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    Epic Fail.

    Tuesday, September 27 2011
    Kate and Sonny reminisce, Dante is taken to the hospital and Lucky struggles.

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    Posted by LowCountry Girl at Tuesday, September 27 2011 02:37 PM

    Can't believe Michael didn't want Abby to call an ambulance because he was worried how it would look for his dad. Good thing Carly and Abby didn't listen to him!

    And it keeps getting worse and worse in every scene! Now he's rifling through his coat that he had put on Dante to help stop the bleeding because it's more important to get to his phone so he can call for Sonny's henchman to try and cover up whatever he thinks they may find there.

    Posted by LowCountry Girl at Tuesday, September 27 2011 02:44 PM

    There's something going on with Kate and kids. Maybe she found out that she can't have kids from when she was shot at the wedding.

    Posted by LowCountry Girl at Tuesday, September 27 2011 03:00 PM

    Am I the only one finding Lucky ridiculous today? Laying on the floor staring at 2 pills...

    In the kitchen making dinner will post more later have to feed my hungry family! (lol)

    Posted by lily hunter at Tuesday, September 27 2011 03:11 PM

    Odd things that I saw today:

    I thought the rooftop face sucking would end with Olivia finding out that Dante had been shot. Steve is keeping something from her and I think Olivia will find that unacceptable eventually. After all, she’s been in love with Sonny and Johnny knowing who and what they were, but neither of them lied to her about it.

    Lulu in the costume – she’d better take time to comb out the here or someone’s going to ask her the Burt Reynolds’s question: “Did you ever find any spiders in there?” While I’m on the subject of Lulu and Dante, I can’t believe Dante picked out the perfect engagement ring and she turned it down. The perfect square cut set on the diagonal is a replica of my first engagement ring (yes of course I picked it out, I was 26, not 16). Now, if I was guessing I would say that Sam’s ring wasn’t the cursed one..

    I’m not sure who’s lurking at Wyndemere, but it’s not Ethan as he’s watching his brother stare at pills lying under the coffee table. Can Lucky become anymore worthless? By the time Luke comes back to PC full time, he’ll have to send Lucky to Laura so that she can look after him, or just stare at him blankly. Yep, looks surprisingly as if Laura’s legacy/ DNA might be the weak link in the Spencer family, instead of Luke’s.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Tuesday, September 27 2011 03:13 PM

    The best part of the show today was the interaction between Anthony and Johnny. When Johnny shouted “GET OVER IT?? You KILLED my mother!” it was very powerful and brought out what I thought was a sincere emotional response, and a twinge of regret from Anthony, although it passed in a nanosecond. They have a very interesting dynamic; the crazy, criminal genius mentor and the unwilling, troubled disciple. More please.

    Refresh my memory, but didn’t that fancy Russian sniper rifle that Anthony used to shoot Kate have a silencer on it? I don’t think she would’ve heard the shot she seems to be remembering. Just being picky.

    This version of Kate seems to enjoy looking down her nose at people, and she’s certainly in a position to do it towering over Sonny. I’m starting to like this lovely actress, and on the rare occasions when she smiles, she really lights up, but sorry, in her scenes with Sonny, it looks more like he’s talking to his daughter, not his classmate, who should be about the same age as Alexis. Alexis talked to her like Kate was twenty years younger than she is, which is true in real life. I thought Kate handled Alexis pretty well until she played the “mother” card.

    That was a low blow, and I suppose it, and the rest of Alexis’ snapping can be attributed to whatever it is that’s making her temperature rise. I wonder what the deal she made with Sonny was. I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough, and I’ll bet it will be funny. It might even give Maurice a chance to do some lighter material for a change.

    I don’t know what Alexis’ objection to Kristina working in the fashion industry is about except that it doesn’t conform to her plans for Kristina to be an Alexis clone. I posted last summer, when Lulu quit Crimson and Kristina had just been turned down at Yale, that she should go to work for Kate as an intern to fatten up her application. I think it’s a great idea to get more characters involved in that cutthroat business than in the mob, where they actually DO cut throats.


    I just realized what Alexis asked Sonny to do that he said would cost him a bundle and would require payback; she wants him to bribe someone to get Kristina into Yale, so she’ll forget about Ethan and the fashion industry. Who’s with me?

    LINE OF THE DAY goes to Oblivia.

    Oblivia (to Dr. Steve): “I don’t like playing games.”

    Oh REALLY?? You must mean “…when they don’t work.”

    This whole “Memphis BBQ” rooftop picnic was a game to pry some information out of Steve that you were fully aware he wasn’t comfortable with sharing. It was only when your stupid game FAILED, that you decided you couldn’t stand it anymore and you had to come right out and ask.

    And what about the mind games you played on your cousin Kate, sending her back on a collision course with Sonny? And rehearsing Dante’s proposal? Those are ALL games! Not to mention hiding Dante’s paternity for 25 years. Admit it Oblivia – you LOVE playing games.

    Yeah Lucky, nobody wants to see Laura sitting in a chair staring blankly at a wall any more than they want to watch you lying on the floor staring at a couple of hydrocodone capsules. C’mon man! Just toss those suckers. Anyway, they’ve exceeded the three minute rule by being on the floor waaay too long already. If you take them now, you’ll get sick from carpet cooties. Yuck!

    Posted by lily hunter at Tuesday, September 27 2011 03:19 PM

    enad19 - Loved your post, but I think the tie that binds Maxi and Spin is that they bring out the best in each other. Hoping that Spin recovers his powers soon, but if not he can stay at home and run errands for Maxi.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Tuesday, September 27 2011 03:20 PM

    That should probably be "the three SECOND rule." Oh well.

    Posted by lily hunter at Tuesday, September 27 2011 03:27 PM

    LowCountry - I have a feeling that Michael is no longer going to be the favorite son, or nephew when Jason and Sonny find out what happened at the warehouse. Of course Carly will blame Sonny for Michael's bad decisions and since Shawn more or less told him to go to the hospital, Michael's not going to like Mom's new protector. If he really was qualified for that job, he would know exactly where everything was when he took the earlier inventory. There are inventory control computer programs, but of course Michael wouldn't know anything about those. He's been looking past the immediate into the future.

    Posted by Dubbs at Tuesday, September 27 2011 03:30 PM

    Afternoon all.

    Best line from the recap: Steve is eating Olivia's meat on the roof.
    Sorry, but that cracked me up. Had to read it twice to make sure my sophomoric mind had read it correctly.

    I can't wait to watch tonight just so I can see for myself the kind of tool Michael is and has always been. Never liked the character going back to the days when he was played by the kid with the red hair. He was a little mouthy punk too.

    I'm not surprised Carly called for help, she told Olivia a few weeks ago that she was getting ok with Dante. Didn't she admit that she liked Dante? And Abby should walk away, courteously. After getting a blank fortune and seeing Michael's callous attitude toward his, bleeding out on the floor of a dirty warehouse, brother, she might want to consider trading up and away from the mob.

    Oh, is Maxie having another pity party? Call Lucky. You can lay on the floor together and confront your demons together.

    Olivia, love you darlin', but there are somethings we don't want to talk about. Not with the SO or family or anybody else. Let it go. Steve will get PO'd if you start meddling. Helping is one thing. Going all stalker on his secret will only end up getting you hurt in the long run.

    Lulu, Lulu, Lulu. What can I say other then you have crappy timing. Hurry and get to the hospital and then you can call Lucky and blame him for Dante's condition, so he can run and do more drugs. Now I understand why Luke left. Guarantee, Lucky won't be far behind.

    Have a good Tuesday everyone except aussie. You have a good Wednesday.

    -------------------------Off Topic------------------------
    @ aussie -- Did you see Days?

    Posted by willowk at Tuesday, September 27 2011 03:35 PM

    Arghhhh! 3rd day of Lulu in that get-up, and tomorrow we'll see her at the hospital in it. I know its petty, but it bugs me, just think she looks ridiculous.

    Michael was both cold and dumb today. Dumb I'm used to, cold is new. I'm okay that he was concerned about the ramifications to his dad and the business, but to not call 911 right away? And what is Carly thinking lying to Ronnie--just makes it look like Michael had something to do with it.

    Have to say Shawn was a little slow on the uptake, hope by the end Michael convinced him to look for something off at the warehouse.

    They are setting up something regarding Laura, or perhaps Lulu being mistaken for the young Laura by whoever is haunting Windemere.

    I found it enormously funny that Lucky spent the day on the floor staring at those pills. Reminded me of when people have anxiety attacks or something. Ethan was the perfect foil for Lucky's oddness.

    RE Spoiler Free Speculation
    good idea RE Alexis mission for Sonny. I thought it might be keeping Krissy out of Kate's office in return for Alexis getting K away from Ethan, but your idea makes more sense. Mine would be a trade, so Alexis wouldn't owe Sonny. I always enjoy those two together.

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