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    Tuesday, August 23 2011
    Lucky says goodbye to Siobhan, Jax leaves Port Charles, and Spinelli shines through.

    Elizabeth remains frozen as Lucky begs Steve to save Siobhan in her hospital room. When she doesn’t move to help him, Steve orders his sister out. In the hallway, a stunned Lucky desperately says to Liz, "I thought you said she was fine." Elizabeth blames herself, but Lucky won't hear of it. He returns to Siobhan's room after she's flatlined. Steve brings Elizabeth out in the hall so Lucky can say goodbye to his wife. Steve tears into Liz demanding to know what happened since she was the last one to see her alive. Elizabeth tells her brother to go to hell and walks away. Back inside Siobhan's room, Lucky sits with his dead wife and listens to her last voicemail to him. He doesn't think those should have been the last words she spoke to him. There should have been more. He recalls their past and declares he thought he was protecting her, but he should have been protecting her from him. He swallows one of his pills and asks her not to hate him more than she already does. He takes her hand and cries.

    At the hub, Steve apologizes for accusing Elizabeth. He knows Siobhan's death has nothing to do with her, but her death makes no sense. Elizabeth remains offended because Steve even thought it. Steve says he will have an autopsy done which will he knows will more than clear her.

    Skye steals money out of an ELQ safe, as Abby and Michael walk in the office. She tells them about Carly and Jason's car accident.

    Jax hides on the pier as Carly pleads with God for Jax to be okay. Shawn joins Carly, who shares stories from her and Jax's past, as Jax listens in. Shawn and Carly discuss her vow to keep her kids away from Sonny from now on. Once Carly and Shawn have left, Skye returns to give Jax some clothes and a "loan" from Edward. He brings up her association with Anthony and warns her to be careful. Skye tells him she's in bed with Zacchara to secure the future of her child. Jax won't tell her where he's going, but he is now confident Josslyn will be fine. She notes he has no regrets on leaving. He says not right now anyway. She has one regret, that they never could work things out between them. He is the one who got away. She cries as she orders him to be careful. Alone, Jax reminisces about Carly and then leaves.

    Sonny sits in the hospital chapel. He recounts his past transgressions and how he regrets that he's hurt his children. Michael and Abby find Sonny, who tells him he's persona non grata around there right now. He fills them in on Jax's crash and how Carly doesn't want him around. He asks Abby for a minute alone with Michael. She leaves, but listens at the doorway, as Sonny fills in the blanks for his son. Michael stands by his father believing that Jax was out of control and had to be stopped. Michael knows Sonny had to take action and states he will straighten it out with Carly. He turns to leave and sees Abby at the door. Privately, Abby questions Michael on how he can support his father who basically admitted killing Jax. Michael defends Sonny, but Abby thinks he's in denial. Michael walks away in a huff. Sonny finds Abby crying. She tells him if he keeps doing this it will destroy Michael.

    Maxie tries to jog Spinelli's memory at George's gravesite. He's clearly rattled, but lashes out at Maxie pretending not to be affected. Maxie remains undeterred, as she continues to talk about her sister. She gets increasingly more upset and cries. The Jackal warns her to settle down because of her heart. They both realize Spinelli is coming through.

    Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Tracy tries to cover her tracks.

    Abby and Johnny discover they have a lot in common.

    Dante hears Sonny and Carly fighting.

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    Posted by Unicorn Girl at Tuesday, August 23 2011 01:28 PM

    I was hoping that they would eventually phase out this mob stuff and if they were going to keep Sonny around, he'd be a bad a$$ coffee importer. But with Michael still wanting to emulate everything "Sonny", it looks like the mob thing is going to be around for awhile.

    Siobhan's gone. Awww, sad...'nuff said.

    Poor Elizabeth. Can't catch a freaking break. But I did like the little chemistry test with Dr. Matt, though he looks all of 12.

    Jax.....I'll watch you tonight again on the soap channel. At least in the privacy of my own room, nobody will be mad when I lick the tv screen. We'll say our final good bye tonight. Till then Lover.......

    Posted by lissyb at Tuesday, August 23 2011 01:41 PM

    so glad Siobhan is leaving she was so annoying!!

    Posted by nancy marie at Tuesday, August 23 2011 01:49 PM

    What a great fade out with Jax today! I loved his smile at the end. I love the way the writers are setting the stage to bring Jax back. No ignominious end to this great character. I loved it that head writer treated the character with dignity and restored--with the flashbacks with Carly--some of the essence of their relationship. Come on back, Jax! Ingo R. deserves the dignified "send-off" and the left-open door for his return--he has been acting up a storm lately!

    Posted by akitas at Tuesday, August 23 2011 01:50 PM

    If Lucky goes back to Liz, he's an idiot. I wish Sonny would take his meds already, I can't stand how much of a monster he is without them. I'm a little confused by Carly's reaction to him now after so many years of accepting his behavior..a little too late now.

    Posted by StraightTalker at Tuesday, August 23 2011 01:52 PM

    Hello all:

    Yep, I think it is time that Abby gives up on that delusional pain that is Michael. One would think that he would have shown more compassion and concern that Ajax is reported to be dead. He is irritating the heck out of me right now with his “Jax needed to be stop” crp. His statement that Jason was laid up does not make sense if the implication is that Jason would have done like Sonny and took out Jax.

    I guess all that soul searching and fake supplication was just that…fake. Sonny is beyond sickening right now. I had to shake my head at the hemming and hawing he was doing while he was recounting what went down with Ajax. In all of that recap, why didn’t he tell his son that Ajax was not meant to go down with his plane but with a bullet instead.

    Why was Liz shocked that people would suspect her in Siobhan’s death? She almost killed her in the ER, she caused the accident that landed Siobhan in the hospital and she was present when Siobhan fell down the stairs. Coupled with all that is the fact that she wanted Siobhan’s husband. Now I am not saying that she is guilty or should be arrested but anyone looking at these variables would hard press not to view her as a suspect. She had motives and ample opportunities.

    Ah Lucky, I would feel sorry for him if he deserved one ounce of my sympathy but he doesn’t. Now he is acknowledging that Siobhan was right for being apprehensive about him taking the case. He is more than a day late and dollar short on that admition. In the words of One Republic, “it’s too late to apologize”. Just keep popping those pills and when they are gone just ask your enabler for some more.

    Posted by Unicorn Girl at Tuesday, August 23 2011 02:08 PM

    Do you all think Michael would have kept defending Sonny if Jax was holding Josslyn at the time that Sonny shot the gun off? Or what if the bullet ricocheted and hit Emma? Do you think Michael would have said it was Jax's fault for even going to Robin's house? Michael came out of his coma an imbecile.

    I've always thought Sonny was the dumbest mobster EVER. If it weren't for Jason he wouldn't be the "boss?" he is now. And EVERY single time he's about to make a mistake both in personal and business matters, Jason tries to tell him but he NEVER listens. And guess who cleans up for his dumb a$$? Jason and sometimes Carly. Carly's now jumped off the Sonny train, but we all know she'll hopscotch back on that caboose first chance she gets. Literally as well as figuratively.

    And sorry, on his meds or off his meds, Sonny acts like a rabid animal when he's pissed. I've never really liked the character and liked him less and less as one Quartermaine after the other bit the dust. Even HE told Kate he would hate him too if he were a Quartermaine because he was indirectly responsible for a lot of them kicking that old bucket.

    My main problem with Sonny and Carly has always been how they treat other people but want to crucify those who do something to them. I read here that Sonny was going to fall. Please let this just be the start. If they're going to redeem him, I'll be all for it. But redemption for me is needed.

    Posted by nancy marie at Tuesday, August 23 2011 02:24 PM


    I read on General Hospital Happenings website that Erin Chambers (Siobhan) is coming back as ANOTHER character.
    (Will she be Siobhan's twin or someone else?)

    Posted by Risa at Tuesday, August 23 2011 02:49 PM

    @ Nancy now that would be cool!!!!!!

    Posted by cbru at Tuesday, August 23 2011 03:00 PM

    Jax and Sonny are alike in one way. They are both sugarcoating their actions that got them to this point. Jax and bribing the mediator and Sonny gunning for him in Robin's house because of Brenda.

    Listening in, Abby?? Michael heard your conversation with Sonny and he is not going to be happy. You are not going to change Michael. He wants to be just like his dad and the "love of a good woman" is not going to deter him. At any rate, I am glad Sonny has got one person on his side.

    I'm sorry, but Carly is forgetting a few things when it comes to her "perfect" marriage. Like every time she turned around, she was running to either Jason or Sonny, the quickie with Sonny in the limo and Jax and the custody suit, not to mention that if he would have gotten away with Joss, she would have never seen her daughter again.

    Who is Skye trying to kid about returning that money. Why would she have the combination to the safe anyway??

    First Liz freezes and then gets defensive. Even her own brother doesn't believe her half the time. I agree with straight. Liz is going to be the #1 suspect when they find something fishy with Shaboom's autopsy and why wouldn't she be?? Too many accidents and coincidences, not to mention her obvious dislike for Shaboom and that she was going after her husband.

    And, of course, Lucky will defend Liz till his dying day just as he has forgiven and forgotten her cheating. I wish TPTB would just put these two back together NOW and put me out of my misery. FF time when that happens!

    It's too bad Shaboom had to die for Lucky to realize that she was right all along. Keep popping those pills, Lucky. I don't have any sympathy for him either.

    One of the posters mentioned yesterday about people who needed to be fired. I can think of a few more:

    Mac-because he couldn't solve a crime if his life depended on it and for putting Lucky on a drug case. Oh, let's not forget Ronnie the Roach. I still think Jason would make the best Police Commissioner PC would ever see if he went straight.

    Dante-for being a cop when he feels like it. Some things are crimes, but others, like arson and stealing drugs, aren't.

    Liz for her total imcompetence in the last hour when Shaboom was still alive and when she died.

    Lucky for arson and for general stupidity with this drug case-no backup, checking in, etc.

    If any of you posters were in that earthquake on the East Coast, I hope all is well.

    Hi aussie, tipsy, rans, enad, straight, storm, FUBU, been, blessed, bean, willow, lily, poodles, cynic, mamajj, canadagirl, cowboys, scrimmage and anyone else I missed.

    Posted by Blesseddiva at Tuesday, August 23 2011 03:10 PM

    Skye: I will NEVER forgive you for setting up my Alcazar to be murdered by Morgan. NEVER, do you hear me, you scandalous ho?
    How the hell did you even remember where the safe was or the combination? Anyway, I wish Edward would see you for what you are, a lazy ho. Most women would get a job and take care of their kids. You just "get into bed" with mobsters. you aren't doing this for Lila Rae, you are jumping on the jock of the next Rich guy because that is what hoes do--that is what you do?

    Please go away, no man here in PC even remembers you. Luke loves Tracy, Jax loves Carly. Anthony Zacchara loves...well, it isn't you. You don't even love you, you love money and alcohol...I hope you are still sober, cause your brother JR is boozing up in Pine Valley.
    Anyway, I hope AZ takes care of you, Zacchara style.

    Michael: You are on my list boy. How dare you condone Sonny for his attempted murder. Just because Jax wanted his kid away from your under medicated father does not make him out of control. Out of control is shooting at Jax in Robin's house with no regards to Emma or Robin. Out of control is throwing Claudia a birthday party only to humiliate her in front of everyone. Out of control is planting drugs on Jax and ruining his reputation instead of bribing the arbitrator like Jax did. Sonny always escalates things too far.
    Jax raised you and Morgan for some years and your kind of perspective is exactly what he doesn't want Josslyn.

    Had Carly agreed to cut Sonny out of her life, then there wouldn't have been a custody battle. Jax and Carly may even still be together. Of course, Carly is always a day late and a dolla short, so now that it's too late, she has her epiphany.

    ABby, think long and hard because Michael is truly a Sonny in the making. Is that what you want? Don't you think stripping is much better than a life with Michael, I do.

    Jackass PI, please take your gun and go after AZ again. Hopefully this time he will gut you like a fish because I am sick of you. Skye and Michael have just pi$$ed me off today. So you are working my last nerve as well.

    Maxie: Why is Spineless so important to you? You dumped him, slept with Franco, and you are with Matt now. Just let him be Jason and Sam's problem. Jackass PI is actually more amusing than Spinelli...well, maybe not. I miss hearing him call someone "Stone Cold, Valkyrie, Mr. Sir etc"

    Liz: you are one unlucky chick! Too bad so sad. And you see addicts just need that one excuse to pop that pill. soon Lucky will be begging Liz to steal some drugs for him.

    Can someone tell me why Dante and Lucky have jobs as Police officers because they are regular law breakers. They also dish out judgment unfairly. They don't enforce truthfully and justice only applies to their chosen few.

    Yesterday I watched OLTL 3x because I couldn't get enough of the acting. I won't be watching this episode again

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