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    What Keeps Him Up At Night.

    Friday, January 13 2012
    Jason confronts Franco, someone shoots at Sonny, and Ethan gets closer to Cassandra.

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    Posted by RainyJays at Friday, January 13 2012 07:49 PM

    Off topic

    I too thought OLTL finale the writer did an awesome job.. I think we should all write Oprah and ask her to put the soaps on her network lord knows she can afford it...

    Back on topic Im happy Luke is back and going to be back to his old tactics .. ITS ABOUT TIME BIZZIE LIZZIE DONE SOMETHING RIGHT... I hope the attacker whips Michael ass I need a good laugh

    Yay Jason..who gives a S#!+ who the father is... Jason's gonba raise u because its half Sam's.. he did it for a while with Carly and AJ was as crazy as Franco so PRAISE JASON. FOR KILLING THE BASTARD

    Posted by lily hunter at Friday, January 13 2012 07:52 PM

    poodles - No, we don't have any forecast of snow, but I wouldn't want to jinx the streak.LOL I'm hoping that the next two months will be mild. In fact, some of my spring bulbs have started to sprout because of the mild winter this year.

    Posted by bayoubtr at Friday, January 13 2012 08:07 PM


    Does anyone hear from Aussie? Not like her to stay away so long.

    Posted by mamajj at Friday, January 13 2012 08:10 PM

    OT.....Lily....yes still posting from my phone. it's a pain but so happy I can post. you & poodles are so sweet not taking sides. bayou....may the best team win friend. GO NINERS!!!!!

    Posted by bayoubtr at Friday, January 13 2012 08:21 PM


    Mama: Sorry about your posting problems! I just want a good game. Hey, if my Saints weren't in it, I'd be a NINER fan.

    Posted by Redcanuck at Friday, January 13 2012 08:29 PM

    I am pretty sure the |OLTL people are coming over with their existing characters. Tho I was surprised to see Cole today -i doubt he is staying unless he is going to be part of some triange. I think they are bringing Kris Alderson on for Michael

    Posted by cbru at Friday, January 13 2012 08:44 PM

    JM-don't count on that little punk to blame himself. He will blame Sonny and Jason because they wouldn't let him into the business.

    bay-I think aussie is on one of her jaunts. She said that she wouldn't be posting for awhile.

    lily-I don't think this horrendous s/l is James Franco's fault. Considering what has been going on in the show, the writing has definitely left a lot to be desired for a long time. Anyway, I still like him and think he is a really good actor.

    More Luke and Helena!

    Posted by mamajj at Friday, January 13 2012 08:46 PM too. I always root for the saints but not tomorrow.

    Posted by queensgirl at Friday, January 13 2012 09:54 PM

    I am really puzzled about Ethan and WIW they made love and hardly know each other? And what is Helena doing there? And Jason shoots Franco just like that and no answers to any of the questions? And Johnny should go back with Olivia she is wasted on Steve. Also give Alexis a good storyline she is one of the best actress on the show That Maggie is just annoying

    Posted by Scrimmage at Saturday, January 14 2012 12:39 AM

    It's not often that I get almost everything I want on the show, but the last couple of days have been very satisfying for me. Luke is back, Helena is back, Sam admits she's preggers, the WIW finally speaks, and Franco is most assuredly dead. Jason wouldn't have left anything to chance, and I'm surprised he wasn't covered with blood from chopping up Franco into little pieces. Instead he was practically casual about committing cold blooded murder (with justification of course) when he walked into his penthouse with a “Hi Honey, I'm home from a hard day at work” vibe.

    I love the idea of Luke recruiting Ethan to assist him with the Zacharras, but it's not going to solve Carly's problem by digging up dirt on them. I think she has a lot more to worry about than that! It's going to take more than Carly sleeping with Johnny to keep Michael out of trouble. Maybe she can offer herself to that gun dealer so he won't sell one to Michael. Oh wait! Too late. Well, there's GOT to be someone she can sleep with “to save Michael” isn't there? Isn't that how ALL parents help their kids? Maybe she can hook up with the guy Michael's trying to kill so he won't press charges. I heard he likes girls.

    With parents like Carly and Sonny, Michael never had a chance. He really has become a little Nazi. The way he talks to his parents and his brother, and the way he disrespects Abby's memory and turns his back on the best friends he ever had reminds me of those brainwashed kids in the Hitler Youth, who turned in their own families for speaking out against the Third Reich.

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