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    Forgiveness And Trust.

    Tuesday, February 22 2011
    The truth comes out at the wedding, Shawn makes a deal, and Liz has doubts.

    At the altar, Brenda tells Sonny she objected because if she didn't Carly would have. She says Carly has a document that proves she and Dante had an affair a few years ago. Lulu sits stunned in her seat as Sonny demands answers. Dante explains he claimed himself the father of Brenda's child and gave up his rights, but it was a lie. He wasn't the father, but he lied to help Brenda protect her baby from the father's family. Carly doesn’t believe it, but Sonny tells her to sit down. Brenda apologizes for not telling him about her past. She says she's selfish and not good enough for him. She's sorry she hurt and disappointed him, but she has never stopped loving him. And never will. She starts to leave, but Sonny stops her. An uncharacteristically calm Sonny tells Brenda he doesn't want to make the mistake of walking out on their wedding day again. He wants to forgive her, but wonders why she couldn't trust him. She thought he would leave her. He tells her she ends up pushing people away all on her own because it's easier than worrying she isn’t worthy of their love. He still wants to marry her and she says yes. They continue the ceremony and are pronounced husband and wife.

    Suzanne meets Theo in his "fortress of solitude." She worries that his identity has been exposed, but he doesn't fret. Instead he will roll with the punches. However, he has no doubt Sonny will lose his bride on his wedding day. Suzanne expresses some concern and Theo accuses her of going soft on Brenda. Suzanne is offended declaring Aleksander was her son too. She is just worried he is vulnerable considering his alter ego is out in the open. He doesn’t care because all he wants is revenge. Theo gets a call about what went down at the wedding. He learns Brenda was pregnant with their grandchild at the time she shot Aleksander and asks if Suzanne knew this. Suzanne admits she knew because Brenda told her she had a miscarriage. Theo can't believe she didn’t tell him, but she didn't want to cause him any more pain. He says Brenda took everything: His son, his grandson, his only chance at an heir. Suzanne looks concerned as Theo yells out in frustration. She tells him she can finish this because no one knows who she really is. She promises to get justice for their son. He tells her to act quickly and says she will know what to do when the time comes.

    Jason holds his gun on Shawn in Diane's office, who is holding a gun on Sam. Shawn eventually relents and Sam takes his gun. Jason lowers his and they question Shawn, who doesn’t know Theo's location. Diane shows up and Jason informs her Theo is the Balkan. Diane is irate she was duped, but Jason tells her to pull it together and get some info on Theo.

    Jason and Sam bring Shawn back to the penthouse. Shawn asks where they go from here. Shawn later calls Theo from Jason's to set up a meet. Theo agrees, but tells Suzanne he knows Shawn has gone to the other side.

    Terrell consults on a case with Monica at the hospital and then gets some insight from Elizabeth. It seems a mother doesn't want to spill the beans on the true paternity of her son, which Elizabeth can relate to. After Elizabeth talks with Monica, who thinks Aiden looks like Lucky, she wonders if she should dig up some of Lucky's old baby pictures. Epiphany suggests she make peace with the fact that Nikolas is her son's daddy though. Elizabeth admits she never felt that Nikolas was the father and points out Helena could have switched the paternity tests. Epiphany wonders why she would want a Spencer as a Cassadine. Elizabeth knows she's right and thinks maybe she's just seeing what she wants to see.

    Siobhan meets Lucky at the airport and tells him she wants to go back to Port Charles with him. After expressing some concern he agrees, but Siobahn is told she can't get on the plane without applying for a visitor's visa since her last visa expired. Lucky steps in and says he has to take Siobhan back on a case and name drops Interpol. The ticketing agent allows it, but says Siobhan can only stay in the U.S. for one month.

    Tomorrow's Port Charles Spoilers for General Hospital:

    Theo continues to plot his revenge, as the reception gets underway.

    Dante tries to make things right with Lulu.

    Maxie wants Matt's help.

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Tuesday, February 22 2011 01:09 PM

    I'm glad Shawn is going over to the good side. Maybe he will stay on the show and they can dust off Dr. Lainey Winters and he can be her love interest.

    Well Carly, you have played your trump card. All you have left is your serpent tongue. The information you had was BOGUS. Wanna get away? Just start your broom up, make sure you put it in drive and not reverse. That way, you won't back into your big dumb arse on the way out. Or better yet, just fly using Southwest Airlines. I heard Bags fly free.

    Dante claimed the baby to protect Brenda. Why is Lulu looking so angry. Is it because her precious honey kept another secret? Now Brenda needs to find out that Suzanne is keeping her baby away from her. I don't trust Suzanne, saying the baby is dead.

    Sonny made me tear up pleading for Brenda not to walk out. I was saying "I Do."

    Dang, I was just smiling during the vows, like I was standing next to that good looking Sonny.

    After the ceremony, everybody was clapping except Lulu and Carly.

    How did the Balkan know that Shawn had switched sides?

    Oh, I forgot to add, I'm glad Elizabeth is staying. Monica gave her something to think about when she said the baby looks like Lucky. Hopefully she will have another test done.

    Posted by ABC Soap Addict at Tuesday, February 22 2011 01:23 PM

    My question is, how did teh Balkan know what Brenda said at the wedding? Who else is on his payroll?

    Posted by hugezendallfan at Tuesday, February 22 2011 01:25 PM

    cowboys fan, I read your posts daily and I gotta say I don't always agree with what you have to say but I always crack up at your comments. You are hilarious!!! I love reading you posts.

    Posted by CdaFanEN at Tuesday, February 22 2011 01:29 PM

    And the line of the week goes to Sonny - "Carly, shut up and sit down or leave!" Woo hoo!! And that wretched woman is going to be left standing alone in the ruins of her life after all is said and done - no friends, no family, no supporters, NOTHING!!! All we need now is for Jax to get up enough gumption and take Morgan & Josslyn away from her toxic influence!! I can smell the custody battle gearing up as I type!

    Holy cow!! Monica finally came home from the spa?!? I'm simply stunned I love that she is the catalyst to jump-start the whole paternity storyline though.

    Speaking of, ya Liz, why on earth would you actually trust ANY kind of test run while Helena was lurking around on the same continent?!?! Re-test ASAP!!!

    JMB & DZ have such amazing chemistry together - they don't even need dialogue to move the story forward. Their expressions today were just heartbreaking. Their reunion this week and into next (it's not a spoiler just the only plausible timeline) is going to be immensely powerful!!!

    I can't wait for tomorrow to see everyone give Carly the cold-shoulder and for Lante's record-clearing talk!! Talk about an emotional roller coaster week

    Posted by Blesseddiva at Tuesday, February 22 2011 01:30 PM

    Egg on Carly's Face! Sucks to be you, Caroline. I wonder if Brenda played Carly on making Carly think she had something, when she didn't have much. Carly looks like a spiteful b*tch. Long time coming girl. Now everyone in town sees you for what you are.

    Why is Lulu mad? Does she have to know every single thing Dante did before he met her? He didn't sleep with Brenda, nor does he have a child with her. So what is her problem?

    Correct me if I am wrong--but Brenda lost the baby, right? So why does everyone think there is a child out there?

    Theo the Balkan has supernatural powers. He can read minds over the telephone. Balkan is a...vampire. He shifted through Shawn's mind and saw Shawn was no longer his puppet. Either that, or they had a code word set up already.

    elizabeth, trust your motherly instincts. Get another test!

    Posted by Mommy K at Tuesday, February 22 2011 01:31 PM

    Great show today Brenda and Sonny are finally husband and wife. Damn Carly really messed up this time. She needs to go hide out in the Balkan's cave, until all this blows over. I'm really tired of Lucky and Shiobhan what a snooze fest.

    I'm not sure if I should feel sorry for Lulu. She did abandoned her family for Dante. I think Suzanne has a soft spot for Brenda. She's trying real hard to deny it. Why didn't she tell Balky about the baby?

    Loved seeing Liz today. She looked beautiful as usual. Baby Aiden is such a cutie pie. So glad she's staying!

    Posted by BOND66 at Tuesday, February 22 2011 01:32 PM

    I was so happy that the evil twit Carly made a fool out of herself trying to sabotage the wedding! Another one of her stupid, evil plans blew up in her face. She should be ostracized in Port Charles. Her accomplice, that dork Spinelli, should be ashamed of himself. I hope that someone takes down the Balkan and that Brenda is not harmed.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Tuesday, February 22 2011 01:33 PM

    Come on hugezendallfan, whatever would you disagree with about what I say. lol

    I speaketh the truthet.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Tuesday, February 22 2011 01:35 PM

    Blesseddiva, I just don't trust Suzanne, never have. That's why I think the baby is still alive. We only have her word that the baby is dead. And we all know what that's worth.

    When the Balkan grows hair, I will believe her. And that looks like never.

    Posted by Blesseddiva at Tuesday, February 22 2011 01:37 PM

    Posted by Mommy K at Tuesday, February 22 2011 01:31 PM

    I'm not sure if I should feel sorry for Lulu. She did abandoned her family for Dante.

    How exactly did Lulu "abandon" her family for Dante? Agreeing with your boyfriend's choice to do right, doesn't equate to abadoning your family. Michael killed someone and covered it up and a bunch of people were lying under oath. It is a crime, right?

    Anyone who doesn't agree with Carly gets iced out and punished. Dante was not intending to hurt Michael. Franco is responsible the rape.

    Carly brought her son up with Gangsters. Plus she is an unforgiving shrew. It is amazing that her sons are good hearted people.

    But with that said, Lulu did nothing wrong.

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