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    Friday, February 17 2012
    Patrick's in trouble, Maxie lashes out, and Sonny outs Johnny's secret.

    Monica books an O.R. at the hospital for Jason and tells Patrick to be ready at any moment. Later, Anna shows up with Emma looking for Robin and Patrick. Epiphany pages Patrick, but he doesn't answer. Anna and Emma head off to get Emma a hot dog.

    In the lab, Maxie explains to Robin what she did to Liz. She thinks it's really Matt's fault and asks Robin to go to the benefit with her. Robin tells Maxie her mother is in town and if she weren't so busy with work she would be spending time with Anna. Even if she could go to the party, she can't make things right between her and Matt. Maxie is incensed, calls Robin selfish and then storms off. In the process, Maxie unknowingly turns on a gas line. Monica stops by to see if Robin needs anything. Robin gives her an update on her work and hopes to have an answer tonight. Monica tells her the O.R. is ready just in case. Monica adds that she always thought Robin would be the one to save Jason. Just not this way.

    As Jason and Sam wait for Robin's latest results in his hospital room, they talk about their baby. Jason wants to discuss what happens if he dies, but Sam won't let him because she knows Robin will save him. Sam gets a cramp and Jason helps her to a chair. Sam regroups and Monica pops in. She congratulates Sam on her pregnancy, musing she will be a great mother. Sam leaves mother and son alone. Monica tells Jason the swelling in his brain has worsened. Jason asks Monica to be Sam and his baby's family if he doesn't make it. Monica wouldn't have in any other way. Jason asks if she has any movies of him when he was a baby. Monica doesn't because he was still with his biological mother Susan then.

    Patrick returns to the hub and Epiphany tells him Anna and Emma are in the cafeteria. Sam finds Patrick and asks if Jason can go home. Patrick says it's a bad idea because he might not survive if he has another seizure. Later, Robin emerges from the lab and finds Anna and Emma back in the waiting area. She tells them she's just taking a break and can't leave the hospital, but would love for them to distract her for a bit.

    Patrick enters the lab, but finds it empty. He starts to cough and notices the gas is on. He lunges for it, knocking vials over as he falls to the floor.

    At the benefit, Matt runs into Liz who is supposed to meet Ewen. Matt drinks and remains disdainful of the psychiatrist. Liz reminds Matt what happened on the party boat when he drank too much. Matt doesn’t think them almost kissing would be such a bad thing. Matt follows Liz out to the lobby as Liz tries to track down a missing Ewen. They talk about Maxie, as she appears and gets into it with them. Back inside the party, Shawn talks to Carly about TJ. She looks at Johnny as she says, with a little support anyone can change their life. At the same time, Maggie and Steve enter. They tell Olivia Maggie's date got held up. Meanwhile, Tracy arrives with Anthony, and Alexis sees Diane and Mac on a date together. Max takes note of Diane as well. Kate calls for the room's attention, but Carly interrupts her speech welcoming everyone. Sonny then makes his own speech about Dante getting shot and how GH saved his life. He wants other parents to receive the same miracle. He announces that the benefit is in Dante's honor. A drunk Johnny offers to donate $3 million dollars and he doesn't even like Dante. Sonny won't take his money and the men argue. Sonny won't let Johnny ruin his night and outs the truth about Johnny's parentage to the whole room. Johnny leaves, as a fuming Anthony threatens Sonny. When Sonny tries to talk to Kate, she recoils from his touch. Olivia and Dante lash out at Sonny for his behavior. Kate walks up to him, but Sonny brushes her off because he can't talk right now. Kate vents to Olivia about how stupid she was to think she could make it work with him.

    Sonny follows Dante to the garage. The men argue as someone watches. Dante tells Sonny he is dead to him, as a gloved hand aims a gun at them.

    Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Carly searches for Johnny.

    Michael finds the party at the lake house.

    Robin's exit story begins to unfold.

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    Posted by Scrimmage at Friday, February 17 2012 10:48 PM

    Hell-oooo Elizabeth. Now we're talkin! She was easily the most beautiful woman in the room. Tracy looked teriffic too, and so did Diane. Her hair was especially flattering. I only caught a glimpse of Dr. Maggie in purple, but wasn't too impressed one way or the other. What's with all the solid, primary colors all the women are wearing? In a group photo they'd look like a box of crayons.

    Was there no food at this bash? All I saw was a plate of appetizers on the bar in front of Johnny. If they're expecting donations, they should at least include dinner with all the melodrama.

    Well, you'd think by now everyone would know that whenever Sonny makes a speech in public, bad things happen. The last time was at Claudia's party, where Sonny exposed his wife's involvement in Michael's shooting, which resulted in Claudia kidnapping Carly (who picked that moment to go into labor), and ended with Michael killing Claudia, followed by the the cover-up, a trial, jail, rape, and a continuous string of unintended consequences. Now Sonny's at it again. They're even in the SAME ROOM for Pete's sake! You would think that for one second, Sonny would stop long enough to remember how well it worked out the LAST time he humiliated a Zacharra in public, but NOOOOOOOOOO! He can't help himself, and instead of just graciously taking Johnny's money all for a noble cause, he chose to engage in a pissing contest worthy of a frat party, trying (and failing) to humiliate Johnny with a disgusting story in which Johnny and Claudia are the victims. Only Sonny could make Claudia seem sympathetic. The only thing Sonny accomplished was successfully nuking any hope of a better relationship between he and Dante, escalating the hostilities with the Zacharras, and sabotaging his reputation while dragging down Kate's through the mud with him. If she goes back to Sonny after this, she really IS crazy! Sonny said this was supposed to be HIS night, and it was. All his parties turn out this way.

    I noticed that Robin's hands were MUCH steadier today in the close-ups of her handling the chemicals and drugs. Too bad all her hard work is busted up now. Thanks, Carly, Matt, and FauxMaxie. Maybe the vial with “Jason's Last Chance” will survive Patrick's (almost comical) thrashing. There's a BIG RED BUTTON on the wall, and I think it's supposed to be for just such an emergency. I can't believe Patrick wasn't able to reach it as soon as he smelled something, but that's a cliffhanger for you.

    So FauxMaxie is going to be responsible for poisoning Patrick, blowing up the lab, and ruining Robin's research, which could cost Jason his life, leaving Sam to raise their child alone. Add to that getting Liz suspended, with an accompanying declaration or war, essentially forcing Dr. Matt to break up with her, and it's no stretch to say that FauxMaxie is leaving a trail of destruction in her wake unseen since Sherman's March to the Sea! What's that old saying about a woman scorned?

    I have to say I AM looking forward to Bizzie Lizzie's new career choice. Time for her to embrace the BAD GIRL within. I was disappointed that Dr. Bigfoot apparently flaked out on her. He sure is taking his time getting from Wyndemere to the MetroCourt.

    ***off topic***

    Poodles – I hope both you and your neighbor boy are all right. How old is he anyway, and why on Earth was he trying to open a coconut? Accidents happen though. Years ago I was doing a skit with my band (we did floor shows back then) using an old LP vinyl record as a prop. The joke was supposed to be if you didn't like the music on it, it made a good kitchen tool, and I started using it to slice and dice some carrots and cucumbers. Unfortunately, I missed once, and almost cut off the tip of my thumb, and started bleeding like a stuck pig. Even worse, I had to sing some stupid song right after that, so I grabbed some napkins off of someone's table up front to wrap my thumb with. As luck would have it, they were drinking margaritas, and there was salt on the napkins. EXCRUCIATING! But then I grabbed a clean bar rag (I'm still singing all this time, mind you) and was able to finish the set. The audience was stone silent. I think they were horrified, and relieved that it was over, and so was I! In the end it looked a lot worse than it really was. I hope someday your neighbor boy can say the same.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Friday, February 17 2012 11:46 PM

    ***off topic***

    Cynic – Thanks for the heads up on the Feinstein PBS special. That's definitely something I need to watch. I'll keep an eye out for a repeat showing.

    One of the most fascinating but little known incidents concerning the business of the Big Bands was the American Federation of Musicians Strike, that prevented all the musicians from recording new songs because of a dispute over royalties between the union and the record companies. It started on July 31, 1942 and lasted until November 11, 1944, during the height of World War II. It didn't affect live performances or radio shows, but there would be no new songs coming out on record for over two years! Something like that would be inconceivable today. Many of the bands rushed into the studio to get new songs recorded before the strike, and several of the record companies put out previously unreleased songs from their catalogs, but the backlog was soon exhausted, and radio stations were desperate for new material. Singers, not wanting to put their own careers on hold, began recording songs with vocal groups singing the orchestrations in place of the musicians (with dubious results). The strike was finally settled, but things were never the same again. Among other things, the strike was a major factor in the decline of the Big Bands because after the war, it was the singers, like Frank Sinatra – the first superstar to make teenage girls scream - who became the main attractions and the bands were relegated to a supporting role.

    Posted by Cynic at Saturday, February 18 2012 01:46 AM


    Scrimmage, If you catch this in time, the first series of Michael Feinstein's Anerican Songbook is being repeated Saturday on PBS in central Florida. As different PBS stations show programs at different times, your area may be different, but as it is a prestige show expect it to be repeated and repeated again. You can look up your local station's air time on The two series of 3 episodes each are available on DVD. This is a superb series which is well worth spending the money on a DVD. Did you know that Dr. Maya Angelou was once a night club and cabaret singer/dancer, and toured Europe and the Middle East with Porgy and Bess, playing Sporting Life's girlfriend? And she can still hold a tune! That was a real WTF for me. I would go so far as to say that this is a must see for anyone who loves the music of yesteryear.

    Posted by Cynic at Saturday, February 18 2012 01:55 AM


    With all the "clues" about Jason's connection to Franco being dropped like bricks, I hope they are just red herrings and the writers are going to come up with a blindside out of nowhere and shock us to the core. Same goes for the stripper stalker. If we have it all worked out in advance, there is no surprise.

    Posted by WatFan at Saturday, February 18 2012 05:39 AM

    I haven't got to watch the last 3 days but I can't wait to see this horrid fashion show I keep hearing about.

    Of course Sonny ruined his own event. He can't put his ego aside for a minute. He is vengeful spiteful and mean. I hope the gloved shooter aims true this time.

    Posted by PumpkinGirl at Saturday, February 18 2012 05:55 AM

    morning all,
    agreed lizzie took the fashion plate award. beautiful! THIS is what kate howard should be looking like.

    i like everyone else pretty much, but you are right that alexis dress was a hair the wrong shade for her. and mag-pies dress looked like it was from the mall.

    nuff about fashion.

    seems the shooter can't be kate cause the previous scene they showed her upset upstairs with livvie.

    seems it would be johnny since the gun was waving so much.

    sonny sonny sonny! poor guy is so out of control with his emotions, where is that bipolar medication? or a good psychiatrist in addition? but i love him non-the-less. i though anthony was going to pop and artery. maybe the shooter is a very upset anthony.

    maxie. omg how selfish is she. i want to like jen lilly, maybe it isn't her fault but they have brought that character to new lows. way down.

    it is SO bittersweet seeing anna and robin. sigh.

    Posted by KillerQueen at Saturday, February 18 2012 06:22 AM

    I know Susan Moore rased Jason for the first 18 months and she would have pictures and flim on Jason BUT when she was murdered wouldnt Alan Q have taken all these things, he took Jason of course sd his bio father he SHOULD HAVE. . Three are 3 other possable people that COULD have taken Jason s baby pictures and flim..Auntie, Cousin Heather or step father Scott Baldwin.

    Posted by marta1 at Saturday, February 18 2012 06:38 AM

    Maybe Franco is Jasons brother. Also Sam and Jason are boring, boring, boring.

    Posted by PumpkinGirl at Saturday, February 18 2012 07:40 AM

    i am thinking the ending for robin on the show is going to be a shocker. i keep thinking it will be something obvious, but i am thinking not. patrick ended up being in the lab at the time of the accident, instead of robin.

    doesn't kim m look so sad? its like she has infused it with her character, and she looks defeated and resigned to a fate almost.

    interesting and riveting to me.

    cynic, i am going to check out our pbs listings. that sounds so interesting.

    Posted by poodles at Saturday, February 18 2012 07:45 AM

    Good Morning.
    I just finished watching yesterday’s show, and thought it was really good. Sonny’s party continues down the path of doom, as his other special events have in the past. I felt sorry for him- this is where all his money isn’t able to buy him acceptance or class. I wish Dante could only see with all of Sonny’s short comings, he does love his kids. What really amazes me- Why do people keep attending these events hosted by Sonny? They should realize most are destined to be failures and can be almost certain mayhem will follow.
    Well Fashion week it wasn’t- I thought Maxie looked awful in whatever she had on. I find it hard to watch NuMaxie on any given day, but with her in that cheap sequined get-up I just had to cringe. I was hoping that extra walking around in that pink mam-ma shawl would have thrown over Maxie put me out of my misery. Did Elizabeth leave any makeup at the makeup counter? I also thought her hair looked a little matronly, but compared to Kate or Maxie, she looked stunning.

    That lab scene looked almost comical. I hope Patrick will be able to get out and possibly save Robins research. If NuMaxie has anything to do with Jason not getting his magical cure, I will hate her forever. LOL.

    Loved JaSam today. I found myself crying at the thought that Jason might not live to see his child. I hope this won’t be dragged forever.

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