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    Happy Hour At Jakes.

    Friday, January 21 2011
    Robin and Terrell lighten up and have some fun, Dante and Lucky find themselves in the same boat and Carly gets what she's been looking for.

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    Posted by lily hunter at Sunday, January 23 2011 04:13 PM

    Forgot to say GO JETS. That would be a story too.

    Posted by lovelymarlena at Sunday, January 23 2011 04:38 PM

    Thanks poodles for your cheer for the Jets. I'm sorry for the Bears loss. I so hoped they would win. I watching Jets Steelers game now but came on line for just a second to try shake the funk the Jets are in at the first quarter. Go Jets!

    Posted by Canadagirl17 at Sunday, January 23 2011 04:41 PM

    off topic:
    lovelymarlena:go jets.hope your team wins

    Posted by poodles at Sunday, January 23 2011 06:58 PM

    **OFF tOPIC***

    LovelyMarlena- I'm just so sad.

    Posted by lily hunter at Sunday, January 23 2011 07:57 PM

    Well girls, tomorrow is another day. Our favorite teams didn't win, but we have each other to console.
    Looking forward to Valentine's Day.

    Posted by loj2911 at Sunday, January 23 2011 08:45 PM

    Anyone else think that Claire is working for the Balkan?

    Posted by poodles at Monday, January 24 2011 07:03 AM

    Good Morning.

    Chicago is finally warming up....looks like we will be in the twenties(20's)today. It has been over 10 days since I have been able to run outside and I'm getting cranky. I think I'll brave the elements in the next hour and hit the running trail.

    loj2911- I think it's real possible that Claire is working for the Balkan. I don't know to many (if any) women who would throw not only their well earned career away for a man, but also their reputataion to only be tossed to the curb in matter of a week or two. I think Claire wants revenge on Sonny and the Balkan could be her vehicle to get it.

    I'm wondering if Brenda and Sonny will get married before the Balkan gets revenge, or will he grab/kill Brenda before.

    I really would like to see some progress in exposing Lisa for the lunatic she is. Where I once found this s/l intresting, I now find it absurd and boring.

    I hope we see lots of Jason and Sam. I continue to have mixed feelings as to should they have a baby. I really like the way they are, but I know it will make for a great s/l and what could be more precious than a Morgan/McCall lovebug.

    Hi ttoyou. Hope your keeping warm.

    Hi rans.

    Hope everyone has a great day.

    Posted by NYDrama at Monday, January 24 2011 09:15 AM

    Hello kids!
    Missed everyone! It's FREEZING here in NY and I'm sick of it and the snow....still more to come!
    I've been loving GH and happy to finally come on and share...

    Liz-WHAT????? GH has made history.........she got caught! I couldn't believe my ears when Nic actually admitted to recognizing Liz' game!!!!! You should have seen my face! Never ever ever ever has any man truly seen thru Liz' manipulative actions on the spot! NEVER!!!!! Truly, I am shocked!
    Which leads me to a question.....I only skimmed a bit on other posts, is it true she's leaving? If so, I'm sorry to her fans, but I'm not entirely surprised since her s/l's have seemed to fall by the wayside. All her men have had their spell removed, it seems. Wow. For the sake of her fans, I hope they send her off in a better, soapyliscious fashion. I'm so sorry to my friend, Rans.

    Lulu-I am sooooooooo excited that her bubble has burst. I just wasn't so satisfied w/her reaction. So far, she's been more numb and I'd like to see her Dante. Her jealousy is obvious, especially to Brenda. Honestly, she's acting rediculous since her anger should only be directed to Dante....Brenda is madly in love w/Sonny and getting married, there's no fight for Dante. It's Dante who doesn't understand the difference between lies and his stupid cop oath. He lies when HE thinks it's appropriate. I'm really hoping he get's his soon.

    Balkan-ew, he's creepy enough. I keep looking at those glasses he wears and wondering why he went for the smaller size, as though he needs bigger ones. Sorry, they're distracting! He's so easy to hate and really gets under my skin when he's in "work" mode and questioning Sonny, Dante and Brenda. Just irks me! He's that good.

    Sonny-love him, love everything about him these days. Can't say a bad thing about this guy. And then there's the dimples..... He's being the perfect boyfriend, father, son, ex-boyfriend, friend..... I'm swooning....

    Jasam-gorgeous, romantic, insync and Sam's acting is superb. Loving every minute of it. Wondering how the possibility of pregnancy will play out. Would like to see the conflict she'll have, especially since she and Jason like living a care-free life. I'm just glad to see Sam have her own story for a change. Been awhile.

    Nic/Brook-hot! hot! hot! These 2 were the couple that started off as a business arrangement, but couldn't help the chemistry that followed! Love it! Keep it coming!

    Carly-Love, love her crazy plan to speak up at the wedding! Come on, it's evil and extremely soapy! Why would she behave? hee,hee,hee....

    Lucky/shaboom-he's still sexy and she's confusing. I really like them together cuz it brings the best out of Lucky, he's mature, sexy and confident w/her. He was only ever seen as lacking with Liz. I like this Lucky much better. But, Shabooms crazy job w/Balkan is silly, jmo. A bit unbelievable, even for a soap. Would have liked more of an intro story on her w/Balkin...unless I missed it. How did she get involved w/him? Anyway, she needs to involve Lucky and I think that's finally gonna happen now that he caught her on Friday. Interesting...

    Brenda-I'm liking her, now that she's openly in love w/Sonny. She's more enjoyable and less whiny, see? This is what Sonny does for his ladies.....thank you Sonny, cuz I was getting tired of that whinier Brenda. I just hope that we will see a wedding take place, I'm wondering since we keep seeing dream sequences from Sonny. They owe it to the fans to see these 2 finally get married, she's been left at the alter too many times. Please?
    Question about her wardrobe-she looks great in all her clothes I just don't get the emphasis on the overly casual look that doesn't seem to go w/Sonny's style. I would like to see her dress a bit more "mature", even Maxi does it better. I never liked the "I'm a model, so I don't even have to try..." look, it doesn't quite work here. JMO. It's ok around the house or running errands, but it's every day.

    off topic
    Straightalker-wow! great post! Not sure what brought on the meds discussion, but it is a subject I feel strongly about too. Between the ridiculous commercials that advertise the many, many horrible, dangerous, even fatal side effects of these meds and the countless doctors that only push meds on every symptom, I'm disgusted. I do believe we need some, where necessary, but alot of it is scary. Mammaj-I'm glad your son is better, ADD is treatable w/meds. FYI-my bro-inlaw has had it and over the years, some meds need to be changed/reviewed and extremely important to be in the right hands and monitored properly. Do your research and stay on top of everything, ask questions and as I've seen, we have to be proactive w/doctors. My mom was hospitalized w/pneumonia after the new year and I was unfortunately faced w/ignorance from specialists treating her. My questions prompted one to ask what my profession was...imagine? And when I replied "full time mom for 15 years and worked in fashion prior to that"....he thought I worked in the medical field! I've been to too many doctor appts and I'm very well aware of what kinds of questions to ask.....and I can tell you, alot of doctors don't like that! Not all, but alot. We're supposed to listen and shut up. NO WAY!!!

    that's all for now.....

    Posted by NYDrama at Monday, January 24 2011 09:42 AM

    I'm back! After all the talk about the meds subject, I had to go back and see how Scrimmage started and all I can say is BRAVO!!! I agree w/everything you said- 100%. I've been disgusted for quite some time now, especially w/the dumb ads. When they come on, I show my kids and make sure they understand the bad sales job in wanting to prescribe sick and/or depressed people w/drugs that will cause even greater harm than good. We all have to question that. Don't even get me started on cancer.....

    Posted by Scrimmage at Monday, January 24 2011 11:24 AM

    ***off topic***

    As if in response to our discussion about drugs, the Federal Government has just announced plans for a billion dollar subsidy to encourage research and development of new, promising drugs that the major drug companies are unwilling or unable to deliver. Here's the AP story.

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Federal officials concerned about the slowing pace of new drugs coming out of the pharmaceutical industry have decided to start a billion-dollar government drug development center to help create medicines.

    The New York Times reported on its website Saturday about the new effort that comes as many large drug makers, unable to find enough new drugs, are trimming back research.

    Promising discoveries in illnesses like depression and Parkinson's that once would have led to clinical trials are instead going unexplored because companies are not inclined and do not have the money to undertake the effort.

    The paper reports that initial financing of the government's new drug center is relatively small compared with the $45.8 billion that the industry estimates it invested in research in 2009. The cost of bringing a single drug to market can exceed $1 billion, according to some estimates.

    The drug industry's research productivity has been declining for 15 years and shows few signs of reversing that trend, said Dr. Francis S. Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health.

    The new center, to be called the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences, will do as much research as it needs to so that it can attract drug company investment.


    The reasons cited in the article above for the government plan is the fact that Big Pharma is allocating less money towards R&D (and more on advertising and marketing for other products), on drugs that treat conditions like Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s that afflict a relatively small percentage of the population. These drugs are not as potentially profitable as others, so they are the first to go by the wayside when development budgets are cut back.

    The problem is the government doesn’t have that kind of money to spend either, and really shouldn’t even be involved at all except to encourage (but not pay for) private research for the sake of research alone.

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