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    Grandmother Sounds So Old.

    Thursday, January 26 2012
    Alexis learns Sam's news, Anthony confronts Sonny, and Tracy faces Edward.

    Jason lurks as Dante questions Michael in the alley about the dead guy. Michael insists he just found the body. Dante tells Michael to go so he doesn’t get shipped back to prison. They hear police sirens and Michael takes off with Jason in tow. Dante and Delores show up. Ronnie thinks justice was served after all. Delores points out there's still no proof this is their guy in the stripper case. After Ronnie leaves with the body, Dante and Delores feel confident the real perp is still out there.

    Jason follows Michael home, where he angrily confronts him about the dead body. Jason asks if he did it. Michael admits he's been doing things he shouldn't in order to numb the pain of losing Abby and he wanted to kill the guy attacking the strippers, but he didn't. Michael is going to try and be who Abby would want him to be. He's going to honor her wishes starting now.

    As Sonny orders flowers on the phone in his office, Anthony walks in. The men share tense words about Sonny revealing Johnny's true parentage. Anthony warns, since Sonny hurt his kid, he'll hurt one of his. Sonny retorts some threats of his own. After Anthony leaves, Sonny tells Max it's time to take back what's his.

    Still at the penthouse, a distraught Johnny screams as he smashes Anthony's potted orchid plants. Anthony enters to face a bitter and drunk Johnny. He discovers his busted up plants. He can't believe this is how he decided to get even for Claudia. Johnny spits out they aren't even close to even.

    Tracy pours herself a drink at the Q mansion, as she tries to figure out how she's going to tell Edward about her marriage to Anthony. Luke pops up ready for the show of Edward learning of his new son-in-law. Edward enters already aware of Tracy being married to the mob again. Edward assumes she'll being moving in with Anthony, but Tracy informs her father they are staying. After she storms out of the room, Edward smirks as he tells Alice to put Tracy's things in the honeymoon suite.

    Elizabeth walks into the Haunted Star and finds Ethan. He wonders if she was hoping Lucky would be there. She admits a song reminded her of him and she found herself driving by the casino. Ethan apologizes for being so judgmental regarding her and Lucky. She accepts his apology, but recognizes some of what he had said was valid. Ethan relays that Lucky told him he would always care about her. Liz says that helps, but makes it worse at the same time. She knows if Lucky returns it won't be for her. Ethan, in turn, knows when someone is just trying to convince themselves of something. They play cards as Liz talks about finding herself.

    Sam reluctantly tells Alexis she is pregnant. Alexis has a massive hot flash and puts her head out the window to cool off. Once she returns to her daughter, she expresses how happy she is that she gets to be a grandmother, which she adds sounds old. Alexis gets emotional and then asks if Sam is happy. Sam quietly says it came as a surprise and it's a little overwhelming. Alexis knows Sam has always wanted a baby with Jason and asks how he feels about the pregnancy. Sam says they both want it more than anything. She asks her mother not to tell her sisters yet, because she wants to wait until it's safe to start telling people. Alexis knows something is really bothering her. She urges her to let it go and really embrace this moment because it's the best time of her life.

    Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Carly can't stay away from Johnny.

    Lulu confronts Luke at the Haunted Star.

    Sonny nails Kate on her secretive travels.

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    Posted by ransomha at Thursday, January 26 2012 01:38 PM

    About the ages: Sonny and Olivia went to school together. Sonny is about 45, on the show, Olivia had Dante at 15, which would make Dante 30. When Olivia was dating Johnny, she said she was dating someone her son's age, so that would make John 30 too.Or close to it. Michael mentioned he was 20, I don't think John and Dante are only a couple years older then Michael . Give or take a few years, Olivia, Kate and Sonny are all suppose to be school chums, so it would only be a 3-4 year age difference between them. Plus, if Dante is already a detective , wouldn't he have had to go to college, be a patrolman before getting promoted to detective? That takes up years too.
    If John is 30 or close to it, and Claudia had him at 13, then she would have been around 43ish.
    They mess with the ages to fit the s/l but, I don't think John and Dante are just a couple years older then Michael.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Thursday, January 26 2012 02:18 PM

    It was infuriating waiting for Michael to JUST ANSWER THE 'EFFING QUESTION! So NOW he wants to honor Abby? It took the killing of some guy you never met before to wake your ass up? Seeing Abby's body on a slab wasn't enough? And now we have yet another cover up? Not that I'm surprised, but nobody ever seems to learn anything on this show, or at least it doesn't keep them from repeating the same mistakes over and over. That's what Liz was talking about.

    Elizabeth and Ethan were sparkling today in much the same way that Lucky and Maxie were – as friends. Liz looked great (as a woman in white), sounded whiny, but admitted some hard truths about herself that she finally seems to have accepted. It was very nice of Ethan to apologize and for her to accept it, and I look forward to seeing Uncle Ethan assume his rightful role in Elizabeth's family circle. He should also sic her on Dr. Bigfoot, to keep him out of his hair while he pursues Cassandra.

    Luke, Alice, Edward, and Spanky Buns together! YAY! Plus, when Anthony joins the fun there's going to be CAKE!

    Alexis has been on a menopausal roll of comedic relief for weeks now. I can't take my eyes off her because she'll either do or say something hilarious. I swear she REALLY bashed her head on that window. She is Must-See-TV!

    Good plan Sonny! You're whole family is in deadly danger now just because you wanted to smirk at Johnny, so now you're going to start a gang war. Brilliant!

    Posted by Flip710 at Thursday, January 26 2012 02:23 PM

    Greetings! I silently read daily not only the recaps but the comments. Have I missed something; whatever happened the pregnancy test that Olivia was hiding at the house?

    Posted by Risa at Thursday, January 26 2012 02:27 PM

    hello all! you know what is personally frustrating to me is that Sam didn't tell her mom that the baby could be franco's it just of made me think ugggg just tell her lean on your mom for support!! for petes sakes!! also I like lulu alot!!! ya she can be dumb & a twit as I have read many times I gad acrazy mom & a non existent alcoholic father & I made some really bad choices at her age & was floundering & spinning around with nothing or nowhere to land no guidence at a young age equals alot of bad judgement, that's just my opionion, sometimes you feel the need to control your surroundings because you never had that foundation growing up or your always waiting for someone to deceive you or hurt you so just strike out before someone gets you , she needs to find her "bliss" & get her head out of the bottle & fix herself because no one can fill that need but herself!! phew !! can't have a positive life with a negative mind!! I loved Luke & Tracy today!! Johnny made my heart break

    Posted by Scorpioqueen at Thursday, January 26 2012 02:46 PM

    I could care less about Lucky right now move on really so tried of this storyline carp really!

    Posted by Cynic at Thursday, January 26 2012 02:51 PM

    Someone on the writing team is turning out some good comedy. Luke, Tracy, Edward and Alice today made quite a team. I just loved Luke's comment when Tracy said "Over my dead body!" "Oooh careful, in your new husband's line of work that can easily be arranged." More, please.

    Johnny and Sonny are really slamming them down. Makes a girl feel like a stiff drink just to keep them company.

    Posted by ransomha at Thursday, January 26 2012 03:00 PM

    Does it really matter what Sonny does or doesn't do? Anthony shot Sonny's son in the back and left him for dead a few weeks ago, so Sonny's kids have ALWAYS been in danger from AZ.
    John should team up with Sonny, at least HE told him the truth, to take down AZ. Now THAT would be justice !

    Posted by Boston Terrier at Thursday, January 26 2012 03:28 PM

    Johnny was amazing today, some of the best acting I've seen on GH! Wow! I haven't liked a GH gangster in a looong time, but Johnny is the one for me! I totally get why Carly's stuck on him!

    Posted by Scrimmage at Thursday, January 26 2012 03:44 PM

    Ransomha – You’re right. Sonny’s children have always been at risk from Anthony, but there was a tenuous truce in place, and AZ didn’t purposely target Dante. He shot him not knowing it was Sonny’s son. We still don’t know who shot Sonny, or Bernie for that matter, but just like Michael wanted to do, Sonny retaliated without proof that the Z’s were behind the shootings.

    Sonny reminds me of a kid that throws stones at a hornet’s nest at recess and then ALL the kids end up getting stung. The hornets were always a danger to them, but it just took one idiot who should’ve known better to stir them up, and everybody else has to pay the price.

    Posted by lily hunter at Thursday, January 26 2012 03:58 PM

    Hi everyone,

    Glad all of you found the information on The City. I never saw this show, but read a news article that they were working Tracy’s SL on that show into GH a while ago.

    I’m thinking that Ronnie is a little too eager to convince everyone that Chuck got what he deserved and the case can be closed. I agree he could be the stalker. Michael apparently realized that he was given a “gift” today when Dante was first on the scene acting like a big brother instead of a cop, and Jason wasn’t far behind. That incident may have been the slap upside the head that he’s needed since Abby died. I’m hoping that AZ isn’t pulling another setup by having Chuck killed by one of his guys and planting evidence to incriminate Michael. He would get a bonus two-for in this case if someone had pictures of Dante and Michael together standing over the body. I just wish Sonny could learn to sit back and strategize instead of always positioning the men to go to war. Kate really picked a bad time to leave Sonny unattended.

    Note to the GH writers and staff: Orchids don’t grow outside during January in upstate New York. I was a little worried when I saw Johnny drinking and handling his gun, so although I can condone the destruction of orchids, I was relieved to see him taking his rage out on the plants. Let’s see, now if he prunes Grandpa, he’ll solve Tracy’s problem, protect Sonny’s kids, and possibly avert an all out war.

    I agree Scrimmage, Alexis was pure comedy gold again today. I’m thinking that if Tracy really wants to drive AZ away, she can form a support group for all the menopausal meddling mothers, and Carly to meet twice a week at her house.

    Did Luke just drop by for a nap and a cake or did he meet with Edward to cook up a way to get rid of AZ and have a little fun with Tracy at the same time? In any case, I can’t imagine that Edward would really hang Tracy out to dry anymore than Luke would. Of course Edward gets the line of the day set up so beautifully by Tracy once again bringing up Jason’s profession: “ Yes, but Jason is family.”

    By the way, if Johnny really does want to get rid of Grandpa and keep his hands clean, he should just tell Dante who shot him. Sonny’s already going for blood, so finding out AZ shot his son isn’t going to start the war any sooner.

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