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    Happy Hour At Jakes.

    Friday, January 21 2011
    Robin and Terrell lighten up and have some fun, Dante and Lucky find themselves in the same boat and Carly gets what she's been looking for.

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    Posted by lily hunter at Friday, January 21 2011 07:16 PM

    poodles - I can't freehand at all, especially with an icing bag, so using the waxed paper or parchment over the image I want to copy is the only way I can do precise decorating.
    Have a great time at the lunch. Go Bears.

    Posted by Canadagirl17 at Friday, January 21 2011 07:33 PM

    Hello everyone:
    I like Sonny and Claire together.Both of them are still attracted to each other.Sonny is smitten with Claire beauty.
    Dante is a lying dog.Robin should be playing darts with Patrick not Terrell.Carly is drama queen with secret she is dying to share inappropriate moment.Ruining a wedding because she is jealous of the bride.GMAB! Dante don't waste your breath.Carly isn't going to listen to you.Revenge is on her mind.Brenda was trying to be nice to Lulu.Lulu is just raw with hurt right now.Lucky was a great brother to Lulu today.I wish Siobhan will tell Lucky the truth about her sister kidnapping by Balkan.Lucky can help he has the Spencer smarts.I hope Brooklynn and Nic will go their date soon.I like their romance.

    Posted by Canadagirl17 at Friday, January 21 2011 07:38 PM

    off topic:
    Hello ransomha,poodles,lilyhunter,mamajj,cbru,fubu,4my,
    lovelymarlena,beenaround,beancounter and anyone else I miss a big hello.
    Hello to all posters

    Posted by cbru at Friday, January 21 2011 08:05 PM

    Thanks, Straight- I was also thinking along those same lines about PTSD and the flashbacks.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Friday, January 21 2011 09:21 PM

    The best thing about watching late is that I get to read all the wonderful, wonderful posts.

    It struck me today that Sonny never shared a moment with his own daughter Kristina like he had today with Molly. By his own choice and Alexis’ preferences (and also due to Kristina’s SORAS) he wasn’t really a presence in her life at that time. Just like we missed some important years in Michael’s development, we also missed seeing Kristina when she was Molly’s age.

    Claire, when Carly is on your side, RUN! As other posters have mentioned, I doubt if Carly would forgive the woman who prosecuted Sonny and put her son in jail, just because Claire is no longer a prosecutor. She may no longer see her as a threat and the lesser of two evils compared to Brenda, but it’s not like Carly to forgive and forget – EVER!

    And it comes as no surprise that many of you guessed Carly’s preferred method for her big reveal – at the ceremony when the objection question is asked. What a cliché, but that’s about what you can expect from Carly. She finally stated her ultimate goal when she said: “I can’t wait to see the look on Sonny’s face when he finds out…” She is willing to drop an emotional bombshell on a man she professes to love, whom she KNOWS to suffer from manic-depressive / bi-polar disorder, and humiliate him in front of all of his friends, family, and co-workers, just to gain revenge against Dante for putting Michael in jail, and against Brenda for what? Being Brenda? Carly will be lucky if Jax doesn’t have her locked up after this. She’s a menace to society and a danger to herself and others.

    Diane and Spinelli will have much to answer for too. The parts they played in helping Carly will not go unnoticed and there will be consequences.

    Shaboom did something today that no human being would ever do in real life when she stepped in front of Lucky as he was raising his gun. Nobody this side of Clark Kent would do that. She was “acting” as if she knew the gun wouldn’t go off and even if it did it that it wouldn’t hurt her. She’s supposed to be portrayed as brave and perhaps even foolish, but she not bulletproof.

    Liz overplayed her hand and now Nikolas’ has his eyes, and perhaps other senses open. The look on Nikolas’ face when he and Elizabeth were leaving the hospital was priceless! You could see he was thinking: “Something smells, and it’s NOT Aiden’s diaper.”

    Posted by kupp at Saturday, January 22 2011 02:02 AM

    Hello people i, hope that Brenda child is really Jax son or daughter how will Carly feel then. If it is so Carly will lose Jax by putting this information out their i can not wait to see this happen. And i want to say that Molly will be alright Sonny act's more like her father then uncle, he is so wonderful with Molly she asked him questions and he explains them to Molly really loved it a lot.

    Posted by leo123 at Saturday, January 22 2011 03:33 AM

    Brenda: if she's trying to start new fashion trends, it's not working. She looks a mess. She needs to dress her age. Sonny always looks so put together; if I were him, I buy her a new wardrobe; I'd be embarrased to be seen with her. Her hair is a distraction as well as her makeup.
    Someone do something with her appearance.

    Posted by missmisha at Saturday, January 22 2011 05:30 AM

    Thanks for the shoutout. I do understand what you mean by it's cold out here. Like I said, I am not trying to change any minds; I just wanted to defend Liz. I guess I understand too well how destructive deep hurt as a young person can affect someone and it saddens me.

    I sometimes think Guza just wants a character to kick around and punish as much as possible; and that's Liz. I'm trying to think of one character in daytime that has been outside of a loving relationship as long as she has. Isn't it funny that Nik was so easily forgiven for betraying his brother. He doesn't seem to offend people as much as she does. When Lulu and Lucky let loose the main focus of their anger was her, not Nik; and I remember him being just as pushy in the affair if not more. She told the baby she was guilty, unhappy and confused so Nik sent her away and when she returned he had moved on; who wouldn't be worried about their future under these circumstances.

    Honestly, where does Brook Lynn get off calling her repulsive. Isn't she the person that ended up in the rain because she got caught trying to steal money from her grandfather's account using his phone? It's so frustrating to see her get defended for doing anything, while a financially troubled mother of 3 is an awful person.

    I'm so sad to see her leave the canvas. I think there is a woman in Guza'a past that he hates so much that he takes out his anger on this character. Maybe if he doesn't have Liz to kick around he'll finally give some of the other women on the canvas the payback they deserve. But we know that it'll probably be Robin and Maya who get the brunt of his anger from now on. I'm downright scared for them.

    Posted by ransomha at Saturday, January 22 2011 06:15 AM

    Miss: I forgot about Brook tying to steal from her grandfather! All he wanted from her was to go back to school, then he would have let her live with him, paid her bills and pursue her music, but I guess a college education doesn't interest the genius Brooklyn.

    Her folks were at the tough love stage with their daughter and some think Carley twisted her arm to get her to come back to Pork Charles when I saw her face light up with dollar signs with Carley's plan. Childhood friendship be damned.
    When she saw how much in love Dante was with Lulu she didn't walk away, she demanded more money.
    Yea, Brook is a peach.
    At least with Abby, she knows what she is, admits it and is looking to better herself.
    As far as people thinking Liz is "acting" so sweet. I Think it's because of her looks that people say that. She knows exactly what she's doing. You can tell be her raised eyebrow when Nic went with her. She is working her angles , as best she can. She isn't all sweetness, just looks that way. She's a woman fighting for something she wants. He methods are mild compared to most.
    I do agree with you Miss, they are going to destroy this 14 year veteran on this show and make her unrecognizable to fans who have loved her. It's going to be painful to watch.
    I wish they would let her slip off into the sunset .

    As far as Brenda, I really don't have anything against her. She makes Sonny happy so she works for me.


    At the wedding when Carley makes the big announcement, JAX runs to Brenda's side, causing BIG trouble in Carley and Jax's marriage, ( they could have put Liz with Jax! )

    Brenda and Sonny do NOT spend their wedding night together.

    Again, Miss, please keep on board during the destruction of Liz, I really enjoy posting with someone who also remembers a different Liz.

    Posted by JMJasonLover at Saturday, January 22 2011 06:17 AM

    Good morning! Greetings to poodles, cowboys, ransom, scirmmage, mamajj, lilyhunter, bean counter, canadagirl, and any others I missed.

    OFF TOPIC: Just quickly want to thank everyone who posted congrats to me on the birth of my grandson. He is getting cuter by the day. He's a hungry man as he only weighed in at 5 lbs. 12 oz. I appreciate all of your well wishes.

    ON TOPIC: Now to the posting. Where do I start? Hmm....okay Liz and Nicholas; why all of a sudden does she want to use the baby to get to Nicholas? Is she that desperate? Have either Nic or Liz heard of joint custody? If she is so "tired" for having to work and have 3 kids to take care of, then send them to their fathers (I know one is not around) for the weekend. She could fake Jason's visits with Sam merely babysitting while she gets some alone time. Just don't use the kids to get attention.

    Carly - I can't imagine how someone could make the big announcement at the wedding. How vindictive can she get? I liked cbru's idea of just posting it on the Goodyear Blimp. She could also attach a message on all the wedding favors at the reception, but then I guess she wants to intercept the wedding so that wouldn't work. I really enjoy Laura Wright, but I do not what the writers have turned her into. A jealous, meddling, vindictive, you know what!

    Kupp: I agree. I would love to see that the baby was Jax's and then Carly would lose everything. I reall think this is going to blow up in her face and can't wait to see it happen.

    Claire defending Brenda? I'd refuse. Why would Claire even try. If I were Claire I'd see that she got convicted. And I agree with the poster about Brenda's wardrobe. Tired of the extra long sleeves and jeans thing. I realize Supermodels dress down when they are not working, but even I dress better than that when I'm out and about on the weekends.

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