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    Monday, January 17 2011
    Theo interrogates Brenda, Abby makes a confession, and Lucky is left confused.

    Dante and Jason discuss the Balkan in the penthouse. Before they leave to pick Brenda up, Dante tells Jason Michael saw Abby being brought in for prostitution.

    In the law office, Theo asks Brenda who Aleksander is. She tells him she didn't say that name, but Theo says she's lying and the jury will see right through her. Theo needs to know who this Aleksander is so he isn't thrown any curve balls during the trial. Brenda starts to tell him about her past with him and how Aleksander worked for his criminal father. She tells him about the fight in the alley and how she killed him. He gets her to admit Dante was with her when she shot both Aleksander and Banovic. Theo gets upset as he questions Brenda's reaction to Aleksander's shooting and upon learning his son's body was dumped in a swamp. Jason and Dante enter and usher Brenda out. Theo wants to talk to Dante, so he stays behind to learn Theo knows all about Aleksander.

    In Sonny's office, Carly tries to get through to her ex about why he shouldn't marry Brenda. Sonny doesn't think she has to like his fiancée, but he wants her to show some respect. Sonny wants permission for Morgan to be at the wedding. Carly won't stand in Morgan's way if he wants to be a part of it, but asks Sonny not to involve Brenda too much in their son's life. After Carly leaves, Claire enters and tells Sonny she is working for Diane's firm now. Sonny in turn tells her he and Brenda set a wedding date. Claire is happy for him, adding it's not like she got dumped for just anyone, considering Brenda is the love of his life. Jason enters with Brenda and Claire leaves. Jason tells Sonny and Brenda their wedding can't happen. Jason leaves and Sonny tells Brenda they should probably wait to get married because the Balkan is still out there. Brenda doesn’t want to wait or live her life in fear. She wants to be with him and marry him.

    At his place, Lucky tries to process why Siobhan wants to walk away from him all of a sudden. Lucky wants to know what's really going on because they have a real connection. She didn’t think they were ever meant to last and a clean break is best. Lucky still doesn't buy it, so Siobhan accuses him of wanting to much from her and caring more than she does. She wants to end it before someone gets hurt and walks out the door. Dante drops by and listens to Lucky's confusion about what just happened with Siobhan.

    Siobhan meets with the Balkan in the confessional. He tells her Brenda and Dante killed his son and declares he will have his revenge. Siobhan tells him he will have it without her because Lucky broke up with her. Theo orders her to reconcile with Lucky and attend the wedding. Siobhan gets a call from her hysterical sister. Siobhan promises to help her and after she hangs up, Siobhan asks what the Balkan wants from her. The Balkan orders her to help him make sure the wedding never happens.

    At Kelly's, Kristina tells Michael about Ali's memorial arrangements. He doesn't want to go, but reluctantly agrees to attend. He has to leave and Kristina assumes he's going to see Abby. She badmouths her, but Michael defends her and asks her to respect his choice to be friends with her.

    Outside Kelly's, Abby runs into Brandon and assumes he called the cops to tip them off about the strippers prostituting themselves. He walks away as Carly approaches demanding to know if she's a hooker. Abby declares she's not, but Carly just rails at her about being bad for Michael.

    Back inside the diner, Michael finds Abby who tells him she is in fact a prostitute.

    After talking to Dr. Lee at the hospital, Sam returns to the penthouse and searches the Internet about the fertility procedure. Jason returns home and tells Sam Jerry is not the Balkan and that Abby was arrested for solicitation. As they discuss Michael's relationship with Abby, Carly stops by to urgently discuss the same thing.

    Terrell observes from afar as Johnny shows Lisa the syringe in his jacket at the hospital. Lisa knows it's not the same one, but Johnny thinks it's funny. He tells her Patrick is on to them, as Terrell walks over wondering who her friend is. After introductions are made, Johnny plays up their relationship and then leaves. Terrell questions all the men in Lisa's life and snidely declares she's very busy, but never boring.

    Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Lulu learns the truth.

    Michael struggles with his past.

    Molly has a fit.

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Monday, January 17 2011 01:13 PM

    Dr. Jackson must have book sense and no common sense. Lisa is after Patrick, she don't want you. You need to get that through your thick skull.

    Oh Lord, Carly was dipping with her big ears and thinks that Abby is a hooker. If Carly is so concerned about Michael hanging around strip clubs and getting into fights, she should talk to Michael. She should force him into therapy and get some anger management help. Be a mother for once.

    Carly is more concerned about stopping Sonny's marriage to Brenda. Sonny is a grown man and can pick his own wife. And exactly how many husbands are you working on?

    Dante, told Theo that his son was a punk.

    ******Spoiler Talk*************

    This is the week I have been waiting for. Dante and Lulu break up. Yippie!!!

    Posted by poodles at Monday, January 17 2011 01:39 PM

    Hi everyone.

    Cowboy- I think Dr. Jackson must be related to Dante...they are both dimwitted. Who would leave their practice and take a chance on getting a job at GH for that psycho?

    Kristina continues to be a selfish twit. She should go to her friends memorial with her MOTHER (I hope Alexis is plannng to attend) and not force Michael who really didn't know her to attened.

    I hope Brenda tells Jason the tone of her conversation with Theo. It wouldn't take a rocket scientist to guess who Balkan is. When Theo said "His father must have loved him very much" I would have been out of there. Why would ones attorney who deals in facts only, project a hypothetical emotion to upset his client? I would think it would be obvious who the Balkan is.

    I'm glad Sam is looking into the new procedure, it should be her choice IMO.

    I'm thinking Claire might be connected to the Balkan. She looked pissed off when talking to Sonny. Why was she there?

    Hope everyone is having a good day.

    Posted by saLiasonfan at Monday, January 17 2011 01:43 PM

    This is the week I have been waiting for but because of
    --Spoiler Alert----

    Nik and Brook Lynn sharing their first kiss!!

    Posted by enad19 at Monday, January 17 2011 01:48 PM

    Carly needs a personal assistant to help her out in her "How-to-wreck-the-lives-of-the-people-I-claim-to-care-about" business. Kristina doesn't have anything better to do than to try to tell her brother how to live his life so that she can pathetically live vicariously through him, so she could be up for the post.

    Why can't Carly tell Sonny what she thinks she knows now instead of waiting for the day of the wedding? If she told Sonny now, wouldn't it be less humiliating and heartbreaking for him versus on his wedding day? As much I detest Brenda and find her to be a useless bit of fluff, I really hope that the baby that Carly believes to be fathered by Dante is actually Alexander's and that Brenda didn't have an affair with Dante. I hope that Sonny will be so moved by Brenda and her ahem, past struggles and Dante's sacrfices, that Sonny actually marries the chit and takes her to some far off uncharted island, never to be seen or heard from again.

    So brenda, you don't want to wait to marry Sonny? Why not quietly elope and that way, you'll still get your man and The Balkan won't get the chance to get his (meaning you)? I mean, its not as if you haven't worn a wedding dress before, but silly me. What was I thinking, foolishly believing that this ignoramus would ever consider applying common sense even in the presence of The DANGER. Unless, she's holding out for the big ceremony in February, so that Jason can have enough time to find a replacement for a smart, funny over the hill supermodel like her? HAHA

    Terell must be even more psychotic than Lisa, at least Lisa got a taste of what it was like to be with patrick again and she only has Robin to deal with. But Terell has to stand in line behind Johnny and Patrick before even being considered a bed partner for Lisa. Jeez.

    Then there is Claire, seriously, how pathetic are you?

    Aww Abby, you have a cruel wretch plus an abusive jerk on your hands, Michael is a real cute young man who looks at you as if you are the be all and end all of all women, but don't you ever wonder if he's worth it? I know that I would.

    Posted by Diana8254 at Monday, January 17 2011 01:55 PM

    Carly wants all the men for herself Sonny Jason and Jax likes using Spinnelli for her own benefit. Brenda brings out Carly's inseurities and that is why she hates Brenda so much.

    Posted by cbru at Monday, January 17 2011 03:06 PM

    All Carly needs is a crown and then she could really be queen of PC. How far back does this go that she thinks she knows what is best for Jason, Sonny, Jax and her kids? I know this is typical Carly, but wherever does she find the time to do anything except butt into the above mentioned lives???

    I think Brenda and Dante are also related. I am not believing that they can't see what Theo is doing is just slightly strange. Oh wait, what am I saying-Brenda is too self-absorbed to see past the end of her nose.

    And of course she doesn't want to postpone the wedding. Then when it blows up in their faces, courtesy of the Balkan, Sonny will blame Jason. Carly should be clapping her hands with glee and salivating that Brenda has been kidnapped.

    Is Shaboom's sister still alive??? Her phone calls seem to come at the most opportune times.

    Carly and Kristina could be taking lessons from each other the way they are badmouthing Abby. Considering how Kristina is such a great judge of character-NOT- she needs to shut up. Michael needs to stop caving into the little twit.

    So, Terrell is in line behind Patrick and Johnny-ewwwwwwwww!

    Hi aussie, rans, tipsy, TX, tt, enad , FUBU, been, bean, poodles, cynic, blessed, nat, mamajj, canadagirl, cowboys, scrimmage and anyone I missed.

    **************************SPOILER ALERT*********************

    Michael has it out with Carly regarding Abby. Carly should be in total shock but don't think it will do much good-IMO

    Posted by cbru at Monday, January 17 2011 03:11 PM

    There is no way Carly will tell Sonny in private what she thinks she knows. This is not so much about him as it is about totally humiliating Brenda and Dante in front of as many people as possible. Maximum effect means the wedding.

    Posted by lily hunter at Monday, January 17 2011 03:13 PM

    Hi everybody,
    So this must be GH breakup week. Lucky has fallen for Shaboom which is a shame as she seems to have become stupid. Did she think that leaving Lucky was going to get her sister back from the Balkan? Obviously, she's no pro at this sort of work, which in the end for Lucky is a good thing. As I said before, now the guys will have to protect Brenda, get the Balkan, and save Shaboom's sister. Their to-do list is growing as fast as Carly's.

    Carly should be the one looking for the Balkan as apparently she appear at will wherever there's news to hear. I have a feeling that Michael is going to blame her for Abby's hooker lies and the breakup. I look at it this way, she's due to be held accountable for her interferring.
    I wonder what will happen when she spews venom at Sam in front of Jason...At least he was smart enough to change the lock on his door and Carly actually had to beat on it to get inside today. Too bad he can't imitate Spinelli's voice to say Jason isn't here.

    I don't know about any of you, but I can't believe that Brenda didn't tell Jason that she told Theo about Alexandar today. I can't believe she is so clueless that she would put Dante at risk, although Theo was in great villian mode today. I do resent the fact that so far all he's done is push around women. What kind of self-respecting international mobster does that?

    Posted by lily hunter at Monday, January 17 2011 03:22 PM

    Oops forgot one comment. Wouldn't it be great if Claire discovered Theo's true identity, now that they're both working for Diane, and then couldn't decide whether or not to tell Sonny?

    rans, In answer to your question on the Friday posting -

    Nicholas trained Brooklynn to interact with his business associates and their wives. While Liz is smart, has a college education, and has manners (although doesn't always use them), I'm not sure that she would like the idea of training to play in Nik's world of high finance. I guess that you'll always be on team Liz and I'll be on team Brooklynn (until someone else comes along, or Nik leaves the show).LOL

    Posted by lily hunter at Monday, January 17 2011 03:34 PM

    I don't understand why Christina keeps trying to force Michael to "get into the high school scene", when she only interacts with her boyfriend, who is new to PC. I laughed at the SPOILER here: Molly has a fit. No wonder, if Crissy were my sister, I'd have had one long before.

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