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    Interesting Theories.

    Thursday, January 13 2011
    The Balkan has a plan, Abby is arrested, and Patrick confronts Johnny.

    Spinelli stops by Lucky's to tell him he found a lead on Aleksander. He doesn't want to say anymore in front of Siobhan, but she says she needs to hear it too. Lucky says it's fine and Spinelli tells them Jerry has accessed accounts under Aleksander's name, which suggests they could be related. He leaves to share his discovery with Stone Cold, as Lucky says it's an interesting theory. Siobhan isn't so sure. As they talk, Lulu knocks on the door and Siobhan leaves. Lulu worries Lucky is getting involved too quickly with Siobhan.

    Carly barges into the penthouse as Brenda tries to get Jason to admit she means something to him. Carly needs to talk to Jason about Michael. Brenda wants to help, but Carly gets catty saying even though she's marrying Sonny she is nothing to Michael. Carly warns Jason to make Brenda stay out of it and leaves. Spinelli returns home and finds Jason alone. Spinelli worries about Brenda's safety. He says if Jason doesn’t stop the wedding, Carly most certainly will.

    Siobhan meets the Balkan in the confessional and he tells her to look under her seat. She opens an envelope which contains a photo of a woman tied to a chair with her mouth covered. Siobhan yells if he hurts her she will kill him. She cries as the Balkan instructs her to persuade Lucky to take her to Sonny's wedding so she can be his eyes and ears when he takes his revenge on Brenda.

    At Johnny's, Ethan secretly listens as Maya admits to Johnny that Ethan is important to her and not just for the money. She says the few days in Vegas were the best days of her life, but she knows Ethan will take the money and run once they get paid. Johnny gets called away, but tells Maya to feel free to stay. He loudly says it's time she and Ethan had an honest conversation. After he leaves, Ethan walks out. She notices the bruises on his face, but he tries to cover with a story. She says he's not fooling anyone and Ethan says neither is she because he heard what she said. He wants to get back to how they were in Vegas with no inhibitions and kisses her.

    Michael stops by the station to drop Dante's phone off. Ronnie walks in with Abby in custody who was picked up for prostitution at the club. As she gets processed, Michael implores Dante to get her released, but Dante says it doesn’t work that way. Dante wonders how he even met Abby. Michael gets defensive and asks Dante to help. Dante goes in the interrogation room and asks Abby if she's been lying to Michael. She assures him she's never taken money for sex, but she can't speak for the other girls at the club. He questions her about Michael, but she insists she cares about him and would never hurt him. If she wanted money, she would have named her price with Carly. Dante lets Michael talk with Abby as he asks Ronnie if he has any proof Abby is prostituting herself. Ronnie explains they got an anonymous tip from a customer at the club. Johnny walks in to post bail for the girls because he is an owner of the club. Dante walks in the interrogation room and tells Abby she's free to go but she might have to come back to answer some questions. Michael offers to drive Abby home, but she passes.

    Diane enters Sonny's office with a prenup. He's offended she is suggesting his marriage will fail before it even starts. Diane wonders if he's having doubts himself. He shares his concerns about the people in his life getting hurt, but Brenda knows what could happen and feels he's worth the risk. Diane wonders if he does as well. Sonny says after everything he put her through, she deserves to be happy and he won't back out. Dante stops by after Diane has left. Sonny asks him to be his best man at the wedding. It means a lot to Dante, but he says he can't, as Brenda walks in.

    In Spinelli's office, Diane works on the novel, as Carly runs in. She tells Diane Dante and Brenda slept together and had a child. She needs help getting her hands on a legitimate copy of this proof.

    Patrick accuses Lisa at the hub of handing the syringe to Johnny. Lisa denies it, as Robin and Terrell walk up. The latter two doctors go on rounds so Robin can show him the lay of the land. Lisa offers to let Terrell shadow her, but Robin's got it covered. Lisa notices the irritated look on Patrick's face as they walk off. Later, Terrell tells Lisa she has Robin all wrong because she's smart and cute. Lisa warns him not to fall for Robin and he assures her it will never happen. Terrell returns to Robin and Patrick and asks Robin for help on a case. Robin is happy to help. Annoyed, Patrick watches as Terrell and Robin bond and then asks if they've seen Lisa because he needs to go over a case with her. Lisa smirks in the background. Robin and Terrell talk about music and she brings up Stone who got her interested in a few bands. She tells him Stone died of AIDS and that she is HIV positive.

    Johnny returns home where he is visited by Patrick, who knows Lisa gave him the syringe. He needs it so he can finally bust Lisa.

    Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Brenda helps Sonny convince Dante to be his best man.

    Jason and Dante discover Jerry is not the Balkan.

    Siobhan tells Lucky she wants to break up.

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Thursday, January 13 2011 01:10 PM

    Siobhan almost messed up when she said that Jerry and Alexander weren't a dna match.

    Loved it that Brenda did not leave her own house when Carly barged in, unannounced as usual and demanded that she leave.
    And yes Carly, Brenda will be Micahel's step mother.

    And what is up with Ronnie the Roach. He will arrest anybody with zero proof. He said he had a tip. I could call and give a tip that I saw him hooking. None of his arrests stick. They always end up walking and this was no different.

    And Lulu, shut your big mouth. How can you tell Lucky he is moving too fast with Siobhan, when you practically moved in with Dante after dating for two weeks. Lord, when will Dante leave this nutcase.

    Bless Patrick's heart. He knows that Johnny has the syringe. But I know Johnny will deny everything.

    Poor Dante, he can't stand up for Sonny at his wedding because Dante wishes he was the groom. You got that LULU. You need to get out of Lucky's business and deal with your own.

    Posted by nat21 at Thursday, January 13 2011 01:25 PM

    I think it was kinda pushy of Brenda to jump into Carly's conversation about Michael. Yes, she will be his step-mother but she will not be "involved" with anything to do with him. The poor kid leaves the penthouse whenever she's around, what makes her think that he would want her to know is business or help? She's just annoying me...

    I actually like Robin's growing friendship with the new doctor (sorry, don't remember his name). Those two would be a good match, if she wasn't married and he wasn't connected to loony Lisa...

    Posted by aussie-gal at Thursday, January 13 2011 01:43 PM

    Poor Abby. She's humiliated at being arrested. Damn that Carly. We all know it was her that tipped the cops off. And Johnny owing the club? That's new to me. Since when?

    I read yesterday that Erin Chambers (Siobhan) may be pregnant in real life. Hmmm, I wonder if that will be written in to the show now that she's signed a contract. And, I also wonder if Aiden's paternity will be revealed around the same time as Siobhan's baby - if it happens.

    EC is also American which surprises me. Her accent sounds genuine.

    Posted by isitso at Thursday, January 13 2011 01:56 PM

    Dante is correct... being around Abby can cause a violation of his parole. Why? She's a stripper...and most strip clubs are run or owned by mobsters (great way for them to launder money). Sonny was correct too.. Sonny has never wanted to have Michael in the mob life... and he knows that stip clubs and strippers are a part of it. It leaves too much room for someone to set him up. The writers could have come up with a better storyline than Abby.

    Lucky's girlfriend threatening the Balkan if he harms her sister... well kidnapping is harm enough... why waste time threatening him? Take him out... you know you can't trust him anyway!

    I wonder what Johnny will tell Patrick about the syringe... I doubt he will give up his leverage. Patrick was smart not to tell Robin he suspected though... because Robin lacks self control and might spoil it.

    Posted by granoni at Thursday, January 13 2011 01:58 PM

    did anyone notice that one of the bands robin said she and stone liked was eddie main?...was not that ned's alter ego when he was into the leatherpants wearing music scene?..nice touch, huh?

    Posted by enad19 at Thursday, January 13 2011 02:00 PM

    I have a headache, I mean GH is giving me a headache. Good grief, I have a theory, I think my neighbor may have stolen our bag of snow salt from off our front porch, let me call the "We Guarantee Arrests Without Proof Hotline" real quick and they shall surely haul him off to jail in a hot minute based on my anonymous call that could have come from IDK, outer space for all they care! Most TV shows that features a case being investigate at least make an attempt to gather evidence, usually proof of prostitution is gathered when an undercover cop poses as a prospective client and waits until the suspect propositions them BEFORE they arrest them. This show!? Not even bothers with the little details, they think that the loyalty of fans is enough to accept lazy- stupid-azz writing. Maybe TSW need to go to a few Craetive Writing for Beginner's workshop, or attend a few "How to write a plausible story workshop. Ridiculous!

    Dante, you're so clueless, EVERYBODY including LULU knows about Abby except for you because your head is so far up Brenda's arse that you can't see nor have the time for anyone else, including your younger brother who you are the legal guardian of. I will concede that Dante has been busy for the last 2 days worrying about his mother, but Abby's been in the picture since October. Shut up and go buy yourself a clue.

    I know that Siobhan must have been coerced into spying for Theo. I still like her with Lucky, but just don't understand why Lucky is being so open about his job with her especially knowing that she's lied to him on several occasions.

    So was it like a sort of raid that the police carried our on Vaughn's? And who wants to hazard a guess as to who the 'anonymous caller' might be?

    Posted by Jupup at Thursday, January 13 2011 02:05 PM

    hey, no fair I thought Robin was still Delusional like Lisa said.

    Posted by ransomha at Thursday, January 13 2011 02:07 PM

    They do a "round up" at Vaughn's and Abby is the only one hauled in.

    It would have been so much cooler if Vaughn's was owned by Liz/Steve....that this was what they had invested in.

    From the look on Terrel's face, Robin's HIV status came as a surprise, I guess that was a little fact Lisa forgot to tell him.

    Loved Patrick today. I am usually indifferent about Patrick but, today he impressed me. Wish John would just hand him the syringe.

    On another board they are calling Aidan mini Balkin. I guess because they have the same hair.

    With all the mystery that surrounds Siobhan, I too hope Lucky slows down. He really doesn't know much about this woman at all. He does know she is very secretive and has caught her in more then one lie. She is almost warning him but, Lucky has to be clobbered over the head to see what's right in front of him. For him to have Spin, tell his information in front of Siobhan without knowing what he had to say was typical Lucky .

    Must be hard to share your children with a woman you can't stand. I can see Carley's point in not wanting someone she despises to be a step mom to her kids. Just a fact of life I guess.

    Posted by enad19 at Thursday, January 13 2011 02:11 PM

    Reading CBF's post and saw where Lulu was on, but clearly didn't even rate a mention in the recap. Oye!
    Just what I needed, Lulu providing 'insight' on Lucky's relationship with Siobahn because she's such an expect being that she's been in such a solid steady relationship with a man who dreams about another woman while in bed with her and clearly forgot to mention that he was willing to give up his career for said woman. Yeah Lulu, you're a wealth of knowledge all right.

    Posted by aussie-gal at Thursday, January 13 2011 02:21 PM

    granoni, you're right. Eddie Main was Ned's performance name.

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