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    Thursday, February 23 2012
    Shawn makes an admission to Carly, Sam can't get through to Patrick, and Mac and Sonny learn about Robin.

    Anna leads Mac away in the hospital to privately tell him about Robin. Mac knows Robin's meds are working now so she can't be dying. Anna has to tell him about the accident and that Robin didn’t make it. Crushed, Mac falls back on the door. He wants to see Robin because he won't believe she's gone until he does. Anna explains that can't happen. Mac knows he has to find Maxie so she doesn’t hear it from anyone else. Mac embraces Anna and leaves. Alone, Anna finally breaks down.

    Michael rushes into the hospital. Dante fills his brother in on the shooting, as Kate tries to convince Sonny to let his anger towards Anthony go, or else she will walk away. Sonny reminds her his son almost died tonight. He doesn't want to have to choose between her and Dante. She takes a breath knowing there is no choice. Kate won't go through this again and walks out. Michael runs in to check on his dad, who gets dressed and starts to walk out. Dante, Sonny and Michael see Mac, who relays the news about Robin. Sonny is in disbelief, which sets Mac off. He lashes out at Sonny for all the pain he's caused Robin over the years, starting with Stone. He informs Sonny that Robin died trying to save Jason, but his life isn't worth anything and neither is Sonny's. Alone with Michael, Sonny breaks down over Robin. He composes himself as he recalls promising Stone that he would take care of Robin. Sonny says it's too late for her, but he will make sure it never happens to his kids. Sonny asks his son to tell Jason he's thinking about him when Michael leaves to check on his uncle.

    In another part of the hospital, Sam asks Patrick if he's holding on to Jason's medication. Patrick tells Sam Robin died working on it, so there's no way he'll let Jason have it. Sam knows this is a difficult time. Patrick strongly retorts that a difficult time is getting fired. He has to tell his daughter her mother is not coming back. Sam begs an incredulous Patrick not to let her baby grow up without both his/her parents. Patrick knows Jason won't change his ways for Sam's baby and he doesn’t even deserve a chance to prove it. Sam urges him not to take his pain out on Jason, because it's not what Robin would want. Patrick tells her the answer is no. She reminds him Jason will die if he doesn't help. Patrick says, "Good." Sam reminds him he is a doctor, but Patrick retorts that he is a husband who just lost his wife. Anna walks up and Sam offers her condolences before walking away. Patrick reiterates that Robin is dead and, in his mind, so is Jason.

    Johnny leaves Shawn and Carly alone at the penthouse. Shawn tells Carly he doesn't want her with Johnny because he wants her with him. Carly is dumbfounded, which Shawn notes is the first time he's seen her speechless. He cares about her and thinks they could be good together. He needs to know if she thinks so too. Carly remains silent, which gives Shawn his answer.

    Tracy and Anthony return to the mansion and tell Edward someone tried to kill Sonny at the benefit. Anthony steps out to take a call from Johnny, as Edward and Tracy debate whether or not Anthony was the one to shoot at Sonny. Meanwhile, Johnny warns Anthony on the phone that Sonny knows he shot Dante at the warehouse. Anthony returns to Edward and Tracy. After Edward makes his exit, Anthony tells Tracy Sonny wants him dead. Tracy wants him out of the house before Sonny puts all of them in danger. Sonny walks in and says, "Too late."

    Johnny returns downstairs at the penthouse after Shawn has left. He flirts with Carly as they talk about her turning down Shawn. Johnny kisses her and her robe falls to the floor.

    Ewen interrupts Ethan and Cassandra at Wyndemere. Ewen wonders if Cassandra has remembered her life, but just hasn't admitted it. Ethan defends Cassandra, but Ewen feels something is off. Cassandra fires Ewen as her shrink and Ethan vows to have Alexis remove Ewen's name from Wyndemere's lease. Ewen leaves, but not before warning Ethan to proceed with caution. Cassandra tells Ethan she's falling in love with him. She suggests they go somewhere new, tonight, before anyone stops them. The wall to the tunnel opens and Ethan says, "You."

    Ewen finds Kate in her wedding dress on the pier.

    Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Anna tries to reason with Patrick.

    Tracy surprises everyone.

    Anthony's tires go out.

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    Posted by adamrocks at Thursday, February 23 2012 01:47 PM

    I wonder if anyone will find out that the always vapid and selfish Maxie is responsible for Robin's death?

    I am sick to death of the Johnny pity party and what's up with Carly going after her ex-husband's arch enemy? Whatever.

    Patrick, wife dying or not, if that was my man and you refused to give him medication that you knew for a fact he could die without I'd have your medical license so fast you wouldn't know what hit you. In fact, I would have raised such a stink right there on the spot they would have had to call security. Robin loved Jason so don't dishonor her memory. Be a man.

    Kate. Run. Run fast and run far.

    Posted by adamrocks at Thursday, February 23 2012 01:48 PM

    P.S. The whole Wyndemere storyline is a test of my gag reflex.

    Posted by runnergirl at Thursday, February 23 2012 02:05 PM


    I love being off work and being able to watch live.

    Adamrocks- great post, I agree 100%.

    I felt sorry for Mac when he realized Robin was dead. I have always enjoyed their close relationship, and now he only has NuMaxie .

    I think the way Maxie treated Spin yesterday was ten times more insensitive than Sam asking Patrick to save Jason life. This portrayal of Maxie is making be hate the character. Spin has been nothing but wonderful to Maxie. What does she do, she bails on him for a loser like Dr.Hunter, who made his intentions perfectly clear. I hate to see a woman or a man groveling.

    I have enjoyed the daily cliffhangers- It makes us want to watch tomorrow. I hope the new writers keep this going.

    Posted by OG88 at Thursday, February 23 2012 02:12 PM

    Poor Robin i will her.Poor Patrick I feel bad for him.

    Posted by OG88 at Thursday, February 23 2012 02:13 PM

    I know Robin would want Jason to live.Patrick will do the right thing because he's a great guy.

    Posted by smugrobin at Thursday, February 23 2012 02:29 PM

    I think Robin's viral load wasn't working and she still wanted to "disappear" and her father Robert helped her. Nobody got to see the body and in Soap Opera world that usually means that the character can come back

    Posted by PumpkinGirl at Thursday, February 23 2012 02:40 PM

    hi all haven't seen yet, but will later when i get a minute.

    if the recap is accurate, patrick just took a step down a couple notches. but i think the hippocratic oath should come thru to him after his acute grief has settled.

    esp. the part of looking upon his children as my own brothers. ha ha.

    Posted by 4myJylli at Thursday, February 23 2012 02:43 PM

    WOW, Oh WOW, must be nice being Carly today. One man professes his feelings for you and you have another who makes you drop your robe for him. Personally, I would have chosen Shawn since he appears to be sober and know what he’s saying. Johnny on the other hand is drunk and may not remember much in the morning, much less who Carly is. Can’t hate on her though. Got to get it when you can.

    Didn’t feel Sonny’s pain after learning that one of his best friends had just died. Instead he only has AZ on his brain. Very poor performance if you ask me.

    Mac was heartbreaking.

    Hello and good evening to one and All.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Thursday, February 23 2012 02:43 PM

    If Patrick was serious, he'd smash the vial. This is just to add to the tension for soapy dramatic effect. 

    John York was absolutely brilliant!  Watching Mac was heartbreaking.  

    Love seeing Edward, but I thought we were about to get some gold when AZ sat down.  Instead Edward took off. 

    Well, one thing's for sure, Sonny knows he's smarter than his sons.  Way to look after the old man, Michael.  I guess he'll be the one to spill the beans about Robin to Jason too. 

    What's Sam going to tell Jason NOW?  She never should have kept the truth from him because he was bound to find out.  At least she could've controlled how he got the news if she had told him herself. 

    Shawn's timing was awful!  What man would declare his feelings to a naked woman wearing another man's robe?  He should've waited until the next morning, after she gets Johnny out of her system and her common sense kicks in. He should've caught her when she made her "walk of shame."

    Posted by WatFan at Thursday, February 23 2012 02:44 PM

    Not all caucasion women wash their hair everyday. I wash mine every other day but on the off days even if it's up it get wet in the shower.

    I'm ready to watch the end of the Sam/Patrick dialogue. It sounds to me Patrick is really hurting and he is lashing out and Jason is an easy target. He's never made it a secret he doesn't like Jason.

    Sam is all about Jason, he may die without that drug. I can't blaim her for asking about that drug. I believe she understands Patrick is grieving but if he doesn't step-up she will be too. How's that fair? Patrick can't handle this - nor should any husband have to just find out his wife is dead and then go do major brain surgery - It's time to call a new researcher and neuro surgeon.

    God I hope Alice throws Sonny out on his ass.

    Why is it when women want to get their sexual groove on on this show they are called everything from a hussy to not respecting themselves. There is nothing wrong with women liking and wanting sex. It's and extremely healthy activity if proper protection is used.
    Why do they have to be in some long term committed relationship for them to do it without people being critical?

    Also why are the writers trying to force all these dark haired men with blonde women down are throat? Johnny/Carly Dante/Lulu Ethan/Cassandra.

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