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    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'General Hospital'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates, which we strive to ensure are posted before 6:00pm ET!

    You Can't Leave Me.

    Monday, March 14 2011
    Sonny urges Brenda to live, Dante and Lulu reconnect, and Ethan and Luke plot.

    Over Jason's protests at the airstrip, Dante stops him from shooting the plane down and calls Theo's escape in.

    At the Metro Court, Kristina tries to convince Carly to interrupt Michael and Abby so they don't have sex. Carly tells her Michael is an adult so she can't just go around policing his love life. Kristina thinks his first time should be with someone different than Abby, but Carly reminds her Michael isn't like kids his own age. Kristina thinks he just hasn't allowed himself to get to know anyone at school. Carly understands she's having a hard time dealing with someone else coming first in Michael's life. She likens their relationship to her and Jason's. Jason calls and tell Carly Brenda has been rushed to the hospital and Sonny might need her. Carly doesn't think she can help, so Jason asks her to let the kids know. Once she hangs up and Kristina has left, Jax walks in the restaurant. Carly tells Jax that Brenda is in the hospital and it doesn’t look good. The conversation turns into an argument about Josslyn being kept from Carly. Jax just wants to protect the kids from anyone who can hurt them.

    Mac shows up at the airstrip and gets updated by Dante. Mac questions Dante's cooperation with Jason and Sonny. He tells him the department will not collaborate with the mob and orders him to remember that Sonny and Jason are criminals.

    A panicked Jason races home to instruct Spinelli to find Theo. Sam is confused because she thought Brenda was safe and it was over. Spinelli runs upstairs to get to work as Jason tells Sam he will not stop until Theo pays for almost killing her.

    Michael and Abby's kiss is interrupted by the timer alerting them to their meal being ready. They sit down to eat and engage in small talk. Things get awkward though when beds and showers are mentioned. They clean up the dishes and then pick up where they left off by making out. As they make their way to the bedroom, Michael gets a call from Kristina about Brenda. Michael says he will be right there.

    Patrick pulls Sonny outside Brenda's room and tells him he's not sure Brenda will make it through the night. Sonny says Brenda needs reassurance not doubt right now and sits by his wife's side to tell her about the honeymoon they will go on. Edward arrives by Sonny's request. Edward lashes out at Sonny, but Sonny just wants him to give Brenda some strength to fight. Edward sits with Brenda, who is now unconscious and hooked up to a breathing machine. Patrick returns with new test results and tells Sonny Brenda isn't getting any better. Michael and Abby rush to the hospital to check on Brenda and Sonny. Abby waits in the lobby as Michael goes to his dad. Kristina sees Abby and tells her to get out of Michael's life if she really cares about him. Michael walks up on Sonny calling Bernie. He declares he will do whatever it takes to make sure Theo dies for what he did to Brenda. Michael talks with his father and offers to help find Theo. Sonny doesn't want him involved. He orders his son to make himself a better man than he is by staying away from the business. Sonny returns to his bride to tell her how much she changed his life. His world means nothing without her in it so she can't leave him. Brenda's monitor goes off as she opens her eyes. Patrick and Robin walk in and determine the antidote is working. Out in the hallway, Robin asks Sonny to let Brenda's improved health be enough and to not seek revenge. Elsewhere, Michael meets up with Abby and bemoans the fact that his dad and Jason treat him like a kid by not wanting him in the business.

    Dante stops by Lulu's to tell her if it was her in the hospital instead of Brenda, he would lose his mind. Lulu hopes he's not staying away from the hospital because of her. He says he doesn't belong there. He belongs with her. He knows he's been ass and he hopes she can forgive him. She answers him with a kiss. Dante calls for a report on Brenda and learns she's on the road to recovery. He kicks himself for all the heartache he caused by keeping Lulu in the dark about Brenda. She reminds him they can now have a lot of great makeup sex.

    Ethan boards the Haunted Star where Luke shows his son diamonds he stole. He can't fence them though because they are too hot. Instead, he wants Ethan's help to plant them on Jax in order to help Carly. As they plot, Tracy and Maya find them and demand to know what they are up to. Luke readily fesses up to planning to blackmail Jax. Maya and Tracy aren't exactly pleased to hear this. Luke asks Ethan to take Maya home so he can talk to his own wife. Luke tells Tracy he wants to take her on a honeymoon. Just the two of them in a romantic location. He will even pay for it. He promises there are no hidden agendas.

    Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Jason learns Johnny is connected to the car bomb.

    Liz threatens to take away Nikolas' rights to see Aiden.

    Michael tries to prove his independence.

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Monday, March 14 2011 01:11 PM

    I'm so proud of Carly. She didn't bat an eye when the Brat told her Michael was about to have sex with Abby. Carly told her that Michael was a grown man. This is the Carly I like. Maybe we can be friends again.

    Sonny asked Edward to go and sit with Brenda and all he can do was give Sonny grief. Go in there and sit your old arse down and talk to that girl. Do you hate Sonny more than you love Brenda?

    Mack makes me ill. He is trying to come down on Dante. Mack has never solved a crime. He can't even stop Lisa from breaking into his house.

    I still don't understand why they just let Theo go. They should have shot his shiny head when they had the chance. It's not like he gave them an antidote for Brenda if they released him. Now they have to search for him all over again. They have two nuts to look for now. The Balkan and Franco.

    I'm sure Krstina loved breaking up Michael's date with Abby. I think Kristina wants Michael. She was all up in Abby's face when she came to the hospital. Abby looked at her like she was crazy. Abby should have tapped her on the head and asked her if it was past her bedtime.

    Hey Kristina, I have a job for you, since you like breaking up people. Would you please break up Dante and Lulu. My eyes will thank you.

    Posted by CdaFanEN at Monday, March 14 2011 01:36 PM

    Woo hoo!! Make up sex for Lante!! Their scenes not only made my Monday but have made my week - and I have a great one this week I'm still doing my happy, happy, happy dance!! JMB and DZ can accomplish so much in such short scenes - heartfelt emotion, playfullness and hot, Hot, HOT chemistry!!

    Oh sure Jason, go ahead and shoot down a fully fueled airplane over people. That's always such a great idea What a tool! I thought Jason was supposed to be the brilliant super hero of PC!?! He's certainly slipping!! Sheesh.

    What was with Abby given under-aged, on-parole Michael alcohol?!?! I'm not usually one to preach on this subject because I drank a little wine with family before I turned 19 but I wasn't on parole and it was under my parent's supervision. I love Mabby but they need to get real on a few issues!

    I'm not even going to talk about Kristina. Bah! Now, SHE'S a tool!!

    I love seeing Edward get all curmudeonly but he definitely should have gone into see Brenda first and THEN he can tear Sonny a new one. We've certainly had a lot more Edward sightings of late and I for one hope they continue. But he should bring Monica back from that spa soon too.

    Luke, Luke, Luke.....I'm done with this guy! Honestly, pilfering MORE diamonds and in front of Tracy yet again too. He certainly doesn't have an ouce of respect for Tracy OR their marriage does he?!? I love TG but I hate how they've been writing Luke lately. Morally defunct and emotionally bankrupt is not appealing to me personally.

    Well, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we are blessed with Lante afterglow tomorrow THAT would just be the topper to my 3 day week

    Posted by enad19 at Monday, March 14 2011 02:05 PM

    So, now Mac has selective memory does he? I guess he forgot that he promised to look the other way and it doesn’t matter but Jason, a mob enforcer and company should do whatever it takes to get rid of Jerry? Or most recently allowed a mob boss to interrogate an assassin in his interrogation room. Now he wants to exert his imaginary authority and gripe about Jason and Sonny to Dante? Pulease Mac, spare us and stop pretending that you actually know what you and the rest of the PCPD are doing. You cannot have it both ways and pick and choose when to follow police procedures and when not to. Go back to shuffling papers in your office because the image of you telling Michael to go home after he confessed to a murder is still too fresh in my mind.
    I guess a storm is coming because Sonny didn’t threaten a doctor to save a loved one’s life or else? Somehow I am not feeling the Sonny/ Brenda reunion and her coming back from the brink all that much. It is somewhat flat to me, I guess maybe because I never felt that there was any real sense of danger.
    Dante and Lulu sexing it up? My eyes, my eyes? What will it take to break up these two idiots? In all the time I have been watching GH, I cannot recall hating a pairing as much as I hate watching Dante and Lulu together. Dante brings out the worst in Lulu.
    Whatever did I do wrong to be subjected to another episode with this insufferable dingbat Kristina? How dare she speak to Abby that way, and what Kumbaya calming potion is Abby drinking anyways, why can’t she get riled up enough to put that twit in her place? So Kristina wants Michael to be with someone at school. My question to Kristina is, “How well has that worked out for you huh? Twerp!

    Posted by ransomha at Monday, March 14 2011 02:29 PM

    It would be cool if Abby yanks Kristina down a deserted hall., puts her up against the wall and gives her a waring that if she doesn't bud out,Abby will kick her azz. When Kristina goes to tell, no one will believe her anyway and Abby will have got her point across .

    Only my sweet Sonny can talk a woman back from the brink of death. I think it was the skinny dipping that Brenda didn't want to miss. Now I hope we can have a few weeks of a happily married couple. Relationships last a minute on this show.

    I am looking forward to mobster Michael.Would be great if Michael brings Theo to his father.

    Posted by poodles at Monday, March 14 2011 02:40 PM

    Hi everyone & happy Monday.

    Wow! Brenda recovered really fast. I wonder if she will even spend the night at GH.

    enad- I too didn't feel the love with Sonny and Brenda and was also thinking it felt flat. I think it was because they followed Jason and Sam's amazing hospital/recovery Love Story...That would be a hard act to follow.

    I'm cooking an early dinner for my hubby, so I will return later tonight to share my thoughts. Happy posting.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Monday, March 14 2011 03:14 PM

    ***off topic***

    I’ve noticed a couple of posters have mentioned losing their posts in the middle of writing them. I’m not sure, but I think when they took this site down for maintenance, they added a self-refreshing feature, which is nice to automatically load new posts, but bad if it wipes out something you were about to post before you were finished. I always write my stuff in Word and then paste it anyway, so I haven’t actually been caught by a refresh and I’m not really sure if that’s the problem. Has anybody else noticed any differences here?

    Posted by dieleelanteforever at Monday, March 14 2011 03:14 PM

    Thank goodness dante and lulu are back together and stronger they are the cutest couple and have so much chemistry makes Gh worth watching. I also glad brenda is out of danger and jason is out for revenge wait till he finds out who is responsible for the bomb jason is going to go berserk. So dante was telling lulu if she was in the hospital he couldn't live with himself he would be devastated that is true love just like sonny with brenda and jason and sam. Great monday show today. Abby don't you know michael can't drink because he is on probation and dante is going to try and get michael paroled early. Edward it is not sonny fault with this one she is the one who brought the balkan to PC.

    Posted by willowk at Monday, March 14 2011 03:20 PM

    Glad it looks like Brenda will be fine, and that it didn't take all that long. Hope she and Sonny get a little time to be happy before the next shoe drops.

    Am getting really tired of all the Dante angst over needing to oppose everything Sonny does. My only hope is that somehow he does lose his badge, and maybe he could live his life without needing to chase after Sonny all the time. But I'll not hold my breath.

    And Kristina, I think we're all in agreement that Kristina needs to butt out. Perhaps she needs to have a ghostly visit from her namesake, who was way cooler and (in my memory at least) not wound as tight.

    Posted by fromthestart at Monday, March 14 2011 03:21 PM


    *******************OFF TOPIC**********************

    You may be right....The site "refreshed" as I was posting this a.m. and my entire post just "went away"

    Posted by lily hunter at Monday, March 14 2011 03:29 PM

    Did someone change Carly’s meds or is it the thought of Shawn waiting on the couch that has her saying that she and Sam must make room for each other in Jason’s life and that she won’t interfere with Michael’s life choices? Poor Jax, this Carly doesn’t care and has told you to go to the hospital to see Brenda. Maybe Carly’s attitude is changing because she knows she won’t have to listen to the mob violence blah blah blah from Jax much longer now that Uncle Luke has signed on to neutralize him.

    If Krissy is to become a Carlyette, she has to learn the moves, starting with her tone of voice. Don’t get me wrong, she has the potential to inflict much more damage to get her way because she is a 17 year old who doesn’t understand limitations or boundaries. Her daddy issues are going to make trouble for Ethan and Michael. Instead of going to PCU she should go spend some time with Grandma Helena to hone her craft, then she can take over the C organization instead of Michael.

    Some good lines between Abby and Michael today “a real bed”, “a shower for two”, and “cereal for breakfast”. Too bad they were interrupted, but we all know there will be more chances, unless Michael doesn’t listen and ends up back in P’ville. At least Krissy would be happy that he’s not sleeping with Abby.

    The bickering continues for Jason and Dante until Mac shows up to inform them that they can’t play together anymore. It’s all fun and games until there are dead bodies to explain and paperwork to fill out. If Dante and Lucky lose their badges, I guess Ronnie the “honest cop” would be the lead investigator at the PCPD. It will then be up to McCall, Jackal, Falconeri, and Spencer to solve all the PC mysteries. Speaking of Jason and Sonny, listen to the women who deeply care about you. The best revenge would be to find baby Barrett, change his name to Corinthos by adoption, and send Theo photos of the happy family.

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