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    For The Girl Who Saved Maximista.

    Thursday, October 06 2011
    Maxie remembers BJ, Lucky and Ethan catch up, and Lulu takes off her ring.

    Ethan visits Lucky at home and shows him Laura's portrait. Ethan tells his brother about his interaction with Helena and how he heard things in the walls after she left. Lucky wonders if Helena knows where Luke is right now. Ethan wonders if he cares. Lucky has enough going on without worrying about their father. They go back to talking about Wyndemere and Ethan details his walk through the tunnel. He suggests they bring Lulu in on this, but Lucky tells him she wants nothing to do with him right now. Lucky shows Ethan the envelope he found from Siobhan, but admits he can't bring himself to open it because then her death will be real. Ethan encourages him to open it because it might help him move on. Ethan grabs the portrait and leaves. Lucky opens the envelope.

    At the Haunted Star, Luke eyes a bottle of scotch and says there's only one way out of this for everybody. He pulls some things out of his bag as Ethan walks in wondering if he is coming or going.

    Delores wakes Lulu up at the loft to question her about Dante's shooting. Lulu reminds her she wasn't there, but Delores thinks she might have heard something. Lulu doesn't know much about Dante's work. She learns Delores is married and asks how her husband deals with her being a cop. Delores doesn’t say anything and Lulu apologizes for prying. Delores offers to give a shaken up Lulu a ride to the hospital. Lulu accepts but takes off her engagement ring before leaving.

    Mac stops by Dante's hospital room and tells him Lucky turned in his badge. Mac is furious Dante acted without authorization. Dante says it's weird nothing was missing from the warehouse. Mac orders him to leave it alone and leaves. Lulu visits Dante, who wonders if she picked a wedding date yet. She tells him to just focus on getting better. Dante wants to talk to Delores about the case, but Lulu doesn't want him getting worked up. The topic of Lucky comes up and Lulu gets quiet. She blames Lucky not being there for him when he was shot, but Dante doesn’t blame her brother. Lulu cuddles up next to Dante, who encourages her to work it out with Lucky. He then notices Lulu doesn’t have her ring on.

    Michael summons Spinelli to the warehouse to get his hands on the footage. Spinelli tries to explain his problems using the Internet, but Michael insists. As Spinelli sits with his laptop, Abby stops by. Spinelli all of a sudden runs out to do something. Michael tells Abby about the drugs planted at the warehouse, as Ronnie walks in. He wants to know if they have any new revelations about the shooting. Michael remains defensive, but Ronnie doesn’t want him to take the fall for Sonny.

    At home, Maxie cries as she thinks about BJ.

    Elizabeth finds Matt at the hospital and congratulates him again on his research. Matt is happy about it, but regrets none of his friends or family are supporting him. He says his mom would have been proud of him. Elizabeth asks about her and he explains that his mom died after complications from childbirth and was given the wrong mediation. Elizabeth realizes that's part of what drives him. She wonders if Patrick knows about his mom, but Matt says no because he's never asked. Liz is the only one ever to ask after his mom. Matt has something to do and starts to leave. Liz stops him to say it's okay to be proud of himself. Matt walks off as Maxie asks Liz where Matt is. Maxie tells Liz she's planning something to celebrate Matt's accomplishment. Liz hopes she makes it about Matt for once. Liz walks away. Mac finds Maxie because he knows what today is.

    Mac and Maxie head to the roof and remember BJ. After Mac leaves, Spinelli appears with a balloon, "For Barbara Jean. The girl who saved Maximista." Maxie is touched he remembered and thinks BJ would have liked him. Matt shows up and tells Maxie he bought a commemorative charity brick for the hospital inscribed to BJ. Maxie can't believe she has such wonderful men in her life. Alone, Maxie tears up and wishes BJ a happy birthday.

    Matt returns to Liz at the hub and tells her she was right and that his mother would be proud of him. He thinks Jake would be proud of Liz as well. Spinelli watches them from around the corner.

    Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital.

    Danger lurks for Jason and Sam.

    Carly gets a surprise.

    Luke goes to see Lucky.

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    Posted by akitas at Thursday, October 06 2011 01:37 PM

    I’m so disappointed; today’s show was as boring as expected. I can see that Lulu will have more trust issues because she is probably thinking of her parent’s and Lucky’s marriage.

    I don’t know how much longer I can take Michael. He obviously has a brain fart and wants to act like his bipolar father….but let’s face it; Abby suffers from the same ailment.

    Posted by Unicorn Girl at Thursday, October 06 2011 01:46 PM

    I don't get it! Everybody tries to protect Michael! Sonny, Carly, Jason, Shawn, Dante, Ronnie, Johnny, Abby and HE DOESN'T WANT TO BE PROTECTED PEOPLE! Let him go back to prison. My mom always said to us kids when we were acting up, "a hard head makes a soft behind". And when we kept acting hard headed, she softened up our behinds. Lessons learned!!!

    From the screen shots, I thought that was Sarah Michelle Gellar. But I guess it's Kirsten's replacement?

    I wish people cared about Matt and Spinelli as much as they care about dipstick Michael. Matt made me want to kick Patrick's butt for NEVER asking about Matt's mom.

    Lulu......Oy vey!

    Posted by akitas at Thursday, October 06 2011 01:53 PM

    Unicorn girl - I love you mother's way. LOL

    Posted by bruceyboy at Thursday, October 06 2011 01:56 PM

    I agree AKITAS re Michael ... this whole downward spiral of his began under the former writing regime and when Chad Duell come on board his character was probably the best thing on the show ... but I've said it before... After being shot in the head, raped by a man in prison .. there is NO WAY ON EARTH the Micheal we knew would want to be a part of Sonny's world ... I thought by now the new writers would have reversed this course ...

    Posted by Unicorn Girl at Thursday, October 06 2011 01:58 PM

    akitas....I didn't at the time, but being a mother AND a grandmother myself, I now love it too. Michael needs some of my Mom's "love".

    Posted by Blesseddiva at Thursday, October 06 2011 02:35 PM

    Can someone email Franco Lulu's address? he should pay her a visit because I am sick of seeing her wallow. She wasn't even the one shot in the back. Is wearing his ring too heavy for her hand?

    This new Maxie is a little weird. Especially since I feel closer to Kirsten Storms, thanks to Dirty Soap. KS and I are cool now.

    Luke Spencer, stop hiding in the shadows and be a force to reckon with again. that is the Luke I love, not this pathetic shadow chasing drunk. Earth to Von schimmerman.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Thursday, October 06 2011 02:42 PM

    A Brick and a Balloon. Could there be a more obvious contrast between the men in Maxie’s life?

    I’m sure that Kirsten’s illness happened too quickly for them to rewrite this episode, because her replacement, while okay for temp work, should hardly be the focus of a main storyline. Hopefully, Kate will keep Maxie busy and mostly out of sight until Kirsten is ready to resume her role.

    I enjoyed Ethan and Lucky’s repartee, but not Lulu and Dante’s. She b!tches about Mac, about Dante being a cop, and about Lucky not being a cop, and then WHO isn’t being forthcoming with WHOM about her “disagreement” with her brother. Ugh! And maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think it’s a good idea for Lulu to rest her head against Dante’s one good lung. Maybe it’s so empty, he can’t feel it.

    Gotta say one thing about the new regime; they certainly lived up to their promise to move more of the action back to General Hospital. Look how many people have been in for one thing or another in recent months. I guess next, Alexis is due for somebody to change her thermostat.

    Ronnie is approaching Michael all wrong. He should say that the circumstances of Dante’s off duty shooting make his brother look like a dirty cop, involved in some deal that went bad, and as soon as Ronnie finds out what Michael is hiding (because it’s obvious Michael knows more than he’s saying), it will be all they need to send Dante to jail. Of course, Ronnie would be lying, but that’s how you manipulate Michael. His first instinct is to protect his family, and although he mistakenly tried to protect Sonny first when Dante was shot, he won’t let his brother take the fall for something he had nothing to do with. Ronnie knows if he keeps pulling Michael’s chain, sooner or later he’ll get him to flush.

    Posted by ransomha at Thursday, October 06 2011 02:44 PM

    When the new writer brought back some of the old characters I was glad. When they had lots of characters in every show, I thought, this is going to be good.
    But now, with Jason a totally different character, Carly too, and nothing moving forward, i'm getting disgusted with this "new" head writer. The show is dull and we have nothing to really talk about. The loyalty of Jason, Carley and Sonny is gone. I liked that! We have characters that act so stupid that's all we have to talk about. Hope it picks up soon.:(......

    Off topic: 4myjylli: Next weekend is our NYC trip. BUT...this weekend 2 of our boys are going to be home for Lion King on stage and the Eagles game so, i'm looking forward to that!
    I hope you have time to shop Michigan Ave. while you are in Chicago. They have such wonderful shops!

    Posted by lily hunter at Thursday, October 06 2011 02:55 PM

    Hi everyone,

    Well, I guess Deloris is married, and from the uncomfortable look on her face when Lulu asked if her husband worried about her, I’m also guessing she might be gay, which could open some interesting doors in the future. Did I really hear Lulu say that Dante doesn’t share his work with her?

    I thought it was incredibly sweet of Spinelli to bring Maxi the shiny heart balloon to celebrate BJ’s birthday. I was getting a little teary-eyed and thinking how great it will be when these get back together, until Matt burst in with his engraved brick and broke the mood. That was one of the only scenes that held my interest today.

    The other was Ethan’s tale of his Wyndemere adventures - why he made Lucky smile…it was a miracle. It will be interesting to see how much he has left after he gets done talking to dear old dad and attempts to extract some forgiveness for Lucky from Lulu.

    I am wondering if Luke has what Helena was looking for at Wyndemere in that leather pouch. Any ideas?

    Posted by 4evergh at Thursday, October 06 2011 02:59 PM

    to Blesseddiva who said I feel closer to Kristen Storms thanks to Dirty Soaps you might get a smile out of this. My wonderful husband of 46 1/2 years always claims he does not pay attention when I am playing back my GH tape, told me today he was surfing through the channels last night and saw a channel called E, one of the young girls on my soap talking and crying about someone leaving her. I said was it called dirty soaps, he said yes. He said he could tell she was really upset so he had to watch it for me. sure you did dear LOL think he was probably talking about Kristen, I also use to watch her on Days so I am attached to her also and not into the new one.

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