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    Goodbyes And New Beginnings.

    Thursday, July 21 2011
    Brenda and Jax leave town, while Jason proposes to Sam.

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    Posted by enad19 at Thursday, July 21 2011 02:07 PM

    4myjylli: I was thinking about you and all the other Jasam fans who have been waiting so long for this moment. It was a wonderful classic scene. I think that Jason is deadset on the ring that he chose for Sam and it is supposed to be a one-of-a-kind ring, so I'm guessing he didn't want to simply buy a different one for her. Will be back later.

    Posted by PumpkinGirl at Thursday, July 21 2011 02:18 PM

    cowboys fan
    the actress who plays brenda is pregnant. that i am sure is the reason for her wardrobe looking ill fitting. they were trying to mask it. she is tiny so she has been preggers for some time.

    please some posters, i have to get this off my chest. can we be less offensive? and not use names based on characters (who are actors who are real people by the way) looks or some other characteristic you want to make fun of?

    i thought this board was policed, but i am guessing not anymore.

    i love reading this board cause everyone is generally so friendly and respectful.

    ok on to the show,
    i loved todays show. very poetic and great acting.

    Posted by lovelymarlena at Thursday, July 21 2011 02:31 PM

    This should have been posted two days ago but did not have time to finish it.
    I love Brenda and everything she said today was true. She has finally awoke from the powerful influence that Sonny has had over her all these years. Don’t get me wrong I like Sonny and Brenda together this time and all the times before but I am also very much a Brenda and Jax fan. Brenda is right to get her son away from the mob which wasn’t a concern when she married Sonny as she didn’t know she was a mother then. She has tried to stay in the marriage even after being menaced by AZ, walked in with her son to a dead body in Sonny’s office and being shot at while her son was with her in the car. She still loves Sonny but can’t be selfish for her son’s sake so it is best to end it.
    What I hate is the horrible way Guza has treated both the Jax & Brenda characters this time around. He took two great characters that weren’t connected to the mob and trashed them and rode them out of town. I can only hope the new writers will bring back both later with a better s/l.
    I know Brenda and Jax are not popular characters on this site but I believe most here were not watching when Brenda first came on the show and her s/l with Lois and Ned and the music business was crazy and fun. Brenda’s introduction to Sonny and their hot love story was one wild ride culminating into their heartbreaking end and her story launching Jax & Brenda as one of the most (IMO) romantic couples GH ever had and no Jax did not know Sonny then or try to get Brenda just because she was with Sonny. She had been broken up from Sonny for some time when Jax was introduced to GH. Yes, poodles and cbru I do still believe Brenda is always torn between Sonny and Jax as when she met Sonny the night before she was marrying Jax to say goodbye and Jax saw them together and broke off the marriage and left her at the altar.
    Both actors who play Brenda and Jax can only play what is written for them and Ingo has been very out spoken on how they have portrayed his character under Guza’s tenure and hopes they can resolve some of that when he returns. Vanessa’s Brenda was given the worst s/l entrance back into the GH fold she has ever had with the exception of her banter back forth with Jason which I have always loved. Their bond as friends was one of the strongest bonds on GH and had nothing to do with sex. It was comical and at times outrageously funny and a much need lightness from all the heavy drama of the mob stories. Hey, they didn’t keep that room at Jason’s ph pink for years for no reason.
    I would love them to bring back Vanessa and Ingo with the new writers and give them a separate s/l from Sonny and Carly with maybe a new large company they could take on the Q’s and maybe some much needed romance between them. Well anyway, I can only hope.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Thursday, July 21 2011 02:37 PM

    I think I’ll just take my cue from Josslyn and ignore Jax completely today. He can just take his consolation prize, Brenda and her son, on his little jet and fly the heck out of town. All these unrealistic twists and extremes of what should’ve been a simple custody case have left me feeling annoyed with all the parties involved – except Josslyn, who has the good sense to pay no attention to the chaos all around her.

    Sonny was a little scary today, reaching down into his soul and pulling out his blackened heart so Brenda could see him for the man he is, but she already has, and that’s why she’s leaving him. The way he teased and then demolished Brenda’s perfect little fantasy of Sonny quitting the mob to live in California in a quiet little cottage in the woods with her and Alec was chilling. His admission of his ever-increasing lust for power, and his faith in it over the fleeting nature of love was probably the most honest self-assessment that Sonny has ever given about what drives him.

    Too bad his eternal competition with Jax won’t allow Sonny to let Jax and Brenda fly off into the sunset together. Doesn’t he have a missing $20 million dollars, not to mention Anthony Zacharra to worry about?

    Jason was cool today, but I could’ve done without all of Sam’s caveats and assurances that she didn’t NEED to go through all the rigmarole and ceremony of a wedding, etc., etc., which we’ve heard from her so many times already. She should’ve just said “Yes!” with as much confidence as she did earlier with her Mother. I thought the rooftop setting was classy, but I wish Jason had found the ring (a Hex nut? REALLY?), they certainly didn’t look for it for very long. I’d have called Max and Milo and every man in their gang to stop traffic and find that sucker if I was Jason. I hate loose ends like that. Still it was a nice, romantic scene and a welcome contrast to all the other self inflicted emotional pain going on with practically everybody else on this show. Outside of Robin and Patrick, Steve and Oblivia, and now Jason and Sam, all the other couples are in really bad places right now. Even Dante must be second guessing his involvement with Lulu, whose behavior is increasingly erratic, not to mention dangerous.

    Look at everything Dante and Lulu have missed that involves their family and close friends.

    Ethan’s divorce from Maya.

    Michael’s summer job at ELQ.

    Spinelli’s personality disorder.

    The revelation about Elizabeth’s near fatal error in the OR.

    The revelation about Aiden’s true paternity and that Liz knew the truth since before Jake died.

    Nikolas giving up the child he believed to be his son and then taking Spencer and leaving the country for good.

    The drive-by shooting of Brenda and Alec’s limo.

    MiniMax and Molly “kidnapping” Josslyn.

    Jax’s arrest as set up by Sonny.

    The end of Sonny and Brenda’s marriage.

    When they finally get back in town, I hope Dante asks someone “What’s new?” Boy, will he get an earful!

    Posted by saLiasonfan at Thursday, July 21 2011 02:38 PM

    Unicorn Girl I agree with you 100% from the Sonny stuff, to the Carly and then with the Jason and Sam as well! Specially the Sonny stuff can't stand the man, he should not have gotten in anyway involved with the Jax and Carly stuff. Wish just once the man would be punished, BADLY! Sigh I am so sad Jax is gone and MAD it wasn't Sonny that arrogant SOB instead. When it comes to Jason and Sam I will still always prefer Liason so this whole marriage think as sweet as it is makes me so sad! As for Carly she will never learn, only ever liked her when she was with Jax and now sadly that is over for good.

    Posted by saLiasonfan at Thursday, July 21 2011 02:42 PM

    I truly hope the new head writer is going to make it so GH is no longer the Sonny show 24/7 and rather all the other characters of GH show. With less mob and way more, love, adventure and hospital drama rather! Please I beg! Sigh

    Posted by cbru at Thursday, July 21 2011 02:56 PM

    It's funny-the last couple of days Brenda has been spouting off about the last 20 years and now she is telling Sonny she doesn't know him???? GMAB! Evidently, she has to be hit over the head. Sonny brutally told her the truth about himself and she is no longer living in lala land.

    Don't even get me started on when Brenda told Sonny to tell her he was sorry for what he did and that it was a mistake. She wanted him to grovel! Sonny doesn't do groveling. Besides, it wouldn't make any difference.

    Funny #2-Considering how Jax trashed Michael and Joss wasn't safe, he certainly has changed his tune. This just shows how far he was willing to go to get his own way. Now that he lost big time, it's okay for Michael to take care of Joss.

    I agree with cowboys about the plane entering the Bermuda Triangle. I am not sorry to see Brenda or Jax go!

    I felt for Sonny today, but he is better off without the delusional Brenda. He will never give up the mob and power nor will he ever cut Carly out of his life. He is who he is and no one is going to change him. Carly understands that.

    Loved Jasam today. Jason is so nervous when it comes to Sam and his personal life as opposed to working for Sonny. I love it. Hopefully, Hissy, Molly, and Maxie won't interrupt their moment, but I wouldn't be surprised.

    Hi aussie, tipsy, rans, enad, FUBU, 4my, straight, storm, been, bean, blessed, poodles, cynic, lily, mamajj, canadagirl, cowboys, scrimmage and anyone I missed.

    Posted by mamajj at Thursday, July 21 2011 03:04 PM

    Hi all.

    I am in JASAM HEAVEN!!!!!!! The nut as a ring was so cute. It's so them. And when Jason asked Sam if she wanted him to wear blue I was thinking NO Jason WE want you to wear NO SHIRT at all. They are just so cute together. I loved it.

    BYE BYE Brenda & Jax. 2 birds 1 stone. Couldn't have asked for anything more.

    OH I hated seeing Sonny cry. But really he is better off.

    Well Carly has all her kids in one room. Jax is gone, Brenda is gone. No drama for her. How long will that last?

    Hello to all my poster friends.


    Did you all see the NuKate? It's NOT TB like we all thought it would be. That makes me think TB is coming back to be Carly. I hope not. Laura JUST won an Emmy for her role as Carly & this is how they are going to treat her? I hope TB is coming back as someone new.


    Ring...How's the finger? I thought of you yesterday while I was at the beach. I almost stepped on a bee. I buried him in the sand. I apologized to him as I covered him w/sand. But justified it w/your story.

    Posted by 4myJylli at Thursday, July 21 2011 03:19 PM

    Jax, another example of him proven what a coward he is. He sprouts all that crap about protecting Joss, but the minute he loses full custody to Carly, what does he do, tucks his feathers between his legs and hightailed it out of town. For a man that’s so concerned about his daughter’s safety, I would think he would be all up in Carly’s cool aid every minute of every day checking on his child. There are many parents men/women who lose custody of their children; I don’t think any of them would think about leaving town to think things through so they could be better parents to their children. What a wuss…!!

    Scrimmage, nobody brings back words and memories from the pass like you and ENAD does…”rigmarole”, another of my Granny’s favorite words.

    You are also so correct about all that Dante/Lulu have missed. Can’t say I’ve missed them though.

    Cbru, you’re so right about Jax asking Michael to take care of Joss while he’s gone. If it were up to him, Michael and Morgan would probably never see Joss again until she was well into her twenties. Even yet, another example of how hypocritical he is.

    ttoyou, I love you either way, but I do prefer alter-ego #1 because nothing ever beats the original.

    Hello to all my GH cyber-poster friends: ransomha, FUBU, ENAD19, Aussie-gal, poodles, NYDrama, runnergirl, ttoyou, cynic, mamajj, Ringleader, cbru, cowboyfan, BeanCounter, beenaroundalongtime, lovelymarlena, Canadagirl17, TipsyTess, TXMN, magrat, leo123, da_kid, Blesseddiva, siliconvalleysally, lily hunter, Scrimmage, willowk, StraightTalker, Redcanuck, anyone I missed and all the new posters.

    Posted by 4myJylli at Thursday, July 21 2011 03:22 PM

    SPOILER TALK *******************************************

    mamajj, Who's going to be the NuKate? And please dear Lord, don't replace LW.

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