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    There's Been An Accident.

    Monday, August 08 2011
    Jason, Siobhan and Carly are hurt in the accident, The Jackal falls for Lulu, and Robin seduces Patrick.

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    Posted by Dexdon at Tuesday, August 09 2011 08:47 AM

    FUBU..great post.

    I think it's okay for us posters to have different opinions on characters and to share them. We don't have to change one anothers' mind. All the characters have strengths and weaknesses - I don't feel its about "some of us viewers who dont like change" but in fact, some of us will present out points on these strengths/weaknesses..or perhaps our own perspective.

    I like Sam, always have.... but it doesnt mean she is without weaknesses anymore than Liz is without strengths. Both characters have made mistakes and both characters have apologized. Some of us viewers disagree on the degrees of those changes but we are all entitled to our opinions on it.

    As for Siobhan, I blame that on the writers and the brain injury.

    Posted by 4myJylli at Tuesday, August 09 2011 09:14 AM

    Straight: Travel safely, have fun visiting and check in if and when you can.

    Posted by ladysmom at Tuesday, August 09 2011 09:35 AM

    Liz disses Sam and Maxie every chance she gets because she can't stand that Jason and Lucky were with them! She's always calling them sl**ts. All I can say is, glass houses anyone?

    It would be great if the Q's were making a comback if there were any more of them! GH made a huge mistake when they killed off Alan. He was the heart of the family (after Lila died). Or did she die first, I can't remember. Either way, he was very important to the history of the show.

    Cannot STAND this stupid story with Spinelli. Come on Anthony, do us a favor and put him out of our misery!

    I thought I'd enjoy a show without the mob, but Patrick and Robin are so boring I found myself hoping for a drive by shooting!

    Posted by akitas at Tuesday, August 09 2011 09:47 AM

    The writers are definitely responsible for Siobhan, as they are for every other character that we might love or hate.

    The reference I made with regards to some viewers not accepting change is only because although I agree with the fact that Carly and Jason have a strong friendship that has withstood many challenges and that they have been there for each other (mostly Jason for Carly) through the good, bad and ugly…and that Liz and Lucky have been friends for years, were good for each other at one time or another, have been married twice, have kids, etc, etc. All that said – Things changed for Jason bc he is again with Sam and is very much in love with her. Things changed for Lucky bc he was betrayed by his brother and fiancé, had no choice but to move on and is now married.

    This isn’t my opinion, these are facts that we know. That’s all I’m saying.

    Robin/Patrick – I agree, they were boring.

    Spinelli – I’m beyond sick of this storyline, I’m mean it’s going nowhere and it has no purpose.

    Posted by Dexdon at Tuesday, August 09 2011 09:58 AM

    Akitas.... I agree completely with the Spinelli storyline - another one that doesn't hold my interest and has went on far too long.

    Siobhan was such a fast downward spiral from the writers..the ruination of Jax at least took some time.

    Have a great afternoon.

    Posted by FUBU at Tuesday, August 09 2011 10:32 AM

    Ran’s WHTU????????????????????????????

    4My you are right with Jason there it probably would have gotten more violent.

    Straight you are right Sam and Jason do appear to be on the same page. When Jason set boundaries with Carly Sam offered her full support as she was supposed to. However what about the boundaries with regards to her family because the way I see it there are none just like with Carly.

    I also see Sam finally becoming more comfortable voices her displeasure at Carly’s untimely interruptions so much so that she tried to talk Jason out of helping Carly keep Jax from taking Jocelyn.

    I am not saying that Sam does not have the right to feel the way she does and or express her displeasure at Carly’s behavior but she never has before and what I see is that Jason says they have to have boundaries but when push comes to shove he is not re-enforcing them which will cause Sam to start to resent and try to change things just like Jax. He has let her see that she is and should be number one in his life so now he has to maintain it and when/if he does not then that is when the trouble will start.

    Now, I may be totally wrong in my assumptions but only time will tell.

    Akitas, I am not sure I totally get where you are coming from with the change thing but I will give it a try. Yes it is time for change to come in the form or Jason and Carly’s relationship. I don’t totally agree that Jason has been there more for Carly then she has been there for him. The one thing Jason has always been able to count on from Carly is her unwavering loyalty and for someone like Jason with the life he leads that is priceless.

    I remember Carly walking up on Jason on the docks and he gave her a key of heroine and told her to get rid of it. She started to ask question and he said, Carly just do as I asked you. She was married to AJ at the time and someone had tried to set Jason up. Carly took the bag put it in her purse and promptly went home to the Q mansion and flushed the entire thing down the toilet. Now who else other than Sam would have done anything like that for him?

    I also remember her walking up on him in the hospital basemen while he was standing over a dead body (Monica had killed a guy and called Jason to help cover it up) and she didn’t blink or bat an eye but asked him just tell me what it is you want me to tell the police and I will do it.

    To the average person this relationship seems very one sided but how many people especially ones in his line of work can say they have that one person they can count on for just about anything no matter what. That is what Carly is to Jason, they love each other unconditionally; and she has never tried to change him or make him feel less because he was different.

    Until Sam Carly was the only woman in his life who has ever offered that to him. But my thing is this, the boundaries should have been set a long time ago when he was with Robin because regardless as to how good a friend Carly is to Jason the woman in his life should have come first during the time he was with her no matter who she is. But Jason did not get to this point until now and maybe Jakes death had a lot to do with it and maybe he has just grown as a person.

    I don’t say change is not needed I say it was needed years ago.

    Posted by akitas at Tuesday, August 09 2011 10:59 AM

    FUBU and anyone else that didn’t understand. All I’m saying about “CHANGE” is that things are NOT THE SAME AS WHEN THESE FOUR PEOPLE STARTED THESE FRIENDSHIPS/RELATIONSHIPS. Right or wrong Jason’s life is not the same and neither is Lucky’s. We keep going back to the “before Siobhan, there was Liz and before Sam, Carly was the only woman in Jason’s life……..I get it, we all get it. So what? I mean it's not that difficult.

    Liz and Carly can stay in these men’s lives and have a good relationship with them, but they surely can’t expect these two guys to behave towards them the same exact way.

    Enjoy your evenings, I’ll be back tomorrow.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Tuesday, August 09 2011 11:01 AM

    Not to seem like I’m piling on, but I think it’s obvious that the person responsible for the crash is Elizabeth. She was already wound up tighter than a drum worried about and looking for Lucky before she ever even saw Shaboom. Then she got even more worked up fighting with her, which suddenly turned to shock and near panic when Shaboom fell down the stairs. Liz’s first thoughts were “We’ve (notably not ‘I’ve’) got to get out of here” and “Don’t you die on ME!” so instead of calling for help, she piled Shaboom in her car and I guess headed for GH. Now, with her mind reeling over how she’s going to explain what happened to Shaboom without looking guilty and still keep everyone from finding out about Lucky until she can track him down, she’s driving too fast in a downpour. Shaboom wasn’t even strapped in and Liz was so distracted by what Shaboom was saying while at the same time trying to keep her awake that when Shaboom finally passed out, Liz took her eyes off the road and probably blew through an intersection, plowing into Jason and Carly. I’m sure Jason was going pretty fast, but I doubt if he was running stop signs or red lights or driving out of control even though he had Carly in his ear. I guess it’s possible that the traffic lights were out due to the storm, but that’s really no excuse. At any rate, it looks like either Liz came out of nowhere and T-boned Jason’s side of the car, or she veered into his lane and ran them both off the road.

    I wonder where the drugs are that she stole, if they’ll be found, and if she’ll be accused of being involved with the other thefts. At the very least, I wonder if she’ll face any charges for negligent driving.

    When Shaboom wakes up and finds out what Liz has put her through while she was unconscious AGAIN, she is going to be pi$$ed! It’s going to ON!

    Posted by FUBU at Tuesday, August 09 2011 11:02 AM

    Akitas, okay not I get what you are saying and you are 100% correct

    Posted by akitas at Tuesday, August 09 2011 11:15 AM

    Thank GOD! I was running out of ways to express myself  Okay, now I really have to go, but I’ll try to jump in after 5pm

    Scrimmage, I love the way you explain things. Whether I agree or not (and I usually do), you articulate great!!

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