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    Time Is Of The Essence.

    Wednesday, January 26 2011
    Shawn carries out his first assignment, Terrell makes inroads, and Steve and Olivia grow closer.

    Dante drops by to pick up his mother at the hospital, but she knows something is wrong. He tells her Lulu broke up with him. Olivia knows it was his fault because Lulu is so in love with him. Dante explains what happened and Olivia advises him to put himself in Lulu's place. He says if he were her, he wouldn’t be able to trust himself, but he can't give up on her. Dante asks if she's ready to leave, but Steve walks in wondering if Olivia is ready to blow this joint. As Olivia deals with her discharge, Dante acts the protective son and suggests Steve wait to wine and dine his mother. He accuses him of taking advantage of her as Olivia returns. She drags Dante out in the hall ordering him to keep his nose out of her private life. She thinks he's butting into her private life because he doesn’t want to deal with his own. He retorts that he cares about her and doesn't want her to get hurt.

    Steve brings Olivia home, who wants to cook for him, but he takes over and makes them grilled cheese sandwiches. She tells him he is an incredible guy and the more she gets to know him, the more she likes him. He returns the sentiment.

    Robin runs into the hospital late because of a garage door mishap. Patrick says he'll come by to check out the garage door, but Robin says she needs to start doing things on her own. Later, Terrell offers to help Robin when she can't book a repair man. Patrick wonders why she didn't let him take care of it, as Lisa privately notes to Terrell he's no handyman. Elsewhere, Ethan finds Maya and tells her they lost their apartment because she didn’t give the landlord their deposit. He thinks she truly wants to stay at the mansion because she can't leave Edward.

    Tracy invites Brook to the mansion for lunch, but her granddaughter is suspicious. Tracy wants her to quit her job as Nikolas' companion. Brook defends Nikolas, leading Tracy to ask if she's in love with him. Brook just doesn't want to get off the gravy train and she won't let Elizabeth get her hooks back into Nik. She also points out her granny got the guy she wants, so why can she? Tracy tells her to go get her man, but if he so much as looks at her cross-eyed, she will get him. Edward enters the room after Brook has left. Maya and Ethan enter to announce they will be staying there. Edward is thrilled but Tracy is disdainful knowing Ethan isn't happy about the arrangement. Edward takes Ethan out of the room, as Tracy confronts Maya, who tells her she didn’t really want to leave.

    Brook arrives at the hospital and finds Nikolas with Elizabeth. Brook asks him to hit a new sushi place with her, but he declines because of his plans with Liz and Aiden.

    As Sam walks into Jason's penthouse, she calls Dr. Lee to tell her she's not ready to have a baby just yet. Jason walks downstairs and they discuss Michael and Spinelli, who runs in the door ready to work with Sam. Jason leaves and Sam tells Spinelli she wishes Jason had something to distract him.

    Theo brings Shawn to the office. Shawn wonders what his job has to do with kidnapping a bride at her wedding. Alexis and Diane walk in and meet their new investigator/security consultant. Alexis recognizes Shawn's name as the man who helped Molly. Alexis and Diane leave and Shawn says he'll get started on that job. Theo reminds him time is of the essence. Jason drops by and talks business with Diane, who is also worried Max is working too much guarding Brenda. Theo walks in and wants to sit in on their meeting, but Jason declares he only deals with Diane.

    Maxie finds Lulu wallowing on the couch at their place. Lulu says she can't go into work and asks her roomie to cover for her with Kate. Maxie thinks if she's so upset, she might want to take Dante back. Lulu can't be with a man who is half in love with another woman.

    Shawn finds Johnny on the street and beats him up. Johnny says he got the message. After Shawn has left, Lulu finds Johnny on the ground.

    Lulu takes Johnny back to his penthouse and they find Lisa already inside.

    Shawn returns to the office and meets Jason, who wonders why they need a security advisor. Theo explains he needs a detective to investigate Banovic, which means he will also need security from the Balkan. Shawn asks Jason what he knows about the Balkan. Once alone, Shawn tells Theo he gave Johnny his message and he will cooperate. Theo says it's all a simple case of vengeance. Dante walks in as Theo says a man died and his family deserves justice.

    Jason returns home and finds Sam's pamphlet on the fertility procedure. He wonders if she's thinking about having a baby.

    Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Dante and Theo argue.

    Lucky and Jason grow suspicious.

    Brook gets the upper hand on Liz.

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Wednesday, January 26 2011 01:07 PM

    Dante, stop all your whining. If Lulu was all that to you, you would have been engaged or married by now.

    Dante told Olivia that he lied to Lulu too many times and want to know how he can get Lulu to trust him again. Does he not even realize that he is keeping another secret about the baby.

    I bet if Lulu ask him straight to his face if he was keeping something else from her he would say NO! Another lie.

    Brook Lynn pegged Elizabeth right. She told Tracy that the only reason Elizabeth is going after Nikolas is because she can't get her claws back into Lucky.

    Dante asked Steven if he was breaking some kind of code dating his mother. No more then the code Dante broke when he sexed up the woman he was body guarding.

    Is that honest Lulu helping a criminal Johnny hide his injuries from the law?

    Posted by StraightTalker at Wednesday, January 26 2011 01:41 PM

    Hello all:

    There were some interactions on today’s show that were quite interesting and sweet.

    I found Brook and Tracie’s talk to be surprisingly sweet. I like that they are connecting more ever since the wedding. There budding relationship reminded me of that of Tracie and Lulu;both couldn’t stand each other at first but gradually they reached a place of support and ease with one another. Glad to see the family connection being explored between these two.

    Another sweet moment was that between Tracie/Maya/Ethan/Edward. The family theme carried over into their interaction. Edward was right, what is the use of having a huge mansion and all the money in the world, if you don’t have family around with whom to share. I think that the message I got out of there scenes was that no matter how frustrating and aggravating family can be at times, as long as the foundation of love and respect is present, then there is always hope. It was really perceptive of Ethan and dear of Maya to decide to stay at the house.

    I will never get tired of seeing Jason and Sam on my screen and so I say, keep bringing it writers. The amazing thing about these two, and something that I think Enad has mentioned before, is that regardless of the length of time we get to see them, they always manage to leve us with a special feeling. I was smiling at Sam’s description of how Spinelli would choose to write Jason’s character in his book. I am looking forward to the baby discussion tomorrow.

    Spinelli can be a headache most of the time, but his scene with Sam kind of brought back some of my Spinelli love. I have always thought of Sam/Jason/Spinelli as a kind of pseudo family and Sam’s talk with him today reminded me of their original connection. I think that in some ways, Spin reminds Sam of her brother Danny and as such, she has always have a soft place in her heart for Spin.

    I actually liked Olivia today. She gave that lying son of hers some good advice and I think that she was very objective in her comments regarding the whole Dante/Lulu/Brenda train reck. Her scenes with Steve was delightful as well. I think that her budding relationship with Steve is more appropriate and more like her than the one she had with Johnny.

    Posted by Blesseddiva at Wednesday, January 26 2011 01:42 PM

    What kind of mobster is Johnny? he has no body guards, no enforcer, all he has is Ethan. He is getting beat up like a low level thug. How pathetic.
    That's right Lulu, go back to Johnny boy. At least you know what you are getting with him.

    Steve and Olivia, *yawn*, wake me up when it's over.

    Dear Patrick, when you were playboy Patrick, Robin couldn't stop making snide remarks about you or finding a way to be in your space. I suggest that you pretend you are moving on, and Robin won't be so chummy with new doc Terrell.
    Robin knows you will be there, so give her space and pretend to move on. You will see how fast Robin starts inviting you to spend time with Emma.
    Look at Nicholas. Elizabeth was talking so crazy and mean to him and wanted nothing to do with him...until he moved on to Brook. Now Elizabeth needs him all the freaking time.

    Posted by poodles at Wednesday, January 26 2011 01:58 PM

    Hi everyone.

    Did the Balkan get Brenda and I just missed it? Three days in a row without her.

    I was really hoping Retired was right and Shawn would turn out to be a good guy, but after watching him beat Johnny, I don't think so.

    Blesseddivia- I was thinking the same thing about Johnny. Whats next? A grade school kid stealing his lunch money. He definitely needs to find a new line of work.

    StraightTalker- You and me both, I can't get enough of Jason and Sam. I too, am looking forward to the baby talk. I just hope Brenda doesn't have a crisis and ruin it.

    Finally, I think Jason might be suspicious of Theo...It's about time!

    Loved the entire show today. I will try to post more later. Going to take twins and the poodles out for a walk and pickup some items for dinner. Happy posting.

    Posted by Blesseddiva at Wednesday, January 26 2011 02:05 PM

    Posted by poodles at Wednesday, January 26 2011 01:58 PM

    StraightTalker- You and me both, I can't get enough of Jason and Sam. I too, am looking forward to the baby talk. __________________________________________________

    Jason and Sam can't have a baby because the same reason he gave up Jake exists--HIS LIFE IS TOO DANGEROUS. His child will be a constant target for his enemies. It's amazing Sam hasn't been shot more times. I mean, Brenda was shot trying to take a shower.
    Jason chose this life, and he needs to stay true to no kids...Michael is still messed up from him, Sonny and Carly and now Carter--who was hired by Franco because he was obsessed with Jason.
    See Jason, Carter is YOUR fault!

    I meant to say this yesterday, but Dante showing up in his monkey suit to take Lulu to the Opera was so laughable. I mean, seriously, do you think recreating that moment will absolve you of your lies and continual denial.
    Give Lulu some time, she doesn't have any other prospects unless Kate has someone at Crimson for her. She will be back. She needs time to get over your lies but stop crowding her.

    Posted by 4evergh at Wednesday, January 26 2011 02:37 PM

    I totally agree, what kind of mobsters are Johnny and Ethan that they keep getting beat up all the time. and did I miss why Theo wants to go after Johnny. I also hoped retired was right that Shawn was an undercover cop, he was so nice to Molly it is hard to believe he could beat someone up that much unless his PPD kicked in again and he was back in the war. I had to smile when retired said his wife "taped" GH and they watched it together. I have taped GH for years and my husband of 44+ years never "watches" it, he just usually happens to be in the same room as I am when I am watching the tape. On a side note we do not have a DVR so when my two granddaughters 8 and 10 were at out house, I made comment that I was going to tape something. The 8 year old said "what does taping it mean" the 10 year immediately came back with "that is what old people do" LOL gotta love them

    Posted by Blesseddiva at Wednesday, January 26 2011 02:45 PM

    I don't know what I did before the DVR. Boy I can speed thru scenes like nobody's business now. Plus, the DVR lets you tape 3 things at once. So I can tape GH, Dora the Explorer and anything else at that time. I also have 79 items on there because I don't get to watch stuff as fast as I record them (or like the movie Avatar, which I think I recorded 6 months ago, but haven't watched).

    Anyway, why is Theo's response to "kidnap" Brenda? What is that going to solve? Why not just kill her and Dante? It's no one else's fault. Or shot someone those people care about. But kidnapping her, for what reason, to force her to be sorry for killing alexander?

    Watch Luke come back from his diamond heist with Helena in tow. Evil Granny needs to come put Elizabeth in her place--she is a peasant after all (LOL).

    Posted by STORM04 at Wednesday, January 26 2011 02:53 PM

    Straighter wrote from yesterday

    I guess my issue with Carly and a lot of the characters above are that I am not seeing them through a 20 years old eye anymore, but through a 35 year old eyes. Some of their actions that did not bother me when I was 20 now at 35 irritate the hell out of me.

    Hi Straightalker:

    I wanted to comment on the above. Please note that this just my humble opinion….

    Ironically a lot the characters that I now hate with a passion (with the exception of Sonny, I always hated him) I used to love (Carly, Sam, Brenda).

    I come from a very collective culture and while I am not a mother yet, I wholeheartedly believe in the old adage that it takes a village to raise a child. In my humble opinion, I think a lot of things are wrong with society stems from the fact that most people only care about themselves.

    I personally do not think that because someone gives birth to a child that automatically makes them a parent. In my humble opinion Carly was a surrogate. The amount of time that she is spending on this Dante vendetta while her son is in the hospital is beyond absurd and where is her baby girl?

    I think Jason is more of a parent to Michael and Jax is more a parent to Morgan. I view Dante and Lulu interference with Michael along the same line as when the state intervenes when a so call “parent” is not being a “parent” and not making decisions that is in the best interest of his/her child. Hindsight is 20/20.

    Carly had no reason to believe that Michael would not get a fair trial. Yes, Sonny is Michael’s father, but Jax is step dad and he has connections and could have brokered a deal, but she chose to go along with Sonny’s plan...the man she blamed no so long ago for Michael getting shot and this is partly why I hate her, she is a walking contradiction and while I can overlook that in Kristina, I can't for Carly because she is responsible for 3 kids.

    The bottom line is that Michael killed someone and it was sooo obvious that it was affecting him, but Carly did nothing. She shipped him off to an island at the request of know it all Jason and Sonny and became the leader of a three ring circus.

    What I find interesting is that Jason has managed to somewhat forgive Dante and has taken responsibility for the role that he played in the cover up that put Michael in that cell with Carter, but Carly has yet to do so, and this is why this 35 year old who expect a mother to put her kids first and foremost think that Carly is nothing but a self absorb and self loathing idiot who I would not trust to raise a dog.

    Posted by 4evergh at Wednesday, January 26 2011 02:55 PM

    good point having Helena back could be the way they plan to end Elizabeths story.

    Posted by dieleelanteforever at Wednesday, January 26 2011 03:30 PM

    I loved olivia and dante conversation and olivia telling dante lulu loves you so you must of messed this up and he asked his mom what can he do to get his true love back. Dante is not going to give up he loves her to much. Lulu helping johnny out is for a reason now we know johnny is working for the balkan and when johnny finds out lulu is threaten he migth turn on the balkan I hope the PC people need a break this guy is in everybody face and there business come on someone find out that theo is the balkan.

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