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    Better Perspective As A Drunk.

    Wednesday, November 02 2011
    Ethan rejects Luke's advice, Sonny's dinner begins, and Lucky gets a message.

    Lucky steps onto the church's grounds and finds the hole in the wall. He sits down to wait for "them" to come, whoever they may be. After dozing off, Lucky wakes up and sees some rocks spelling out "Go."

    Sam doesn’t want to think about leaving Hawaii. Jason reminds her they don't leave until tomorrow and thinks they should enjoy their last day in paradise. Jason has another flash and then gives Sam a necklace with a shell on it that she picked up off the beach. Sam challenges Jason to a romance-off. They have $20 each to find something romantic without any help. Sam runs out, but Jason hesitates and looks around the shack. Franco watches from his computer.

    Alexis has a breakdown as Kristina packs for college in her room. Molly reveals she's too sick to go to the party at Sonny's. After Kristina calls Ethan to invite him to dinner, she tells her mother her whole world is changing except how she feels about Ethan. Alexis gives her a stuffed animal to cuddle with, as well as a photo of the three of them in case she gets lonely. Alexis cries and they all hug. Alexis doesn’t want to let go and tells Kristina how proud she is of her. Kristina says she knows what she and Sonny did for her. Alexis panics, but Kristina just references all the support they've given her. She thanks her mother, which produces more waterworks from Alexis. Molly gives her sister Stefan's book of Russian poems. Alexis calls her girls the future of this family and believes their goodness has eclipsed any bad from the Cassadines. Alexis leaves the sisters alone to say goodbye since Kristina is leaving right after the party. Molly cries as she tells her sister she'll miss her and that she loves her. As Kristina leaves her room, the book of poems lies on the floor.

    Lulu stops by Dante's hospital room to bring him clothes for the party. She's having second thoughts about it though because she worries about him investigating his shooting. Dante wants to announce their engagement, but she hesitates, saying she doesn’t want to steal Kristina's thunder. Olivia shows up and excitedly talks about their engagement and how she can finally tell people about it. Lulu agrees to announce it at the party.

    Michael and Abby arrive at Sonny's for Kristina's dinner. Privately, Michael warns his father that Dante questioned him about the warehouse and that he blames Sonny for everything. Abby joins the conversation and Sonny tells them no one has anything to worry about. Olivia, Dante and Lulu show up and as the women tend to the food, Sonny tells his sons he's happy they can be together like this. As Lulu helps Olivia bring in the food, Olivia loses her balance.

    Ethan finds Luke in the tunnels at Wyndemere. Luke warns his son away from the place because anything attracted to that place is bad news. As they debate the issue, Ethan sees something in the tunnels. Luke thinks Wyndemere is making him paranoid. As someone seemingly lurks, Luke expounds on his cynical views on life and love. Ethan thinks Lucky and Lulu are proof that Luke had love, but thinks he is a reminder to his siblings that even the greatest loves of all aren't real. Luke doesn’t think that's true. He calls his affair with Holly a survival move that kept him from disappearing completely. Luke felt loved unconditionally by Laura because she never kicked him out after his affair. Luke wants Ethan to find a love like that but hopes he is cautious and doesn’t make his mistakes. Ethan doesn't want to be cautious. He wants to feel something and for it to take him over. He says he liked Luke's perspective better as a drunk. Luke did too. After they leave, the tunnel door opens.

    Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Dante gets a warehouse clue.

    Carly has a showdown with Luke.

    It's Emma's birthday.

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    Posted by runnergirl at Wednesday, November 02 2011 01:25 PM


    I haven’t seen today’s show, will watch later tonight or tomorrow. Glad to see JaSam were on. Hope everyone is doing well.


    Ran’s, we had a wonderful though short visit in Buffalo. We were able to see the falls and the beautiful park. I wish we would have had a couple of more days site-seeing. We are planning another trip with the kids in the spring.

    Posted by FUBU at Wednesday, November 02 2011 01:36 PM

    I have not seen today’s show just read the recaps but I have a question for all the ladies currently married and those who were at some point in time.

    Is Sam’s behavior normal?

    I will be the first to admit that I am not the normal run of the mill woman. I tend to look at a lot of things the way a man would rather than a woman.

    I can understand wanting some alone time with ones brand new husband but her behavior seems a little over the top for me and borderline possessive.

    I don’t know I didn’t take a traditional honey moon so I have no experience in that department but is it normal?

    Posted by 4myJylli at Wednesday, November 02 2011 02:11 PM

    FUBU, I too have not watch GH, like you I read the update (at the airport right now). IMO being that Sam has married a non-traditional kind of guy in Jason, I think for her their honeymoon has been just about the only time that she’s had Jason to herself without any interruption (Carly/Shawn ring a bell). She knows only too well what going back to PC would mean for any quality time that she would have with Jason. I know only too well what Sam is feeling right now, where finding and spending quality time with her new hubby because of his job is hard, We didn’t have a traditional wedding (Justice of the Peace for us), but I made certain that we had a traditional honeymoon, meaning I had my hubby all to myself for an entire month and when that month was up I wish I had another month, knowing what it would be like when we got back home. We’re well over those huddles now, but I know what Sam is feeling. She’s trying to treasure/savior each waking moment with Jason before going back to PC and so she should. JMO

    Hello to all GH cyber-posters: ransomha, FUBU, ENAD19, Aussie-gal, Ringleader, poodles, NYDrama, ttoyou, cynic, mamajj, cbru, cowboyfan, BeanCounter, beenaroundalongtime, lovelymarlena, Starlett, Canadagirl17, TipsyTess, TXMN, da_kid, leo123, Blesseddiva, Pumpkingirl, siliconvalleysally, lily hunter, Scrimmage, StraightTalker, Unicorn Girl, Dubbs, bayoubtr anyone I missed and all the new posters.

    Posted by Blesseddiva at Wednesday, November 02 2011 02:29 PM

    I think Sam is subconsciously trying to have every minute with Jason that she can, because of her fear that something/someone will steal it from her. She is actually #1 right now. That Happiness can be fleeting. She is so happy that she is trying to latch on to it really hard. She has cause to be concerned, once they get back to Port Charles, Jason will go back to putting his life on hold for Sonny, sonny's kids, Carly etc. Everything and everyone else will be secondary again.

    Who the heck is lurking around? Starvros, Nikolas turned mean, what?

    Posted by bdagirl at Wednesday, November 02 2011 02:34 PM

    Another whole day and we still don't know who was at Robin's door!!

    Posted by lily hunter at Wednesday, November 02 2011 02:35 PM

    Happy Wednesday All,

    Uh, oh – Sam’s gushing about how safe she feels with Jason and now the eye in the mirror is back and what is Jason doing…making a necklace for Sam? I’m even more surprised that Franco is watching him do that. I have a feeling that something is going to happen to spoil the Romance-a-thon. Maybe they should have made it clear that the competition was limited to just them.

    Luke was certainly is rare form today warning Ethan about poking around Wyndemere to the inevitable pain that waits for lovers. I’m not buying Luke’s story about his fear that Ethan is going to pick up the Cassadine torch either. IMO Luke’s years of doing the Cassadine death dance with Helena are the last thing in his life that he can control and isn’t going to share the “fun” with his second son. He should have told Ethan that Helena put a curse on Laura and him during their wedding day.
    When Ethan threw “Hit and Run” back at Luke, I was shocked to see the look of fury on Luke’s face. Wow, for a moment I thought he was going to transform into Tim Spencer without the alcohol. From the way Luke was talking about love today, I don’t think he’s the one to talk to Lulu about her Dante marriage dilemma. She’s already on the same page of his book.

    If Olivia and Sonny were ever to get together, they would be both weigh 300 pounds. I couldn’t believe the amount of pasta she brought into the house. When she had another dizzy spell today, it made me wonder what Sonny’s reaction will be to the idea that she could be sick (or pregnant). I don’t envy Dr. Steve when he finds out – I see a shotgun wedding in his future. If Lulu is lucky Dante will be so worried about his mother that he’ll forget all about announcing his engagement.
    At least Sonny got off the line (and facial expression) of the day before all the excitement started. “I didn’t do anything for once” after Michael told him that Dante blames him for Lulu freaking out about the recent shooting.

    Did Lucky get some sort of electrical shock when he tried to put his hand in St. Margaret’s well? Whoever or whatever wrote the word Go in stone should know better than to try to scare him off. He’s obviously comfortable enough to take a nap while waiting.

    It was nice that Lexi got a decent send off in light of the way most actors have made their exits in the past few months.

    Posted by nancy marie at Wednesday, November 02 2011 02:48 PM

    So sorry to see everyone so sad and so visibly upset over the leaving of Lexi Ainsworth--sexism is still alive and well--again, so sad.
    And sad to hear Luke and his revisionist history soliloquy.
    Would love to hear Laura counter his revisionism with her own soliloquy.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Wednesday, November 02 2011 03:05 PM

    Jason’s eye thing reminds me of “The Six Million Dollar Man.” I half expect him to start seeing things real small or miles away.

    LINE OF THE DAY goes to Sonny replying to Abby about his cooking.

    Sonny: “I haven’t killed anybody yet!”

    Not with your cooking, that is. At least he’s got a sense of humor about it.

    If I were Lucky, I’d be taking video of everything that happened at the chapel, otherwise who is going to believe him if anything happens? Isn’t that what a smart phone is for? At any rate, I think it’s important to note that he got some kind of shock when he dipped his fingers into the well water and then he fell asleep while waiting for his response. Anything that happens now will probably be a dream or a vision, depending on your point of view. Maybe he will see Shaboom. It’ll be like Robin and Stone when she fell in an abandoned well, except less cheesy, I hope.

    It tugs at my heart to think about the genuineness in Alexis’ and Molly’s goodbyes to Kristina, since Lexi really is leaving the show. I’ll bet she really keeps that picture, although I wonder why Sam isn’t in it.

    On the other end of the family warmth spectrum was Ethan and Luke; especially his “hit & run” remark. That was cold. Ethan is genuinely troubled by the fact that his existence is the result of Luke cheating on an unconditional love like Laura’s, and he hates being a living reminder of Luke’s infidelity in the eyes of his brother and sister. He has really become devoted to his new family in such a short time, and I was truly moved by how emotional he got talking about the dubious circumstances surrounding his conception, and what they meant for Luke’s “real” family. Is this where they begin to redeem Luke, by doing it through Ethan’s eyes?

    Again, one can only hope.

    Posted by bdagirl at Wednesday, November 02 2011 03:07 PM

    Considering how many people on this site alone voiced their displeasure with the pairing of Ethan and Kristina because of her youthful appearance it should not be too surprising to anyone that she is being replaced by an older looking actress. As there is no one her age other than her brother for her to have a story line with the only option is Ethan unless they hire some more teenagers. I'm just glad they didn't go any further with the Johnny thing cause that was just icky! Still havent watched todays show yet!

    Posted by willowk at Wednesday, November 02 2011 03:13 PM

    I wonder if the ghost at Wyndemere is Stephan, they spent a lot of time on that book of poetry today, that it belonged to him. I think he supposedly died, but we know that soap characters often return seemingly miraculously.

    I don't like the way they are rewriting the Luke/Laura story. Yes they had the usual soap struggles, but Luke didn't cheat on Laura repeatedly, they are creating that now. For a while he thought Laura was dead (while she was Stavros prisoner), and that's when he got involved with Holly.

    I used to think those mirror moments for Jason meant Jason Q was coming back, but now I think he may regress back to the Jason M of right after the accident. Its the look in his eye that makes me think that.

    Loved that they spent so much time on Krissy leaving--I will miss Lexi. I wonder after all the time Ethan spent talking about love w Luke if Krissy won't kiss him goodbye and he'll suddenly feel Cupid's arrow hit its mark.

    Lucky went through all that and all he gets is GO. I was hoping for Shaboom to make an appearance, or Liz since she's unconscious, thought her spirit might wing its way to Ireland.

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