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    If Not Carly, Then Who?

    Wednesday, February 09 2011
    Carly is questioned, Patrick fumes, and Dante makes strides.

    After awkwardly answering the door to Robin in a towel, Terrell invites in for wine, saying he thinks the lady he had plans with isn't showing. Robin accepts, as Patrick secretly watches. Robin and Terrell enjoy the meal he ordered and the conversation turns to Patrick. Terrell thinks he's making a sincere effort to get her back. Robin tells him his affair with Lisa exposed the fatal flaw in their marriage, which is that Patrick is a player. Even if he could stay faithful though, she's not sure she can trust him. She asks about his love life and Terrell admits he's never been involved in anything too serious.

    Patrick hightails it over to Jake's to question Steve about what he knows about Terrell. He tells Olivia and Steve Robin is in the new doctor's hotel room. Olivia suggests he step up his game and win his wife back. Later, Matt joins Patrick, who won't let Terrell take advantage of his wife and takes off. After Elizabeth tries to needle Brook regarding Nikolas, Liz says she needs to get home, but Steve is preoccupied. Nikolas says he'll take care of it…by helping to call her a cab. When he returns he thanks Brook for not taking Liz's bait.

    Matt follows his brother to the Metro Court and tries to talk him down from busting in on Terrell and Robin. Patrick won't let Terrell play his wife, but Matt thinks Robin won't take kindly to it. Instead, Matt will go up and make up an excuse to get Robin out of there. Before Matt can head upstairs, they see Robin and Terrell walk of the elevator laughing.

    At the Metro Court, Ronnie tells Carly her business card was found at the Archer Pavilion so he has to take her down for questioning. Carly thinks Brenda set her up. Once Carly is taken in, Lulu finds her father dining in the restaurant. She sits with Luke and asks for his advice on what to do about Dante. She explains the situation and admits she loves him. She wonders if they have something worth saving. Luke tells her it's not worth it if two people can't accept each other for who they really are.

    In his loft, Dante tries to talk Michael down from going after Franco. He recalls his quest for revenge against Sonny and how it blew up in his face. He says the law is there to get Franco, but Michael thinks he would walk if he were arrested. Dante tells him the justice system works more than it fails. Michael wonders why he's turning in his badge then. Michael thinks he's great at his job and he believes in it. Ultimately, Dante agrees not to quit and Michael agrees not to go after Franco. Lulu stops by after Dante has left to get groceries. Michael lets her in and Lulu tries to express her feelings about what happened to him. Michael says they don’t need to talk about it. He's glad Dante has her to talk to though about his feelings about staying on the force. Dante returns and after some banter, Dante invites Lulu for dinner. Michael encourages her to stay so he doesn’t have to listen to how much Dante loves her and misses her. Lulu agrees as a favor to Michael.

    In the cottage, Brenda orders her wedding planner to make sure the wedding goes off without a hitch despite the Archer Pavilion being under water. Brenda thinks this was Carly's doing. Sonny says they can still elope and Brenda agrees as long as they bring the kids. Sonny gets a call from Jason about Carly and tells Brenda he's going down to confront his ex-wife. Brenda thinks he should ignore her instead, but Sonny declares he will shut her down!

    After some light questioning at the station, Ronnie tells Carly she's free to go. Jason tells Carly Brenda has an alibi and then questions Carly himself. She insists she did not flood the Pavilion. Jason leaves and after Carly signs some paperwork, Sonny walks in and accuses her of sabotaging the wedding. Carly defends herself, but still thinks the wedding shouldn't happen. She says if she had stepped in when he married Claudia, Michael would not have gone to prison.

    Carly returns to the Metro Court and finds her uncle still eating on her dime. She says she can't afford Luke any longer, but if he wants to stay there, he needs to defend her to Sonny. She says she has other ammunition to stop that wedding. She doesn’t need to resort to such pranks. Luke tells Carly if she is done with Sonny then she should let him go, but if she still wants him, then she should just take him.

    Jason returns home and catches Sam up on what's going on. He doesn't think Carly set off the sprinklers. Sam wonders if not Carly, then who? Once Jason is gone, Suzanne stops by and waits for Brenda. Sam tells her about all the sabotage surrounding Brenda's wedding. Suzanne is concerned someone was able to get past the guards. Brenda walks in and says it's obvious Carly is the saboteur. Sam leaves as Suzanne tries to convince Brenda not to marry Sonny.

    Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Lucky walks into a trap.

    Lulu surprises Dante.

    Lisa takes matters into her own hands.

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Wednesday, February 09 2011 01:12 PM

    I'm beginning to think like the other posters. I never did trust Suzanne. At first I thought Suzanne was the Balkan. I do believe she was the one that ripped Brenda's dress and messed with the sprinklers.

    Patrick is onto Terrell and Lisa, he just doesn't have any proof.

    Carly said if she had stopped Sonny the first time he married a whack job, Michael would not have gone to jail. Carly, I hate to be the one to tell you this, but you were Sonny's first whack job. If Sonny hadn't married you, you would have never stolen Michael away from his bio dad and given him to a mobster to raise. And Michael never would have ended up killing Claudia.

    I'm worried about Dante. Does he not still realize that he is keeping a secret for big head Lulu? Did I miss the episode where he told Lulu about the baby?

    I think Lulu is going to get back with him, because she just can't seem to stay away. Then this baby secret will come out and she will leave him for good. Which is good for me, because I don't want Dante with her anyway.

    Posted by toppriority280 at Wednesday, February 09 2011 01:32 PM

    Carly reeaally needs to be taken down about 5 notches and finally gets her bad karma back in 100 fold I am so sick of this person thinking she can mess with everyone's life she feels like.When will she get her's GH please hurry and do something before I quit watching I already do not watch any episodes with that stupid Lisa in it

    Posted by toppriority280 at Wednesday, February 09 2011 01:33 PM

    its spineeli or franco

    Posted by nat21 at Wednesday, February 09 2011 01:34 PM

    I wasn't really paying attention when Brenda was blaming Carly for the flooding (as she blames Carly for everything) but after when Sonny was leaving to confront Carly I could have swear I saw a smirk on Brenda's face!

    Also, why is everyone asking about Brenda's guards and how come they let someone rip the dress. They are supposed to be guarding Brenda and she was not a the house so how could they be guarding the penthouse and dress if she's not there? That is just annoying me!

    Was dying when Liz had to pick up her face after getting all happy that Nick was going to take care of her ride back home only to find out that he was only going to call her a cab.

    I can't stand the way that Sonny speaks to people. I noticed that Brenda does the same thing. They have no respect for anyone. She basically speaks to Sonny the same way she speaks to everyone else but only in a lower tone. I also don't like his attitude towards Carly and can't wait for her to drop her trump card. Even though it's not Dante's baby (he didn't know Brenda before she got preggers and the baby died, I am assuming this b/c she wasn't that far along when she left NYC) just the look on Sonny's face when he finds out will be enough for me.
    Patrick/Matt/Robin/Terrell were a bore to me.

    Posted by tweety31 at Wednesday, February 09 2011 02:07 PM

    Why did Brenda have that stupid smirk on her face when Sonny said that he was going down to the station, boy I wouldn't put it past that twit to have done this herself. I can't wait until the person is revealed.

    Sonny, please do us all a favor and get over yourself. Yea, Carly is the momma of your kids but she doesn't want you and your stupidity has made you look so unattractive. Loved the way Carly hit you with that low blow comment before leaving!

    NEWSFLASH: Carly would not leave her business card at the scene of the crime, which again this truly makes me think that Shawn and the Balkan are behind this. Remember the day he helped Molly and they went back to the hotel, she gave him her business card. Spinelli is MIA, he could be the one behind this!

    Best scence of the day was Liz's stupid look when Nicholas told her he would walk her out and call a cab, sucks to be you hon.

    Posted by terminator at Wednesday, February 09 2011 03:20 PM

    If the baby is NOT Dante's the why would Sonny care? As for Carly I don't care if she is getting blamed for something she didn't do. It's not like she isn't always putting the blame on somebody that is not at fault.

    Posted by nancy marie at Wednesday, February 09 2011 03:32 PM

    Just saw Genie Francis and Tony Geary on Oprah today.
    Genie looked simply smashing--vivacious, luminous, and gorgeous.
    I liked very much what she said when Oprah asked her if she would consider going back on GH. Genie said sure she would, but only if she could see the character going forward. "I done with playing the wounded dove," Genie said. "I'm done with playing the victim."
    Apparently Oprah and the audience liked her answer also for they all STOOD UP AND CHEERED. I say, Go, Genie! There are already too many women on GH being played the victim.

    Posted by da_kid at Wednesday, February 09 2011 03:38 PM

    What is wrong with Robin. I used to like her way back when she was a cute litle girl on the show, but what she is doing to Patrick is totally disrespectful. Sure, he disrespected her when he slept with Lisa, but I really thought they had gotten beyond that point. But to keep spending all of that time with him is so childish if she's trying to make Patrick jealous. If she saw him having dinner with another woman, she would go ballistic. I wish he would start seeing someone just to get her to open her eyes. She's going to feel like a fool when she finds out that he's not really interested in her, but just playing a game for Lisa.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Wednesday, February 09 2011 03:44 PM

    Ten things Guza knows nothing about.

    1.) Police procedures

    2.) Investigative techniques

    3.) The law and legal proceedings

    4.) Medical procedures and protocols

    5.) Prisons

    6.) Business

    7.) Strategic thinking

    8.) Marriage

    9.) Psychology

    10.) Sex

    Posted by Anna Lou at Wednesday, February 09 2011 03:59 PM

    Scrimmage, are you stating that Guza knows nothing about making a soap opera? lol

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