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    Happy Hour At Jakes.

    Friday, January 21 2011
    Robin and Terrell lighten up and have some fun, Dante and Lucky find themselves in the same boat and Carly gets what she's been looking for.

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    Posted by ransomha at Saturday, January 22 2011 06:25 AM

    Forgot in my spoilers@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

    Micheal runs into Brandon tying to RAPE Abby and gets involved. This is when Michael will admit to being raped by Carter. CD is suppose to rock this scene.

    EVERYONE is going to turn on Carley in a big way.

    Hello Canadagirl: Stay warm, going to be a wicked weekend!

    As far as Brenda's dress, it's her style, she choose it for herself, at least Sonny isn't telling her how to dress. I think people should wear what ever they choose.

    Posted by JMJasonLover at Saturday, January 22 2011 06:26 AM

    Hello again...I just wanted to break up my posts so they weren't so long. Moving forward...

    Lulu and Brenda: In spite of most of us agreeing that Lulu is also needy, I have to give her this one. She has a right to be upset with Dante for lying to her. Its not so much that he has or may have had feelings for Brenda, he should have been honest. And I do believe that Brenda absolutely enjoys all the GH men falling at her feet and at her beck and call 24/7. This is one thing Brenda and Carly have in common. Neither one likes to share.

    Happy Hour at Jakes? Really? After all the dart and pool playing Lisa and Patrick did, I can't believe Robin would even go there with Terrell and not tell her husband. But they are separated, so maybe she doesn't have to tell him. Lisa is evil. And Terrell is not doing a thing for me.

    poodles: I am with you. Diane is going to be in hot water. As I said in some of my previous posts, she has made too many mistakes. Giving Theo all the info on Sonny, hiring Claire (who can always turncoat on Sonny), giving Carly the baby info, is just a start. I am really disappointed in her. I thought she was smarter than that. I hope they are not setting up Diane to take the fall and Claire to take over. That would make me sick.

    Siobhan and Lucky - Has Shaboom ever considered that it could be a recording of her sister? Maybe she is already dead, or maybe she isn't even in the Balkan's clutches and its someone else screaming. Who knows?

    All I can say is I hope this Balkan thing is over soon. But I guess it won't be since the Wedding is scheduled in late February.

    Have a wonderful weekend everyone! I will try to post more often next week. Be safe!

    Posted by ransomha at Saturday, January 22 2011 08:00 AM

    With the Brenda and Lulu scene. It reminds me of when a woman catches her husband cheating and the wife takes it out on the woman he cheated with. What does Brenda owe Lulu? How could it have been Brenda's business to fill Lulu in on Dante's past? Brenda was only trying to make Lulu feel better. Brenda had nothing to gain by going to Lulu. Lulu should be mad at Dante only, not Brenda.

    As far as Brenda enjoying peoples attention, who wouldn't? To know men find you attractive and take pleasure in doing things for you, would be hard to hate that.

    As far a Liz using Aidan with Nic with the fake ear problem, She didn't bring a maybe sick Aidan to Nic's place. She just showed up to let him know her concern and invite him to the appointment if he choose to go. The worst thing that can happen to Aidan is he spends more time with his dad, Liz went in person because she wants to see Nic, have him see her cute self and hope he would fall for her ploy. Liz knows exactly what she is doing , and if Nic needs Brook to figure it out he is one dumb bunny. Brook calls Liz out on this because she knows if Nic decided to be a family man, she would be out but, I don't think she has to worry about that. Family means nothing to Nic. He isn't even a good friend, as he turned on Robin at the hospital over Lisa.

    Ready for some Michael now. It's been a few days without him. He too will turn on Carley.
    I like Abby and this is a new interesting s/l/.

    STORM: Are you enjoying this sweet side of Sonny? Helping his dad, helping his niece? Being surrounded by his kids for his wedding?

    FUBU: Your girl is about to take some serious hits! Carley is a fighter though, she'll survive.

    I too and not happy about what they have done to Diane. She should be fired.

    Claire is going to end up with Sonny on his wedding night. ( Just a guess). I wasn't a big fan at first but, I am starting to like her.

    Have a great weekend everyone.......

    Posted by STORM04 at Saturday, January 22 2011 09:09 AM

    Hi Rans:

    Hope you are having a great weekend. Believe it or not I am hoping (against hope) that Sonny will not go balistic when Carly drops the bomb about Breanda. Guza and Co has been saying that VM coming back would redeem Sonny and I am waiting because this will be the test.

    I think part of why I hate Sonny so much and do not believe he can be redeem is that he NEVER learns. For Guza to begin to redeem Sonny, he would have take him off the pedestal and make him really lose someone he loves (I don't mean by your means of preference GUZA- DEATH). The fact that Sonny can shot his son with no consequences, shot Carly with no consequences, turn on Jason with no consequences, cover up a murder with no consequences, almost blew up his daughter with no consequences and the fact Olivia could even stand to look at Sonny after he shot her son, yet along protect him is insanity and surreal.

    What I mean by no consequences is that all those people that Sonny have hurt always seems to rally around him, so in a way I can't even blame him, they are his enabler. All this new found love he has for Dante I am sure will fly out the window once he knows he slept with new "LOVE OF HIS LIFE" and I see the word BETRAYAL flying around and maybe "Wh0re" and a 5 year old tantrum in the horizon.

    I am hoping agaist hope I am wroing because I am so sick and tired of being right when it comes to SONNY "MY MOTHER WAS ABUSE AND I WAS BEATEN AS A CHILD AND THAT IS WHY I AM A SELD ABSORB AND SELFISH" CORRINTHOS.

    Posted by ransomha at Saturday, January 22 2011 09:21 AM

    STORM: It's a kind spoiler so skip if you aren't the spoiler type but............

    Dante didn't sleep with Brenda. It isn't "their" baby. He just signed the papers to protect Brenda and the baby I guess. Thoughts are, the baby was either Jax's or Alexanders.

    I now feel your pain when really disliking a character and trying to get people to at least see your point of view. Frustrating, also see the other peoples side too, when you just like who you like and make excuses for a characters bad behavior. Oh well, such is soap life.
    Hows school? My son is on his last semester of grad school. He is so ready for it to be over. Good to see you post again.

    Posted by BOND66 at Saturday, January 22 2011 09:39 AM

    Let's put that evil twit Carly in her place right now! Can't anyone do anything about that evil busybody?

    Posted by STORM04 at Saturday, January 22 2011 10:55 AM

    Hi Rans:

    Knowing Sonny he is not going to care about facts. He is going to have a visceral reaction and flips out. He is going to see Dante and Brenda not telling him as the Betrayal of all Betrayal and he wills FLIP OUT, because that is what Sonny do. The fact that Dante and Brenda met each other when he was married to scarly and/or sleeping with Emily and/or Kate (can't keep up with the many of the LOVE OF MY LIFE of Sonny's) is going to be irrelevant, because it is all about him.

    As for Liz, I used to love her, I especially love the way Jason was with her and I always thought if Jason would leave the mob for anyone it would be for her and that is why I hate Sam… she screwed it up for Jason and Elizabeth by letting that crazy woman kidnapped Jake.

    I was really disappointed in the character when she slept with Nic and thought it was an all time low for her, but I absolutely agree with you that she cannot be compare to Carly, Brooklyn or Sam. I say this, because of the fact Elizabeth experience a trauma which I think changed her to the core and I sincerely believe that the fact that she can never be happy and trust the person she is with stems from that.

    I know a lot of people are LnL2 fan, but I always hoped that she would end up wih Jason and she would get him out of the mob, but Guza has no room for her because SAM wants to have a baby with Jason the mobster.

    By the way, I completely agree with you that the way Elizabeth looks is why most people think she try to act innocent when she is not. She has been through so much, but ironically when you look in her eyes there is still a light there.

    Off topic:

    School is hard, but hanging in there and working towards graduating with honors. I am in my 3rd semester and have 9 months to go which aabout Hats off to your son, because graduate school is not is a commitment.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Saturday, January 22 2011 11:04 AM

    The previous discussion and the following rant was all because of Molly and her attempt to self diagnose her problems.

    ***off topic***

    I want to thank everybody for their thoughtful and insightful comments on the subject of over medicating children. Certainly there are thousands of cases where children with specific and correctly diagnosed disorders have benefited tremendously from drug therapy, and of course I have no issue with that. I am more concerned with kids being put on drugs to control what used to be thought of as normal high spirited behavior, which is now classified as some kind of disability. Just because a child has an active imagination, an over abundance of energy, and is bored with schoolwork is not in my opinion sufficient reason to put them on any kind of drug regimen. Too many children in this country are tranquilized simply to make them easier for their parents or teachers to deal with, and I do have a BIG problem with that.

    I suppose the point of my cynical “conspiracy theory” is the idea that, like a car that runs on sea water, if a “magic pill” or some other form of drug therapy was to be discovered that could actually cure those people suffering from certain actual conditions instead of just treating them over a lifetime, it would most likely be suppressed and never developed or made available to the people it could help. I am continually amazed at the ever increasing number of commercials on television for drugs to treat all kind of conditions from ED to restless leg syndrome, that list a frightening number of possible side effects that always sound much worse than the problem the drug is designed to address. They always end with “Ask your doctor if ‘Such and Such drug’ is right for you.” Big Pharma must be making huge profits off these kinds of prescription drugs to risk that kind of liability. I know how much effort goes into marketing these products, from the millions spent on advertising to hiring young and very attractive sales representatives to hawk their wares directly to doctors in their offices, trying to persuade them to write more and more prescriptions.

    It’s my belief that the public needs to be very skeptical of the idea that there is a drug that can address every problem they have, and take it upon themselves to be educated about any treatments they are considering for themselves or their children. It is my understanding (and please correct me if I’m wrong) that a doctor can go through pre-med, medical school, and residency without ever taking a course in nutrition, preventative medicine, or alternative therapies. It’s amazing that they don’t take advantage of all the information that’s available to them on these subjects, but modern Western medicine is geared to react to problems after they arise rather than preventing them from occurring in the first place. It’s my experience that, as opposed to what we see on TV, a lot of the times doctors are just guessing at what the cause of someone’s symptoms. It’s an educated guess to be sure, but a guess nonetheless, and if their first one doesn’t turn out to be the case then they move on to another possibility. It’s usually just a process of elimination until they stumble across something that seems to work. It’s up to us as individuals to take control of our own health care and supervise the doctors that treat us and our families instead of blindly following their dictates.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Saturday, January 22 2011 11:22 AM

    ***off topic***

    In my reference to the drug commercials we see on TV, I forgot to point out that in spite of all the problems with side effects, these ads NEVER claim to cure the conditions they are talking about. They only address the symptoms, and usually require daily doses of the medication for life, or until something else kills you, whichever comes first. Those kinds of drugs are the real cash cows for the pharmaceutical companies, but I don’t think they’re always acting in the best interests of the American people. I’m sure they could make some drugs that someone would only have to take once or twice a year, but there’s little profit, and less motivation for them to do that.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Saturday, January 22 2011 11:52 AM

    Back to the show, I was very disappointed in a missed opportunity for a “Dumped Guys Night Out” at Jake’s with Dante, Lucky, and Patrick (and Matt as designated driver since he hasn’t been dumped). They were all there, just at different times. They could’ve bonded over beers or a brawl – or both. At any rate, they all need to blow off some steam.

    And NOW all of a sudden Robin wants to hang out at Jake’s? Now she’s discovering a personality? She finally has a buddy that can relate to her Stone worship, so she thinks she can put Patrick on the back burner while she basks in the glow of all this new found attention. Of course Patrick doesn’t put Stone on a pedestal like Robin and Sonny do. First, he never met Stone, and if he had he would’ve considered him a pathetic waste of a human being – a homeless street kid, doing drugs and having unprotected sex while begging strangers for handouts and living off petty crime. Second, he has to think that Stone is responsible for exposing the woman he (Patrick) would eventually marry to a potentially fatal and contagious disease, as well as blame him for her dangerous connection and blind loyalty to a mob boss and his hit man. Yeah, I doubt if Patrick thinks fondly at all about Robin’s first love. It’s probably all he can do to hold his tongue when Robin goes on and on about honoring Stone’s memory. He may have died well, but he mostly wasted the short life he was given.

    Fine Robin, great, you think you’ve got a brand new member in your fan club so go for it and enjoy it while it lasts, but don’t be surprised if Patrick has moved on by the time your new friend turns out to be another one of Lisa’s schemes.

    Run Patrick, RUN!

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