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    Stone Cold Sober.

    Monday, March 28 2011
    Michael and Abby hit the sheets, as Lucky and Jason confront Luke.

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    Posted by TipsyTess at Monday, March 28 2011 03:05 PM

    Hi everyone..As we have waited for Abby and Micheal to final make love I thought the writers did a great job with these 2. Micheal used the love word today..I hope this does not scare Abby off.
    The scenes with Lucky and Luke were sad but good.
    As others have said why did Dante think he had to tell Jason. I do not think Jason will kill Luke but he will have have words with him, looking forward to watching these 2 tomorrow.
    When are they going to have Jake's funearl?
    Highlight was the old scene of Luke and Lucky.
    Lulu you were very nice today..Maybe you are changing.

    Posted by Jessexx57 at Monday, March 28 2011 03:06 PM

    Hmmmm… I was totally convinced that Luke was being set up by, most likely Franco, but I’m not sure how to explain the video tape of him driving the car. Putting Jake’s DNA on the car wouldn’t be hard, but video… I just don’t know.

    I’m not at all surprised that Tony Geary was anxious for Luke to be the driver. It sure gives him some acting challenges instead of the mildly drunk goof he has been for years. I thought he did a great job even if this s/l is character assassination in the worst way. I bet he and JJ found their scenes together very rewarding. I also really liked the ‘historical’ clip, and like that both characters are currently played by the ‘historical’ actors.

    Tracy has been shopping a long time! She needs to high tail it over to the Haunted Star!

    I liked the Liz/Lulu interaction, but I think Lulu could have gone even farther in her apology.

    I liked the Michael/Abby love scenes. They were sexy and believable. Oh, and my worst fears were not realized. Yippee! I had worried that prison rape wouldn’t be enough for poor Michael and we would then have to watch him struggle with erectile dysfunction too. With the writing track record lately, I was elated that he not only had a good time but also seemed to have the ‘stamina’ of a guy his age!

    Sam needs to start spending more time with Jason.

    I like the Franco twists from time to time, but he shouldn’t just ‘dial in’ his performance. That just seems a little lame. At least it gives Sean a new job and potential for Sean and Carley to mess around. I think that could be a cool match up.

    Welcome back Scrimmage.

    Posted by lillybee at Monday, March 28 2011 03:20 PM

    What exactly did Jason mean when he said that "I feel responsible for what happened."?

    Posted by 4myJylli at Monday, March 28 2011 03:38 PM

    Some amazingly powerful acting by Luke and Lucky today. BRAVO to them both. About the only thing I’ve enjoyed throughout this entire s/l.

    Also enjoyed Mabby. Now that's what I call Love in the Afternoon.

    Hello all GH cyber-posters: ransomha, FUBU, ENAD19, Aussie-gal, lilmafia, poodles, NYDrama, runnergirl, ttoyou, cynic, mamajj, cbru, cowboyfan, BeanCounter, beenaroundalongtime, da_kid, lovelymarlena, Canadagirl17, TipsyTess, TXMN, leo123, Monkey, Blesseddiva, siliconvalleysally, lily hunter, Scrimmage, No More, nat21, lillybee, StraightTalker, Redcanuck, STORM04, Hera, Jessexx57, anyone I missed and all the new posters.

    Posted by da_kid at Monday, March 28 2011 03:55 PM

    I hope that when they have Jake's funeral, they will bring all of his family members back. We haven't seen Monica in forever. Jason did confide in her that Jake was his son, so she should be there. We should also see Bobbie and Audrey. They can bring them back for just one day.

    Glad Michael had one day of happiness. He was long overdue for some happy times. And like the typical teenage boy having sex for the first time with an older woman, he is covinced that he is in love. I hope he slows down,but that response is so typical.

    Posted by mamajj at Monday, March 28 2011 04:35 PM

    Hi all.

    OMG I thought the tears would be over today but Luke got me. When he broke down, I could really feel his pain. The guilt I should say. I am telling you people, the last week of shows have been some of the finest acting I've seen in a long time. These clips should be the ones they submit to the Emmy's next year. just raw & fantastic.

    Mabby...AWWW so sweet these two. I really liked their scene. It was gentle & sweet. And Micheal not be able to unhook the bra was so cute & innocent. I thought it was very tastefully done. I think though Micheal should have NOT said he loved her. Too soon after the first time. It should have waited.

    I liked how Lulu apologized to Liz. And Liz was just like it doesn't even matter anymore. It's so true. Things that bother you one week don't seem that important the next. It was nice to see them sit down & talk.

    Lucky just broke my heart today. JJ is a phenomenal actor. And despite everything he went to Jason to plead w/him NOT to kill his dad. This is going to be something to watch the next few months. Watching Luke/Lucky try to work through this tragedy.

    Hello to all my poster friends.

    Posted by MiaB at Monday, March 28 2011 04:52 PM

    poor luke, he feels absolutely terrible! liked the flashback with young lucky

    poor liz as well, felt so bad for her! proud of lulu for saying sorry!

    Posted by ttoyou at Monday, March 28 2011 04:53 PM

    Not sure why posters have mentioned that the character of Luke has been assassinated with this story line. I think it fits into the character of Luke who's been a daily and day time drinker for years. And his acting was phenomenal today. I really could feel his pain.

    I also loved the scenes between Michael and Abby today. Could have done without the noisy smooching, (something Nic always did) however, it was sweet to watch him struggle with her bra and then look thrilled to see her braless. Great scene.

    Why is Jason ready to kill Luke for hitting Jake but able to forgive Carly in a minute. I hate to say that I'm getting a little tired of Jason but I am. It's no longer the Sonny show but the Jason show. What happened to the other characters? I loved GH for its ensemble of unique characters but they've mostly been placed on the back burner.

    Posted by aussie-gal at Monday, March 28 2011 04:56 PM

    Tipsy, I agree with you. I like the way they're writing for Michael & Abby. I like the slow build up instead of rushing it through.

    rjewls, I agree with you.

    Jess, that's why I don't believe all of these conspiracy theories that are way out there. The evidence is too obvious. Some people just can't admit that Jake is gone.

    We know Jason won't kill Luke. What will happen I wonder? Is it time for AG's annual vacation? How lucky for him to get time off and travel to Europe each year? Lucky and fortunate indeed.

    da_kid, Monica doesn't know Jake is Jason's son. I doubt they would bring her in for the funeral.

    mamajj, I agree about JJ. He is a fantastic actor. I hope this storylines gives him another Emmy.

    Posted by satindoll1000 at Monday, March 28 2011 05:00 PM

    what the hell is general hospital doing how is a accident when luke hit a 4yr old boy when everybody in port charles knows luke have a drinking problem the man said he been drinking since he was 12...hello...if luke was not going to jail why kill off jason son...who by the way never even knew the little boy existed now he want to play daddy...come on now get real

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