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    Happy Hour At Jakes.

    Friday, January 21 2011
    Robin and Terrell lighten up and have some fun, Dante and Lucky find themselves in the same boat and Carly gets what she's been looking for.

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    Posted by ransomha at Friday, January 21 2011 02:55 PM

    mamajj: I wish Nic was with someone else. I can't stand Brook. She is a con artist. When did she become everyones golden girl? She's a little tart letting an older man control her life. He fricken tells her what to wear, how to speak, where to go, and he pays her for the privilege . They are the grossest couple.

    I know they are going to just destroy the Liz character which really bothers me. I wish they would have her go stay with her sister and just not mention her anymore. People would stop thinking about her soon enough. I finally realize why Ringleader got so disgusted with this show. She liked Claudia and they just killed her character.

    But, in the grand scheme of things, I can only hope and pray that the problem of Liz is my biggest problem!

    Posted by lily hunter at Friday, January 21 2011 03:03 PM

    OFF TOPIC - Weighing in on kid's and medication
    StraightTalker - Excellent post, I couldn't agree with you more. Scrimmage - IMO the modern school system (money pit) is often the first to advise parents to medicate their children.

    Posted by StraightTalker at Friday, January 21 2011 03:26 PM

    Rans- I get that you love your girl Liz and will defend her onto death, but really? You don’t think that Liz using her kid as a bargaining chip/aice in the hole won’t harm her kid and if that does not signifies, how about the constant back and forth and inconsistency of his mother? They lived with Nicholas but she decided to move, the kid has a scheduled time to see daddy but mommy drags him all across PC and the seven seas whenever the whim strikes her in order to finagle herself into Nicholas’ life.

    As for Brook, yep, she got busted but yet she copped up to it and didn’t try to play Miss Innocent. Liz on the other hand is Miss Duplicity, even when she is found out and called out, she continues to act like butter can’t melt in her mouth. So, yeah, that is why I say that Brook has woman-up. She doesn’t need to pretend with Nicholas or anyone else for that matter. As for the age thing, I don’t hear Nick or Brook complaining. Brook did not approach Nicholas for his money but rather both entered into a business contract… his idea by the way. This is a market economy, and both Nicholas and Brook are participating in the concept of supply and demand; exchange of goods and services so to speak. No one is taking advantage of anyone here, can't say the same for Liz.

    Posted by lily hunter at Friday, January 21 2011 03:53 PM

    Happy Friday everyone

    Diane is right, Lady Macbeth has nothing on Carly. We know she hates Brenda, but apparently she has a selective memory and has forgotten how much damage Claire did during Sonny's trial (taking Morgan out of school) etc. I still don't understand how Carly got away with perjury, but I digress. I still don't understand how/why Diane would help her, especially after finding out that Carly is planning to jump up and down and wave the papers wildly at Sonny's wedding. Diane will be buying her shoes at soon. Also, Carly said that the wedding wouldn't take place because Sonny loves his kids more than Brenda??? If that is what she believes, it was incredibly cruel of her to demand that Jax adopt Morgan. Sonny's kids wouldn't know about THE SECRET if not for her plans.

    The only saving grace to Lulu's whining about Dante and working again is that we get to see Maxie without Matt. There is always talk of character redemption here, but IMO Maxie is one of the few characters that managed to gain some wisdom from her mistakes. Hasn't Lulu ever heard of old fashioned breakup therapy: locking herself in her apartment with lots of ice cream or wine and watching chick flicks, alone, and with all the drapes closed? Please someone give her this information. By the way Lulu, your brother is siding with Dante on this one.

    I hope Jason and Sam are taking advantage of their alone time off canvas and we get a full description. Jason will once again have his hands full (all Brenda all the time) when Sonny takes Mike to rehab.

    I thought Lucky was extremely sexy today when he stumbled upon Shaboom and the bad man. Too bad he couldn't get his hands on that phone. I guess Shaboom still thinks she can take on the Balkan all by herself. I hope she has a Wonder Woman costume to go with that attitude.

    Molly seemed to be getting back to normal for awhile today, especially talking to Lucky. Why is she running around PC after dark instead of being taken home by Sonny's driver?

    Two welcome surprises today at the end of the show: Nicholas catching on to Liz and Dante catching Carly.

    I couldn't believe that Liz went as far as trying to talk Terrell into diagnosing an ear infection. She really has to work on her seduction game instead of whining about having three kids, getting no sleep, and "Daddy" tucking the baby in so he can go to sleep. What unmarried man would choose that over a night out with Brooklynn? What a great surprise to see Nicholas come home to Brook and tell her that she was right about Liz.

    Dante should set up his office in the Metro Court bar blindspot he's discovered, as that's where he seems to get the most information lately. Too bad that catching Carly with the goods will somehow not be enough to stop her. I'm sure the writers will invent some idiotic way for her to get around him on Monday, but for today, it was a great surprise to hear a little growl in Dante's voice. At least when THE SECRET blows up in her face, he can say he warned her.LOL

    Posted by lily hunter at Friday, January 21 2011 04:00 PM

    ransohma and mamajj - It's great to hear that your experiences with children's medication has been positive.

    Posted by lily hunter at Friday, January 21 2011 04:16 PM

    I haven't been watching the Lisa/Robin/Patrick/Terrell scenes, mostly FFing, but today I accidentally watched Matt and Patrick at the bar. Is Patrick some sort of savant who can only understand surgery, but is clueless in life? Now he's jealous of Terrell and Stone...

    Posted by cbru at Friday, January 21 2011 04:16 PM

    Evidently Brenda thought that she could talk to Lulu and make it better for poor, misundersttod Dante. Is she that dense??? I agree that alot of Lulu's problem is pure jealousy but the lies aren't finished yet. Dante still has not learned.

    Maybe Sonny thinks he will have more control since he put Claire on the case. Little does he know. What is too bad is that Jason and Diane will take the brunt of his fury when the kidnapping takes place and the news comes out that Theo is the Balkan. Diane should have really checked him out so she is slipping. She just seems to be Spin's and Carly's gofer right now. And it won't matter how many times Jason tried to get them to call off the wedding.

    Does Dante really think he can threaten Carly and she will turn into a quivering mess????? LMAO!

    Shaboom just needs to tell Lucky what is going on and he needs to get Jason in on it. Forget that dimwit Dante though, as he is too busy mooning over Brenda.

    And I see Robin is playing tit for tat with Patrick. I really wish she would grow up. She needs to decide if she wants him back or doesn't and put us all out of our misery-me anyway.

    Straight-I totally agree with you about Liz and Brooklynn. Sure Brook came on as a con artist but she has admitted it and moved on. Very few people on this soap are innocent now or way back when. Who cares about the age difference??? I love what she has done for Nik.

    Then we have Liz-I also have a problem with the way she uses Aiden. If she wants Nik back, why doesn't she go to him and tell him??? Instead she uses that child to manipulate. And that earache???????? Puleeze-she has two other children, besides being a nurse, and she can't tell when Aiden is teething??? GMAB!! She needs to go find some other rich sucker to latch onto that will keep her in the manner she so desires. I am glad Nik is seeing the light.

    I don't know that much about bi-polar, but would having flashbacks to horrific accidents be a symptom???

    I also thought of another way that Carly could announce her news. She should hire the GoodYear blimp to hover over the festivities. No one would miss that crawling readerboard. The looks on the assembled upturned faces would be priceless.

    Hi aussie, tipsy, rans, enad, FUBU, TX, tt, nat, smurf, bean, been, poodles, cynic, lily, mamajj, canadagirl, cowboys, scrimmage and anyone I missed. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

    Posted by lily hunter at Friday, January 21 2011 04:28 PM

    Two comments I forgot to add earlier -

    Claire may not care that she tanked her career for Sonny, or that he dumped her for the love of his life, but after hearing that Carly is his self-appointed guard dog, she'd be crazy to not step aside from that soft landing.

    Not that I ever expect to see the wrongful death trial happen, but wouldn't it be great if Judge Carroll was on the bench for it?

    Posted by BeanCounter at Friday, January 21 2011 04:31 PM

    Terrell/Robin/Patrick/Lisa-I don't like Terrell and the fact that he is using a charitable cause to get close to Robin. I am a bit surprised that Robin didn't contact Sonny considering he is the one that started the Stone Cates Wing. Anyway, I don't get why Lisa thinks that Patrick will turn to her.

    Molly/Sonny/Lucky-I thought it was nice of Sonny to talk with Molly regarding bi-polar and offer his assistance. Later Molly runs into Lucky (literally). I am grateful that Lucky was unwilling to discuss his love life with a kid.

    Siobhan/Lucky-If Siobhan is so concerned about her sister, I don't understand why she continues to push Lucky away. She knows the Balkan's reputation. He doesn't have a problem killing people.

    Lulu/Brenda-I don't think Brenda helped Dante. After all, it was his actions that led to the breakup.

    Sonny/Brenda/Claire/Carly-Carly states that Claire positioned herself perfectly so when the latest relationship with Brenda fails Sonny would turn to her. If I were Brenda, I wouldn't want the woman Sonny dumped for me to represent me in a trial.

    Carly/Diane-Carly states she loves Sonny but she is going to wait and tell him at the wedding to do the most damage to Dante and Brenda. Nice. Someone should tell Diane that Sonny is not the forgiving type. If he finds out she knew, then Sonny may be looking for new representation.

    Dante/Carly-Appears that Dante overheard or did he?

    Posted by poodles at Friday, January 21 2011 04:32 PM

    Hi Everyone & Happy Friday.

    I'm a little worried about myself...Sonny is really looking good to me lately. Seriously, he seems to be a changed man. I thought he was very kind to Molly and there have been other things that I have liked. I'm going to feel sorry for him the Balkan gets Brenda.

    I usually find Lulu to be extremely annoying, but I thought she held her own with Brenda, and yes it was the pot calling the kettle black when she told Brenda she was so needy, but I loved it. Also loved Maxie little quip about Giselle being a REAL super model.

    I just don't understand why Diane is risking her Manolo's for Carly. Between doing this and bringing the Balkan, aka Theo into her frim and into Sonny's business she will be history. I hope there will be a way for her to redeem herself....we need Diane Miller.

    Glad Nik is aware of what Liz is up to. Now he can decide if he wants to give it ago for Aiden's sake or co-parent and move on with his life. Did Liz makeup the whole earache problem or was she just mistaken and overreacted?

    **OFF TOPIC**

    Mama- you sound like an awesome mom. I'm sure there are great things ahead for your little boy.

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