him.

    I'm also sick of Michael. He should have waited for people that know what they are doing before he tried to intervene. He might have pushed the car over the edge. I hate that the baby was still inside.

    Posted by gulla at Tuesday, February 28 2012 01:15 PM

    Micheal stop putting yourself down you tried your hardest and your best Starr could of got her daughter out the car first and it would of not happen so Michael it's not your fault for Starr loss I cryed so hard to see hope gone!I'm shock Starr didn't hear Michael tell her her family gone!so it's on with Sonny and Todd!Also so sweet of Michael to lift her up to take her to the hospital!I think once she hear it it's going to take time for her to get over it!that was so sad!

    Posted by bruceyboy at Tuesday, February 28 2012 01:17 PM

    All I can say is the show is great right now .. are there still some problems? Sure but I can't stop watching ...

    Posted by bruceyboy at Tuesday, February 28 2012 01:18 PM

    Now Cowboys Fan .... be nice ... hee hee

    Posted by StraightTalker at Tuesday, February 28 2012 01:26 PM

    Hello and good wishes to all:

    The writers are giving me whiplash regarding Jason’s situation. Here we heard Patrick say that the procedure is risky which makes sense given the fact that he is cutting into the guy’s brain and. But it has also been insinuated that the procedure is a simple one. Now is that the perception that the writers gave, or is it one that we as viewers assumed?

    Patrick is really a pill. I knew that left to his own device, he would have purposefully killed Jason on that operating table. Jason will never know how close he came or how many times Robin saved his life while he was knocked out. Maybe I can start empathizing with Patrick again when I see him with little Emma, but for now, I would gladly knock a few of his neurons loose.

    I was hoping that AZ was hallucinating but from the looks of things, it seems like Sonny did indeed shot his tyre out and thus caused the accident. Ah poor Dante, he had just dawned the protect Sonny cloak, but now he will have to take it off and go head to toe with dear ole dad. Sonny being the shooter seems really obvious and I am tempted to believe that the shooter might have been someone else, but the writers are not good at subtlety or suspense so I will have to go with the obvious culprit. Whoops, Sonny will have everyone gunning for him including his most loving and loyal son Michael. I am interested to see Michael’s reaction when he finds out that Sonny caused the accident. The CRP is going to hit the fan in the near future when everyone starts to gang up against dimples. I tell ya, happiness and amicability has a very short shelf life and half life in PC.

    I liked Sonny’s scene today with Sam. You could tell from his memories of Robin how much he loved her and the special relationship they shared in the earlier days before Sonny walked into her house with a gun. His love and affection were genuine and it is sad that he ended up wrecking that special bond due to his destructive behavior.

    Spin just capture my heart again today. He is oh so good at conveying heartache and pain. I felt more empathy for him than I did for Maxie. The writers have completely destroyed the character of Maxie and like many of you, I wish KS was still on for this s/l. She would have totally killed her scenes and would have drawn us into feeling every ounce of her pain and anguish.

    It was good to see Epiphany today, but does she even know that Robin died? In fact, does anyone on the staff, aside from
    Monica knows that Robin was killed? It seems really unnatural that we don’t see evidence of Robin’s death throughout the hospital, but especially on that floor where she worked. I kind of lost track of the time line, but how much time has passed since the explosion? I mean, Robin has had enough time to become a ghost/conscience and acquire new body and clothes so I would think that it has been at least one day, or maybe not. Time like everything else in PC is fluid and does not adhere to the laws of nature.

    Posted by Leighloo at Tuesday, February 28 2012 01:26 PM

    please tell me that I did not just see them kill off Cole and Hope in one fell swoop ... how can you bring the mannings over and kill off the baby ? You Fools... You had better hope they turn up somewhere soon.

    Posted by Diana8254 at Tuesday, February 28 2012 01:27 PM

    I wonmder if Holly was telling the truth about Ethan. He seems so much like Luke but it would be a way for Ethan to leave losing Cassandra and find Luke is not his dad. Would be enough to send him ever the edge. Maybe he leaves with Holly Luke's English. Don't know if she sees Robert or not.

    Posted by WatFan at Tuesday, February 28 2012 01:27 PM

    So Anthony's tires were shot out? Hmm.... I'd say not Anthony's fault.

    Why doesn't Helena just shoot everybody. She shot her daughter what difference does it make if Ethan's really Luke son or not? It's how he feels about Ethan that counts.
    Get this tedious storyline over.

    Maxi be quiet and listen. When is KS coming back? I tried to give JL a chance and begged everyone else to too but I can't take much more.

    Posted by beenaroundalongtime at Tuesday, February 28 2012 01:36 PM

    There goes Michael blaming himself again. Don't even know his future girlfriend name or background.

    It should be juicy between Carly and Blair. Who would Todd be match against, Sonny or Anthony?

    Will love be in the air between John McBain and Carly or Olivia or both.

    Posted by CdaFanEN at Tuesday, February 28 2012 01:39 PM

    Overall I'm loving the new leadership team at GH. The pacing is better, more balance with who's onscreen, more intermingling of the cast. Their overall mark is definitely an A.

    However, I'm a bit disappointed in how Robin's death, like everything else, has become ALL about Saint-Jason-the-Professional-Killer. WHY oh why does absolutely EVERYTHING have to boil down to how poor widdle Jason will handle it?!? And now we have to add in how absolutely everything will affect Jason-and-Sam's-baby. I mean it's not like this kid is the second coming or anything. In all liklihood it will turn out to be a mob-loving punk just like Michael. Enough already of canonizing the criminals!!

    I too was disappointed in how they apparently killed off Cole & Hope. Until I remembered that Cole's mother Marty was suppposedly killed off in the same way on OLTL. SHE came back (with the original actress) so I'm a tiny-little bit relieved to think that the door might be open - just a crack - for Hope and/or to reappear. Just sayin', it is a soap after all and there aren't any bodies. Therefore, like Robin, they are only "dead" not Dead.

    As for who caused the car accident, my vote is for Crazy Kate. It's too easy to make it be Sonny and after all, he showed up at the hospital fairly quickly (I'm assuming since timelines aren't exactly precise ) I think it will up the drama if it's Kate and she was in some delusional state.

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