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    There's Been An Accident.

    Monday, August 08 2011
    Jason, Siobhan and Carly are hurt in the accident, The Jackal falls for Lulu, and Robin seduces Patrick.

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    Posted by ransomha at Tuesday, August 09 2011 11:17 AM

    FUBU: What does that mean?

    Scrimmage: Liz wouldn't be driving to the hospital in the first place if Siobhan hadn't been hounding her, AGAIN.

    Posted by Dexdon at Tuesday, August 09 2011 11:20 AM

    Uh Oh...Scrimmage is right about Liz, oh no, another nail in her

    Posted by Dexdon at Tuesday, August 09 2011 11:22 AM

    Remember she was just trying to help the father of her children...and his insecure wife wouldn't help her, but rather grabbed her purse and fell down the stairs which prompted the ride which caused the accident.

    Posted by ransomha at Tuesday, August 09 2011 11:35 AM

    Dexdon: That's what i'm saying, Liz was ON FOOT. It's Siobhan that caused her to get behind the wheel in the first place.

    Posted by FUBU at Tuesday, August 09 2011 11:37 AM

    Rans, every since the rape we got a brand new Liz and lately it seems as if she has been battling with the old version of Liz the cigarette smoking, trouble making, f^%$ any and all authority figures bad azz who befriended Emily for the sole purpose of getting close to Lucky and the new Liz who is friends with everyone, soft spoken, hard working, somewhat responsible and genuinely nice unless you are trying to go after one of her men.

    It’s like she is not comfortable being whom she has become but she is fearful of reverting back to self for fear that she will lose everyone she has come to care about because they are into the new Liz not the real Liz.

    Posted by ransomha at Tuesday, August 09 2011 11:54 AM

    FUBU: The woman we are at 16 or 17 changes as we grow older, have children, different life experiences. I think we see that kick butt Liz, but now she is a grown woman and can't just think about herself. It comes with maturing . I think there are many sides to all the characters, how they respond to their friends , co-workers, happiness, trouble. I just think Liz gets picked on more then others for this.

    Posted by FUBU at Tuesday, August 09 2011 12:35 PM

    You know Rans when I first read your post about how Liz seems to be the go to girl for the posters to hate on I thought well yes, then I thought well no more than Carly is normally, maybe not as much over the past couple of months but that is how I used to feel about Carly. It seemed as if everything she did caused someone to want to hack her hair off her head and leave her bald.

    Then I thought further and it seems like all of the major female characters on the show are receiving a lot of hate from the posters. Carly because she is unapologetic and yes a selfish biotch, Lulu because she sucks, Robin because she is a self righteous, sanctimonious, hypocritical twit and Liz because she did a huge no, no and had an affair with Nik while engaged with Lucky etc.

    Each one of these women except Lulu has the potential to be a great character. It is up to TSW to make the necessary changes. I said before we need more girl power on the show. Personally I would like to see Carly receive a female friend she hasn’t had one since Dante was busted.

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