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    It Was Just A Kiss.

    Thursday, October 27 2011
    The tension mounts between Shawn and Carly, the party goers convene at the hospital, and Michael isn't happy about Abby's friends.

    Anthony comes to at the shop to Johnny yelling at him for waking Lisa from her coma. They argue over Anthony's treatment of her as Johnny tries to patch him up, while also inflicting a bit of pain.

    Spinelli brings a weak Elizabeth to the hospital. Monica instructs Epiphany to order tests on Elizabeth and then questions Spinelli about what happened. Monica then questions Liz, who says Lisa threw her overboard. Liz wonders how she didn’t drown, as Spinelli races off, worried about Maxie.

    In the galley, Mac announces he needs statements from everyone. Robin wants to check on Emma, but Mac assures her he made a call and Emma's fine. A drunken Matt wonders where Liz is. Mac questions Patrick and Robin about Lisa and they lay out her plan. A cop enters to say there's no sign of Lisa or Liz. Mac orders him to put out an A.P.B. on Lisa. Steve gets a call from Monica, who tells him Spinelli brought his sister in after Lisa dumped her overboard. Maxie unhappily notes Matt's concern over Liz. Robin is allowed to leave so she can get checked out, but she opts to look for the watch she lost.

    Robin returns to the stairs on the boat where she and Lisa fought. She finds her watch and sees blood on the ground. Patrick finds her and she again wonders how she ended up far away from the stairs, where she last remembers fighting with Lisa. Patrick says it's over now so it doesn't matter. Delores and Mac walk up and tell Robin she needs to get to the hospital.

    Steve and Olivia show up at the hospital. He asks Epiphany to check out Olivia, but Olivia insists she's fine. She shakily sits in the lobby while Steve checks on Liz. Maxie enters as well and badmouths Liz to Spinelli when she sees him. He rolls his eyes, as Maxie walks over to Matt, who is getting an update on Liz. Robin and Patrick arrive so she can get looked at. Meanwhile, Olivia asks Steve how he got his scratches, as Maxie questions Matt on what went down with him and Liz.

    Elsewhere at the hospital, Michael talks to the nanny on the phone and learns Carly and Josslyn are with Shawn in Hawaii. He sees Abby with her stripper friends at the hub because one of them was attacked. He thinks she shouldn't hang out with those friends anymore. Abby is offended and asks what's really going on. Michael is upset Carly just took off with Shawn. Abby defends Carly being able to still have a life even though she's a mother. Michael worries about Shawn and talks about how people aren't always who they seem, referencing Kiefer. Abby's friends return with coffee and call her Candy. After they walk away, Abby points out how uncomfortable Michael is that she still has ties to her stripper life. When the women return, Michael makes an effort to introduce himself and they invite him along the next time they go out. Abby thanks him for not making her friends feel less than.

    Still at Kelly's, Alexis lashes out at Luke for his accusation that she is no longer fun because she's a mother. They debate their differing parenting styles when it comes to their kids' choices. Luke says his kids' decisions are their own and he has nothing to do with it. Alexis wonders why he's back then if he doesn’t care.

    In Hawaii, Carly tells Shawn she wants him to believe in her, but she's not sure why. Shawn thinks it's time to believe in herself. Carly pulls out a bottle of tequila, but Shawn doesn’t want any. She asks why not and he responds that she doesn't need to know everything about him. She reminds him she doesn’t know anything about him. He shares that when he was 15 he got drunk with a girl, stole a car and had to run from the police. He really let his mother down that night and he doesn't ever want to let anyone down like that again. Carly tells him he's never let her down. Carly takes a couple of shots and flirtatiously asks Shawn what he's so afraid of. After some more banter, Carly leans in and they kiss. Shawn pulls back and apologizes. Carly says it was just a kiss and they awkwardly say goodnight to each other.

    Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Jason and Sam discuss Carly.

    Lucky is warned away from the church in Ireland.

    Luke talks about the future with Tracy.

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Thursday, October 27 2011 01:14 PM

    Mack said he needs somebody to walk him through what happened. Ok, everybody speak slowly. Remember this is Mack you are talking to.

    Anthony told Johnny, wasn't it a needle that brought you and Lisa together in the first place. That man has a way with words.

    Sean looked good in that wife beater shirt. Hey Shawn, I have been bad, come and see me. Carly finally got her some of that brown sugar. We looked at about four or five commercials and came back to the show and they were still at it. Gone girl.

    I see Steve has a scratch on his face. I guess he will be one of the suspects in the who killed Lisa case. But we all know it was Anthony.

    I still can't figure out who it was that found Elizabeth. Was it Jerry Jax? He was pushed into the waters months ago.

    Posted by 4evergh at Thursday, October 27 2011 01:35 PM

    after reading yesterdays comments am surprised no one made comment on Luke saying he only read his kids IN COLD BLOOD! for those of you who dont know, that is Truman Capotes book on the real life slaughter of the Clutter family in Kansas, it is not fiction it was real. I love Lukes caracter but that was over the top for me, maybe because I remember the fear everyone had until they caught the two who killed them.

    Posted by akitas at Thursday, October 27 2011 01:41 PM

    I don’t get Liz falling in the water, being there for at least 20 – 30 min before someone carries her to shore and now she wakes up???
    Sad story – my sister-in-laws niece fell in the water about 16 years ago when her parents were out on a boat ride and her mother was holding her on her lap, another boat ran into them and the bump through the kid overboard. She was in the water for no longer than 20 min before they found her (it was at night), by the time they took her to the hospital it was too late. She is very much alive, but has been in coma ever since and when you look at her you know that even if she wakes up, she will never be the same. It is the saddest thing and I’m not sure of the correct way to say this, but she looks horrible.
    I think the writers messed up.

    Posted by 4evergh at Thursday, October 27 2011 01:46 PM

    I hope the writers meant it tonque in cheek as a dry humor joke, but they should have picked a fictitional story, not one that murdered a whole family for real.

    Posted by nancy marie at Thursday, October 27 2011 03:06 PM

    No, no--Shawn and Carly! How superficial can the writers make Carly? I though Garin Wolf liked to write for women. Wow!
    Carly was a mature woman for a day or so after Jax "died."
    She told Sonny hard, cruel truths.
    Didn't last! Now, she back to her old ways.
    Alas and alack! Not the way to keep fans or get new fans.
    Guess it was too good to be true that things for women characters were going to improve.
    PS To the writer who cited In Cold Blood in Luke's conversation with Alexis--shame on you--not funny!

    Posted by lily hunter at Thursday, October 27 2011 03:13 PM

    Hi everyone,

    So today’s episode is titled “It Was Just a Kiss”…I beg to differ. The kiss Carly and Shawn shared was the kind that starts with the joining of lips and ends with the joining of souls. Shawn’s gentlemanly reaction proved that point. Who kisses like that, apologizes, and goes to bed alone? I think it may be a man who enjoys fireworks, but knows what can happen when they explode, unexpectedly in your hands, especially if the firecracker is all drunked up and wanting to play on the beach. I have to say that I’m finally enjoying some in Hawaii.

    I have no idea who “dispatched” Lisa from the boat. I’m guessing that AZ tried, but got there too late. I can’t see Johnny taking her out because he’s a natural born protector of women. My own “Spidey sense” tells me that neither Steve nor Patrick did the deed, but somehow each thinks they may have. Personally I think Steve was trying to tune his guitar and the strings snapped in revenge leaving their marks on his cheek. I did love Mac’s surprise (How did she manage that?) when he learned that Lisa got the drop on both Patrick and Robin. I’m guessing he wasn’t so surprised about Patrick as Robin.

    Scene of the day goes to Luke: While tying on an apron, he declares that domesticity is aberrant behavior.

    Line of the day goes to AZ for naming Lisa “Frankeneedle”.

    Best camera pan of the day goes to whoever could slowly show off the mystery man’s attributes while maintaining his secret identity.

    I caught up with today’s earlier comments and wanted to say that I agree with not telling the spouse, SO, boyfriend/girlfriend, or even your pet something that one learned in confidence. In fact, there are things that can’t be told because of confidentiality agreements or insider trading laws. That said, Akitas: I agree about sacred security of shoes. I made the mistake of buying a pair (at half price) in front of the SO a few years ago.

    On the subject of squirrels, I think some of you know where I stand after paying to replace the damage said animals did to my car by chewing and nesting in the master wire harness not so long ago.

    Posted by nancy marie at Thursday, October 27 2011 03:15 PM

    And one more thing--talk about the "corpse that wouldn't die."
    Why bring Lisa back for overkill--this kind of bad writing is what has historically given soaps a bad name. Writers, teil you story and move on to another one instead of replaying/reprising the same one--or making the original story less effective by retelling it in a grotesquely over-the-top way.
    Now, Lisa is going to reappear as a clown on Halloween.
    Hello, Why not tell an original story at Wyndemere--a perfect setting? And--don't hold your breath--it just might be a good, scary mystery. Isn't that a novel idea?

    Posted by willowk at Thursday, October 27 2011 03:18 PM

    The bumblers of the PCPD are already messing things up. No one made Steve explain the scratches, or take DNA samples (maybe some of Lisa's tissue are in them or something), or really explore the scene. Maybe they will do a better job offscene than they did on. Did enjoy Monica's sarcasm towards Liz--kids in daycare at 10 p.m? Thought she'd have gotten a babysitter for them at home since she was going on the evening cruise.

    Enjoyed Luke with the apron, and Alexis calling him on his supposed code--she's right, if he didn't care and truly thought his kids were on their own, he wouldn't have come back. Plus we already know he tried to get Lucky to go to AA with him.

    Mabby--Michael is just a jerk right now. Who is he to judge who Carly spends time with? Or expect Abby to get a "better" class of friends? Your friends are your friends, and you don't just drop them because you change jobs.

    Posted by nancy marie at Thursday, October 27 2011 03:26 PM

    And what's up with that whole conversation between Luke and Alexis anyway? Luke's insult to all mothers was unbelievable! And it's an insult to Laura--who was a more fierce, fearless mother--and woman--than Laura? And who knows that better than Luke? Not the way to win many fans. Boo, hiss! Come back, Laura, and confront that man you once called husband--what theater that would be! I dare the writers to take that challenge!
    And Luke's comment on domesticity?? Ditto! Misogyny rears its ugly head yet again. Outrageous! I'm losing any good feelings I might have had for the "new" writers. Guess they'll continue to take GH down. C'est la vie! C'est la guerre!
    To the writers again: what's up with you all? First, you give us longtime fans a glimpse of the real--vulnerable--Luke upon his return--then you shoot that down with a really weird conversation between Luke and Alexis

    Posted by lily hunter at Thursday, October 27 2011 03:31 PM

    nancy marie - Please mark any information that hasn't been seen on the show as a SPOILER for the sake of those who choose to remain spoiler free. Thanks so much in advance for consideration.

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