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    This Is Where It Gets Interesting.

    Monday, October 24 2011
    Lisa makes her plans known, Olivia suffers more dizzy spells, and Carly and Shawn bond.

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    Posted by Scrimmage at Monday, October 24 2011 07:10 PM

    List of people who've had intimate relations with siblings:

    Elizabeth (Lucky and Nik)

    Lucky (Liz and Sarah)

    Laura (Stephan and Stavros)

    Carly (Jason and AJ)

    Sam (Sonny and Ric)

    Alexis (Sonny and Ric)

    Nik (Emily and Rebecca)

    Posted by BeanCounter at Monday, October 24 2011 07:13 PM

    Liz/Mystery Man-Liz, don't you hate it when a man rescues and runs?

    Olivia-Yeah Olivia, that's what some of us have been talking about. Let a woman save the day for once. Olivia gets the engine working while dealing with dizzy spells and Steve.

    Lisa/Robin/Patrick-Lisa, if you don't have any feelings, why bother with all this nonsense. I wish that Robin would have thought to grab a lamp or something before tackling crazy Lisa.

    Posted by bayoubtr at Monday, October 24 2011 07:22 PM

    Scrimmage: I was interested in your comment about the number of comments on this site as compared to other sites.
    This may be an indication of one of two things: 1) This soap might be using re-treads or 2) The other soaps might actually care what the viewers think. I personally know a lot of Young & Restles viewers who wonder why anyone would watch GH. Just what I hear.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Monday, October 24 2011 07:23 PM

    Beancounter – Yeah, I wish Oblivia had told Dr. Steve “Now go make yourself useful and find me a toolbox.”

    And like you, I was thinking that Robin should’ve grabbed the chair that she was tied to. She fights like a girl.

    Posted by BeanCounter at Monday, October 24 2011 07:28 PM

    Hilarious as always Scrimmage.

    Steve did seem to do nothing but get in the way.

    Robin and Patrick were the ones that could have used his help but then Lisa coming out of a drano induced coma would have taken him out as well.

    Liz's scene with the mystery man brought to mind the scene in the James Bond movie Her Majesty's Secret Service when Bond quips "that never happened with the other guy" when the damsel he rescued ran away.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Monday, October 24 2011 07:45 PM

    Bayoubtr – I’m not sure what you mean by retreads, but earlier, I was talking about the boards for other soaps on THIS site, and wondered what prompted over 460(!) comments on the B&B board over the weekend. I think we're doing just fine here.

    I’ve never been one to think that TPTB pay too much attention to the content on fansites like this or others, just the amount of traffic the shows generate on them, because that translates to something they can sell. Of course, that probably changes when the viewers revolt over something like the Michael / prison rape storyline, especially when the sponsors start asking why they’re suddenly getting emails and phone calls about GH, and everybody goes scrambling to the boards to figure out why, and find out what people are saying.

    I’m sure everybody has their favorite shows, just like they have their favorite characters, and they can’t fathom what somebody could possibly see in someone else, or how they could enjoy another show. Me, personally, I’ve only got a thirty year committment to GH, that’s all. Frankly, I think the more buzz there is for ANY soap helps all of them. A high tide floats all boats.

    Posted by bayoubtr at Monday, October 24 2011 08:04 PM

    Scrimmage: what I meant was the same story line. You can't keep doing Franco. Once, OK, Let is go. Move on. Get a credible bunch of writers. Some people on this site could contribute big time (like a person's name who relates to an amount of a football line)

    Posted by Cynic at Monday, October 24 2011 08:07 PM

    It would be very poor soap writing if Olivia were to be pregnant as she has not been with Johnny lately, therefore it would have to be Steve's child. That would be painting them into a corner. It is much more likely that she has a some life threatening consequence of the accident. A brain tumor is commonplace in GH, so it will need to be something else.

    The current show is getting to be like Texas Chain Saw Massacre or one of its clones, where dimwitted teenagers are so busy having sex that they don't realize that others are disappearing until it is too late, then they keep wandering off alone where they should not go . . . .

    You can't blame poor Matt for getting drunk. He throws a party and everyone abandons him. That yacht certainly has some fancy cabins.

    Off TOPIC:

    I found out that Monday night is Aussie Rules night on World View TV. What a beautiful game! Australia's best kept secret as no one else plays it. A parade of truly gorgeous men. Because they don't wear helmets you can see their handsome faces. All the referees, line markers and other staff wear swanky navy blazers and ties, very smart. Tonight's games was Essendon vs. Richmond.

    Posted by Cynic at Monday, October 24 2011 08:11 PM

    I should have added after my comments about the Australian football players.

    Posted by bayoubtr at Monday, October 24 2011 08:24 PM

    Aussie: Our "Cute" Aussie player was a big player in our game Saturday. "GO BRAD WINGO111'

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