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    Get Out Of Your Own Way.

    Wednesday, March 02 2011
    Lucky advises Nikolas, Jason goes after Shawn, and Terrell furthers his plan.

    Robin walks off the elevator after Patrick tells Lisa her expertise isn't required on Sam's case. As Robin thanks Patrick again for being there for her last night, Lisa has Terrell paged. Patrick assures his estranged wife Brenda is alive and urges her to keep the faith until there's a reason not to. Terrell finds Lisa, who is worried Patrick and Robin are seconds away from a reconciliation. Terrell assures her he's got it and walks over to talk to Robin about the AIDS wing.

    Terrell and Robin go to the pier to discuss funding they can apply for in regards to the Stone Cates AIDS Wing. Robin is excited and vows they will write the proposal to end all proposals. She thanks him with a hug, but he looks conflicted.

    Back at the hospital, Terrell tells Lisa he hit Robin right where she lives. Lisa is cautiously optimistic and wants to target Patrick. Terrell suggests she back off for now because it's all going according to plan. Meanwhile, Robin tells Patrick she has to work with Terrell tonight, but she's not closing the door on anything with him. Patrick is understanding as she walks off with Terrell. Lisa asks Patrick if he wants to grab a beer with her. He scoffs and walks away.

    A man enters Shawn's hospital room with a pillow and attempts to smother him. Shawn fends him off, as Molly walks in. The man leaves and Molly wonders what just happened. Lucky enters and Molly leaves after Shawn reassures her. Shawn tells Lucky Theo sent someone to kill him. Lucky leaves to look into it, but returns after just missing the thug. Lucky thinks they can use Shawn as bait in order to catch the next hitman so they can question him about Theo. Shawn isn't too keen on that idea. After Lucky leaves, Shawn starts to get out of bed.

    Jason and Sam wake up in her hospital bed together, but she still can't hear. She kisses him, as Alexis and Kristina walk in. Once alone, Jason questions Sam, who only remembers Theo being in the backseat of her car. Jason explains what happened. He also tells her she's amazing and kisses her, as Molly interrupts them. Molly brings her sister some books to read. She also declares she will teach Jason and Sam sign language. She teaches them how to sign "I love you." Sam tells Jason to go look for Brenda, while she learns from Molly. Jason signs "I love you" to Sam and leaves. Alexis and Kristina return and the Davis women enjoy spending time together. Alexis and Molly leave the room and Sam gets up to stretch her legs, but she passes out. Kristina yells for help.

    Elizabeth sees Lucky as he heads to the elevators. He explains he's been busy, so he hasn't been able to check in with her. He also fills her in on Theo being the Balkan. She shows him photos of the boys and tells him Monica thinks Aiden looks like him. Lucky thinks Laura's genes just skipped a generation with Nikolas. Later, Jason finds Lucky, who recounts how someone tried to kill Shawn, which makes him he think they can trust him. Jason of course is leery and wants to make sure he's telling the truth.

    After Jason discovers Shawn missing from his room, he tracks him down and tells him he will pay for luring Jason and Sam into a trap.

    Nikolas finds Brook Lynn dancing in his den. She notes he's been edgy lately and wonders why he's been avoiding her. He nervously admits he's been thinking about her a hell of a lot lately. She returns the sentiment and tells him she was hoping he would come to her room last night. He laughs because he stood outside her door for ten minutes thinking about it. She makes it clear she's interested by passionately kissing him. Things intensify, but Nikolas backs off. He wants this, but the last time he took what he wanted, he ruined three lives and he doesn’t want to make it four. He walks out, leaving Brook frustrated.

    Nikolas and Lucky run into each other at the launch on the pier. Nik tells his brother he made an ass of himself in front of Brook. Lucky offers to listen to him and Nikolas admits he feels obligated to Elizabeth. Lucky asks if he loves Liz. Nikolas says as a friend and the mother of his child. Lucky tells him to accept what he's done and move on. If he wants Brook then get out of his own way and be with her.

    Theo's servant, Jules, enters Brenda's room to offer his services. She tries to get information out of him, but even though he appears easy to sway, he declares he can't tell her anything because he has his orders.

    A "ragged" Suzanne walks into Theo's lair to tell her husband Shawn told Lucky everything he knows about him. Theo tells her to relax because it's being handled. Theo also tells her he has Brenda in his custody, but he won't tell her where. He explains he didn't tell her Brenda was alive so her reaction to the explosion would be real. However, Mrs. Balkan is the only person he does trust. After Suzanne has left, Jules brings Brenda to see Theo, who tells her everyone thinks she died just like Lily did. Now, he wants to talk about his grandchild.

    Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Brenda fills Theo in.

    Michael gets into a dangerous situation.

    Molly recognizes Shawn's attacker.

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Wednesday, March 02 2011 01:07 PM

    What kind of buffoon was that The Balkan sent to take out Shawn?

    Why did Nikolas put the brakes on with Brook Lynn? Is it because she is unattached. He perfers the one that are already taken.

    I had forgotten all about Loony Lisa until they pulled her out of her bat cave today. Terrell told her she was getting that stalker look again. And it wasn't a good look on her. Does she have another look that we don't know about?

    Loved how Patrick laughed in her face when she invited him out for a drink.

    I hope that guy does not go after Molly because she can identify him.

    Posted by jasamalltheway at Wednesday, March 02 2011 01:24 PM

    I haven't watch today's episode yet but it looks pretty good. I hope this hearing loss story they have going on with Sam is meant for a bigger storyline not just a 2 day event and that's it. It is nice to see Nikolas and Lucky having a brotherlly moment. What I don't understand is not too long ago Nik was soo in love with a liz and now he just loves her as a friend. So all this pain that was caused was for nothing. Anyways now that RH is staying I really hope they make her character more assertive and independent.

    Posted by Diana8254 at Wednesday, March 02 2011 01:37 PM

    I wonder how Lucky and Nicolas will react once Liz has new test done and finds out that Aiden is Lucky's not Nicolas's.

    Posted by enad19 at Wednesday, March 02 2011 01:38 PM

    If Shawn was in a coma, then I could understand why that idiot assassin would think to smother him with a pillow, because he would be unconscious and couldn't defend himself. But look at Shawn, the man is huge, strong, muscular, strapping, and the list goes on and on, and on and then you have this puny fool trying to smother Shawn with a pillow, get the F outta here and go back to the school of assassin.

    Can I just say how enjoyable I find the Davis girls? Their relationship is so refreshing compared to what everyone else is going through. Even Molly who I find taxing to deal with at times is a joy to watch.

    Somebody hold meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Nothing serious better be wrong with my girl Sam.

    I'm still trying to figure out terrell. So he's got the hot for Lisa and Lisa knows this and is using the promise that MAYBE Terrell can get a whiff of Lisa's body if he up and left whatever hole he climbed out of to live in PC and seduce a HIV positive woman? WHAT, WHAT, WHAT????? Clearly, Terrell cannot see how crazy Lisa is, because frankly, Terrell is crazier than her. At least Lisa did the deed with Patrick, but all Terrell got was after I'm done with Patrick, we'll see what's left of me you can have? And how long do you suppose that might be? What a loon!

    Something tells me that Theo does not trust his wife. And despite all the stupidity behind his actions, a man doesn't successfully (at least up till now) own two equally powerful personae unless he keeps his secrets close to his vest and trusts no-one, even his co-conspirator and wife. Same could be said for Mrs. Balkan, it appears that she cares for Brenda and is terrified of what Mr. Balkan will do to her.

    Posted by poodles at Wednesday, March 02 2011 01:55 PM

    Hi everyone.

    CB- I too hope that Rent-A-Goon doesn't go after Molly, but why wouldn't he? I would have thought Lucky would have seen to having some protection placed on Molly or at least given Jason the full story.

    Why didn't the police have gaurds outside Shawns hospital room?

    I often will say Dante, Lucky or so and so are stupid, but without a doubt, Terell is the dumbest guy ever. Terell is this supposedly gifted doctor who did a prestigious residency, yet he allows Lisa to suck him into her immature psychotic plan...and for what? She has refused all his come ons, doesn't hide the fact that she only wants Patrick, the guy is STUPID.

    Another fantastic Jasam day. Loved it when he made the I Love you sign. Hope Sam is just not ready to stand up yet and isn't having problems like Kristina friend who was on the trip.

    Happy posting.

    Posted by Blesseddiva at Wednesday, March 02 2011 01:56 PM

    I thought Lisa was starting to feel something for Johnny. I guess she is a glutton for punishment--like Claudia.
    Robin is just handing her man over on a silver plate.

    Nikolas, stop playing hard to get. Get over there and give Brook the business.

    What was Liz's point in telling Lucky about Monica's statement? I guess she wanted to hear "yea, he could be mine!"

    Posted by Redcanuck at Wednesday, March 02 2011 02:01 PM

    I knew the tag line was going to be get out of your own way - it was pretty good.

    Was I the only one who thought that Nik was going to tell Lucky that he had become impotent as a result of scewing up Lucky and Lizs relationship??? Tell me it wasnt just me

    FF a lot today - no Corinthos family -

    Posted by beenaroundalongtime at Wednesday, March 02 2011 02:01 PM

    Hello to all.

    How long will Lisa storyline go on? Is the end near? Maybe the May sweeps will end this crap. I vote for sooner. I'm sick of Terrell and Lisa. Hugging Robin today, Terrell has that look of I am falling for this babe.

    Oh, hey Shawn tell Jason that Suzanne was in on Brenda's kidnapping.

    Ready to start and end Franco's storyline.

    Posted by StraightTalker at Wednesday, March 02 2011 02:02 PM

    Hello all:

    The surprise just keeps on coming. I expected to see Brenda blabbering upon realizing that she was kidnapped, but not only wasn’t she whimpering, she was calm and somewhat funny. Her interaction with Fred was comical
    Brenda: “what’s your name?”
    Fred” Call me the man with the knife”
    Brenda:”That’s too long, I’ll call you Frank”

    Now, this Brenda I can definitely get behind. Woops, I retract my brownie points because she didn’t even ask who the person was Theo replaced her with in the limo.

    Shawn must be touched by an angel because despite the several attempts on his life, he is still here. Much to the relief of Carly, Molly, and the rest of the ladies on the board. You all know who you are…Rans, 4my, Ttoyou, Storm, Fubu, lol. Y’all cracked me up with your comments on Shawn on yesterday’s epi.

    Reina soares- you should be outlawed for your Shawn and Epifany comment, LMAO!!
    Scrimmage- you sent me over the edge about Epifany being so loud that even Sam would have no problem hearing her, lol.

    Fubu-ITA w/u on the Carly and Shawn post from this morning. The woman in Carly recognizes the man in Shawn, and the inner lady is standing up in anticipation. Can you say Jax who?

    Lock me up and throw away the keys because I am stuck in the Jasam bubble and don’t want to get out. I was alternating between this big goofy grin on my face and sporadic outburst of laughter. For a while there I was starting to sound like Brenda, lol.

    Waking up with Jason next to you is way, way better that waking up to see Theo. Sam is a lucky lucky woman. Jason getting in the hospital bed and sleeping over reminded me of how Sam did the same when he was hospitalized after his second memory lost.

    Jason and Sam moments were awesome and so were the scenes with the Davis girls. They really looked and acted like they were really mother and daughters.

    Posted by enad19 at Wednesday, March 02 2011 02:04 PM

    Bless, at this point, I don't care who ends up with Patrick. I feel that while Robin has a right to be hurt and resentful that her husband cheated on her with a crazy person who terrorized her, I feel that currently, Robin knows that she doesn't want to divorce Patrick, but is punishing him like a child for his misdeeds. I will never imply that Patrick had a right to cheat, but Robin is an unforgiving, sanctimonious hypocrite who is acting like a spoil child. She pressured Brenda to give Sonny another chance, but cannot look into her heart to do the same for Patrick, dangling the I love you in his face, but still refuse to either let him go or take him back. She has reached the point where she is humbling him and I would be okay, if Patrick threw his hands up and walk away. Robin wants perfection and the funny thing is that she is far from it. Like Scrimmage often says: RUN, PATRICK RUN.

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