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    Thank You For Not Giving Up On Me.

    Thursday, November 03 2011
    Kristina's party gets underway, Carly gets disappointed at Jake's, and Patrick and Robin celebrate Emma's birthday.

    On her birthday, Emma sleeps on the couch at home as Patrick and Robin marvel over their daughter. Patrick takes her to her bedroom and returns to Robin who is disappointed Emma fell asleep before her party. Robin just wanted their daughter to know how much they love her despite their work schedules. Patrick is sure Emma knows. Robin wonders if things will ever be normal again. Patrick responds it will be better. They talk about the boy who came to the door dressed in the same costume Lisa had on in Robin's dream. Patrick is sorry about that, but Robin thinks they need to forget the past and move forward. Since Emma is asleep, they decide to celebrate for her. Robin and Patrick take turns recording video messages of love to their daughter. Afterwards, they lie on the couch together wondering how they got so lucky. They kiss, but Patrick looks concerned.

    Carly walks into Kelly's and finds Luke. They talk about his skipping out on rehab and what's going on with his kids. Luke assumes she's only there in hopes of running into Shawn. They move on to talking about Sonny and Jax. Luke jumps to the conclusion that Jax isn't really dead and that Carly helped him get out of town. Carly doesn’t confirm any of Luke's suspicions. She does ask him to keep his theories to himself though. Luke wonders if there's something in it for him. Carly gets a call from Shawn, who asks if she heard from Sam and Jason. She says no, but hears background noise that indicates he's at Jake's. After Carly leaves, Luke pulls out his flask and stares at it.

    Carly shows up at Jake's, but her smile fades when she sees Shawn with a woman.

    In the foyer at Sonny's, Lulu questions Olivia about her almost passing out. Olivia assures her she's fine. Lulu wonders if she's pregnant, but Olivia adamantly declares that she's not. She orders Lulu not to breathe a word of this to Dante. Lulu doesn’t know if she can keep this from him because then she'd be a hypocrite. Olivia knows Dante would smother her if he found out. Lulu can't lie to him, but Olivia states she's not pregnant and has zero plans of becoming so.

    Inside the main room, Kristina asks to speak to Sonny alone. Alexis reluctantly leaves them to it. They talk about Yale and Kristina apologizes for her behavior towards him. Sonny thinks they are a lot alike and it's just who they are. Sonny will miss her, even all the drama she brought. Kristina will remind him he said that. Sonny just wants a better life for her than he had. Kristina finally sees that and thanks him for not giving up on her. They both get emotional as Sonny tells his daughter he will always be there for her. Abby, Michael and Dante enter the room talking about his shooting. Noting the tension between the brothers, Abby changes the subject by bringing up her friend who got beat up. Dante agrees to put someone on the case immediately. Lulu and Olivia walk in and Dante helps them with the food. Michael isn't happy with Abby for jumping in for the save. Abby was just trying to help and urges Michael to let Sonny fend for himself. Sonny makes a toast to Kristina, who worked hard and made her dreams come true. Alexis and Sonny both get choked up as he talks about what a beautiful woman their daughter is. Kate shows up, but walks out, feeling like she's interrupting. Sonny follows her to ask her to stay. Kate thought she was invited to dinner, not a family reunion. Kate doesn't think she belongs in there, but Sonny thinks otherwise. Dante comes to the doorway, as Sonny thanks her for what she did at the warehouse. Kate leaves and Dante questions his father. Sonny thinks Dante should be a cop after the party. Lulu walks up and asks Dante to put his badge down for one night. Dante agrees and asks if she's ready to announce their engagement. Dante calls for the room's attention, but Lulu stops him.

    Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Jason wakes up in a strange place.

    Sonny witnesses Carly making a scene at Jake's.

    Ethan says goodbye to Kristina.

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    Posted by girlinthewind at Thursday, November 03 2011 01:21 PM

    Finally, at long last we find out the punkin head was not a menace at Robin's just a kid. Gee really, like they held out that tidbit of information all week when it was really nothing. Then again, since Patrick looks worried maybe they aren't done teasing us with punkin head or the weird azz clown running around the hospital with no one even showing any concern. Especially running around with a syringe, since that is Lisa's MO. Grrrrrrrrr

    They probably could have left some of the family drama and agnst out of Kristina's going away party and just let that go until she left. Just saying! The brother's tension, Kate feeling out of place, Obliva getting dizzy--could have waited til Kristina left for the airport. JMO


    Jason is going to wake up in a strange place tomorrow I guess the Franco "whatever" is going to start going down for the Friday cliff hanger. I hope nothing too terrible happens to either Sam or Jason and that Franco goes away for awhile. One can dream.

    Posted by girlinthewind at Thursday, November 03 2011 01:25 PM

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention Sonny and Kristina's talk sounds like she has come a bit more into her own and is working on forgiving him. That is nice. Haven't seen the show yet so basing all of my opinions on the recap. Have a great evening everyone.

    Posted by ransomha at Thursday, November 03 2011 02:08 PM

    Now we know why Diane acted so crazy with Sonny. She seems to be losing her grip. Today she was throwing beer bottles in Kate's pond. ?..

    Sonny really knows how to throw a party and give a speech. And to think a few weeks ago everyone was against him. The fam' seems to have forgiven him.

    If Luke figured out Jax is alive, then I guess it isn't such a big secret anymore. Jax needs to come home and be with his daughter instead of being afraid of Sonny.

    Looking forward to something...ANYTHING..happening on the show. Been another very slow week, for me.

    Posted by lily hunter at Thursday, November 03 2011 02:11 PM

    Hi everyone,

    Okay, now that my Robin WTH moment was explained away as a very large Trick or Treater at the door, I’m beginning to believe that Lisa is really dead. I’m also starting to believe that Steve killed her, Johnny saw him, and disposed of the body…so that’s the big secret Johnny is holding over Steve. Just when I thought Johnny was getting his mobster legs and had dug up some really juicy dirt from Steve’s past, I guess I have to accept that he stumbled upon the deed by accident. Anyway, after I found out why Robin was at home, the house decorated for Emma’s birthday, and there was no dead body sticking out from the closet, I ff’d through the rest of their scenes. Robin wants a normal life, but I’d like a reason to be interested in this family.

    Again, Luke’s scenes with Carly were the most entertaining of the day. Carly must have been a little impressed by the fact that Luke knew all the family news she was about to tell him. Jax’s escape from PC is quickly becoming the worst kept secret in PC, but I’m getting the impression it’s also the least important one, especially to Carly. She’s clearly no longer concerned about any threat from Franco either, now that she has staked her claim to Shawn. I can only imagine what kind of scene she’s going to make at Jakes when next we see her.

    Does Diane live on the other side of Kate or does she have an incredible throwing arm? Any other night, Diane’s antics would have been the perfect excuse for Kate to go to Sonny’s under the guise of fishpond preservation, but as luck would have it the house was filled with the sister wives and their offspring.

    Sonny and Krystina’s scenes almost made me teary. What a good dad he can be when he’s focused on his family instead of his business and enemies. His toast even made Dante smile in spite of himself. Too bad Sonny forgot that children are always listening at the door when he was talking to Kate, especially after just warning Michael about Dante being a cop. I know Dante’s supposed to be one of the “good guys”, but what kind of bad manners is it to interrogate your father during your sister’s going away party? Now Sonny is going to buy ad space for his designer coffee beans and wrangle of the photo shoot pictures from Kate and Dante’s going to have work much harder to convince Lulu to pull the ring out of purse and start wearing it.

    Good luck to Dante trying to get Lulu to admit they are engaged. Although I’m sure she was concerned about Olivia’s dizzy spell, I’m also sure that she would welcome the diversion of Dante’s concern for his mother to get his mind off the wedding track. When Olivia asked Lulu if she tells Dante every thought that comes into her head, I had to laugh. Those would be very short and infrequent conversations.

    Posted by LG67 at Thursday, November 03 2011 02:12 PM

    Loved Sonny today!

    Posted by lily hunter at Thursday, November 03 2011 02:19 PM

    girlinthewind - We will probably find out next week that Liz wasn't really "code blue", but that Matt accidentally unplugged something on his way out of the room.

    Posted by girlinthewind at Thursday, November 03 2011 03:13 PM

    Lilly--you are probably right about Matt. Sometimes I can't wait to get home from work and watch GH, it's the first thing I do after catching a bit of news and listen to Ms. Chica tell me all about her day and giving me a hard time about being gone all day. I remind her that if she expects the best of the best cat food and a roof over her head, heated bed etc., I must go. But I digress. Other days I just want to hope that they will give me more, and make things move along and keep me wanting to watch.

    I am with all of you in hoping KS gets well soon and comes back and resumes her part, I really don't think they will ever find anyone to fill Maxinsta's shoes (spelling I know). I don't think anyone can do quirky and fun like she does. I hope they are going to take Spinelli somewhere and advance his character beyond spinning a basketball even though I know that is not that easy, it's certainly not worth watching the whole time he is on screen.

    Have a good one everyone and thanks for keeping me entertained even when the show is lacking.

    Posted by bdagirl at Thursday, November 03 2011 03:32 PM

    How precious was Emma today. She was trying so hard to look like she was sleeping but you could see her peeking. Love her, she should have more scenes!
    Was I imagining things or did Sonny actually say Oblivia today? See they do read these comments!! Oh Sonny, you are going to have a world of trouble landing on your head when Kristina finds out what you did!
    Why does Olivia of all people not realize people get pregnant all the time when they weren't planning to. Gosh I'm not sure I want to see the offspring of Olivia and Steve
    Oh Lulu, you are so full of it! Have you shared your secret fears with the man you love? No? But you've shared them with everyone else in town! Poor Dante, talk about an awkward silence at the party!
    Scrimmage, were you saying something about Diane being a classy lady the other day??
    Ouch Carly, Shawn on a date, guess you didn't see that one coming!

    Posted by mamajj at Thursday, November 03 2011 03:59 PM

    Hi all.

    When are these people going to learn that Dante is a cop 24/7? When he is around keep your mouths shut. GEEZ how hard is it? Anyway, I liked Sonny speech about Krissy. i think those were real tears coming from Nancy (Alexis).

    OH Lulu STFU!!! If Olivia says don't tell Dante then DON'T TELL HIM!!! Poor Olivia, it had to be Lulu that saw her almost faint. Why couldn't it have been Micheal or Abby. Someone who would respect Olivia privacy & keep their months shut.

    I just absolutely love Uncle Luke & Caroline. They play so well off each other.

    SHOCKER Shawn is on a date. Wonder how Carly will worm her way into that. Poor Shawn, say good bye to your date.

    I love this new little Emma. She is adorable.

    Diane has lost her mind.

    With all the talk about the history of Wyndemere I thought I would try to find out something. I went to Google & typed in Wyndemere GH & I found a page that says Port Charles(fictional city) It was very informative. Did you guys know Jason's PH is across the street from the Metro Court or Sonny, Kate & the Q's all live on the same road. It also talks about the characters & places. Like Jake's & Kelly's. If you guys have time I suggest checking it out. Just go to Google & type in Wyndemere GH, Port Charles is at the top.

    Hello to all my poster friends.

    Posted by willowk at Thursday, November 03 2011 04:06 PM

    The Robin/Patrick recording scenes for Emma seemed like a product placement, but I didn't recognize the recorder they were using (iphone?). But I couldn't help thinking maybe Lisa was upstairs stealing Emma. Unlikely I know. But until we see "the body" I'm going to keep thinking she'll come back again.

    Luke--don't fall off the wagon so soon!!! Please! Did enjoy his talk with Caroline, he has her pegged.

    Glad they showed Kristina's party, loved Alexis look when K said she wanted to talk to Sonny alone. They are in a good place now, but we can all feel the weight of impending doom as we know this secret (like they all do) will come out.

    Dante is the most clueless detective ever, he's nosy, but not observant.

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