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    A Change in Plans.

    Thursday, December 02 2010
    Brenda and Sonny are forced to stay in, Luke offers advice to Lulu and Sonny and Robin sees Lisa's confession.

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    Posted by lily hunter at Thursday, December 02 2010 08:18 PM

    JMJasonLover - I agree with you about Robin calling her mom for advice, but IMO they are very different women. How would Robin react if Patrick disappeared for 10 years, then showed up? Anna and Robert have a special bond, together or apart. Sam and Jason are the replacements for them in the current generation. I really hope that Robin and Patrick take some time away from the hospital to work on their marriage as in going to work for ASEC in Kenya. I'm sure that Sonny and Jax would arm wrestle to see who writes the funding check.

    Posted by Redcanuck at Thursday, December 02 2010 08:24 PM

    I was stunned to hear Franco was doing the academny awards. Another person I dont get. I was happy to get Michael if only for a minute.

    Posted by lily hunter at Thursday, December 02 2010 08:27 PM

    poodles - I was a bridesmaid/maid of honor/matron of honor in 7 weddings. Including my first marriage, 5 of the 8 marriages ended in divorce, but the couples were all under 35. I'm happy to report that all of my friends are currently happy and in various stages of single, committed, or re-married. Oddly, the marriages that stuck had the least likely odds of success as all three brides were just out of high school and two of them were racing the stork down the aisle.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Thursday, December 02 2010 10:16 PM

    Finally got a chance to catch today’s show. My reaction?

    Balkan-Shmalkan, I just want to know what they’re serving Balkan-Shmalkan, I just want to know what they’re serving for the main course. I can’t help but think we’re getting closer and closer to my dream; that Sonny retires from the mob and opens up a five star restaurant. You can just see how badly he wants to do it. He’s obsessed with cooking, and he’s very competitive about it. He absolutely loves it and takes more pride in it than anything else in his life. You get the feeling that if Sonny could do just one thing in life, he’d cook. Now with Max, Milo, and Spinelli on board as sous-chef, sommelier, and maitre’de, it’s just a short leap to remodeling Luke’s old club and transforming it into the best restaurant in town. And it would make Conan so happy!

    There were many scenes with some much welcomed humor today. I loved Spinelli’s reaction to the idea of eloping with Brenda (SPLENDA – Hee!), and the way Luke and Sonny always seem to crack each other up like they’re laughing about an inside joke that the rest of us don’t know about. Sonny evened the score with Tracy. From now on she’ll always be “The Great White” to me.

    Even though she was wrong, I also enjoyed the way Tracy let Sonny have it. Tracy has no trouble speaking her mind, and she made it clear that she holds Sonny responsible for the disintegration of the Quartermaines, but it’s hard to make that case. Let’s see, missing from the clan there’s Lila, Jason, Alan, A.J., Emily, Ned, Dillon, and maybe Justus. Sonny’s not the reason why any of them aren’t there anymore. I’m no Sonny fan, but let’s not hold him responsible for EVERY bad thing that has ever happened in Port Charles. I do miss Alan and Ned though. Even though Ned is still very much alive, not having those two around must be especially hard on Tracy.

    Random notes to certain characters:

    Carly – You have strong juju, but it won’t work against Lady Jane. She raised Jerry and Jasper, and lived with and loved their father John, a rogue and a scoundrel in his own right. Your tricks won’t work on her.

    Dante – Yeah, Sonny’s with Brenda, and it’s your job to protect her so STFU, do your job, and drop the ‘tude, Dude.

    Matt – One word: DECAF!

    Posted by Scrimmage at Thursday, December 02 2010 10:19 PM

    One last thing. At the end of the show today, Jason said "It ends here Jerry!"

    If only he was right. Sigh!

    Posted by lovelymarlena at Thursday, December 02 2010 11:04 PM

    Did I hear right? Did Lady Jane say something to the effect that Carly was the best thing that ever happened to Jax???? Does she know about Carly's multiple affairs with her former husband while being married to Jax. Give me a break. What did Brenda ever do to Jax that was so terrible?

    They are writing Robin as a half wit because they, the writers, love the Lisa character and want to keep her on for another year. Robin was a smart girl or should I say woman until they happened on this gaslight s/l for character. I'm slowly getting fed up with GH.

    Posted by nancy marie at Friday, December 03 2010 04:58 AM

    Hey Poodles,
    I like your opinion re Luke and Laura--and I agree with your sentiments re Luke and Tracy--sad, yes!

    Posted by nancy marie at Friday, December 03 2010 05:12 AM

    And Scrimmage, you are right on about Tracy's blaming Sonny wrongly for the Quartermaine troubles--if I recall correctly (when Tracy was conniving Tracy Quartermaine), she had a tad bit to do with all the Quartemaine meladramas.
    Just sayin'. ...and I wish the genuine article will come back and the real Tracy could wreak more havoc in the Quartermaine family--and we could really have some riproaring good times (?) at the mansion.
    (Of course, I'm not holding my breath on that one--I read that the Guza did not like the Quartermaines--thought they were declasse and old hat--and has systematically worked to diminish their time on screen. The Quartermaines are declasse but not gangsters???? What kind of skewed thinking is that. Just a rhetorical question--we all know the answer, don't we?)

    Posted by nancy marie at Friday, December 03 2010 05:17 AM

    And while we are on the subject of gansters/Sonny: How can you mix comedy (like today with Max and Company with gangsterism (is that a word--I just coined it!) successfully without skewing the characterization?

    How sad TPTB made the decision to paint Sonny with such a dark brush. I thought it worked so much better with the dimples and the dark side -a la Luke and Frank Smith--rather than taking Sonny all the way to the point of no return----T-H-E-N now trying (tug, pull!) to bring him back to the days when he was simply shady and crazy in love with Brenda.

    Posted by nancy marie at Friday, December 03 2010 05:40 AM

    I did read that Mr. Q. calls Laura about the wedding of Trach and Luke (HE had to call Laura????? What about her children Lucky and Lulu--couldn't they have at the very least told their old mum about their father's nuptials???? Don't they ever call her--and are we to believe that she never calls them??? Come on!)

    But I digress. Read in that same rumorville that Laura talks to Luke ("off screen") the post stated). Hmmm. I'm sure she is just fine and dandy with Tracy marrying Luke on her birthday (Laura's) given that we the audience and Laura know about Tracy's deception prior to Laura's going to Paris--the phone call to Laura telling her that her doctor wanted her to return to Paris.

    And we the audience haven't forgotten that spunky Laura went right over and confronted Tracy--but had too much class (of course!) to tell Luke about Tracy's deception--or her children Lucky and Lulu who just eat Tracy up to her face--and have obviously forgotten their mother. Well, I will give Lucky (and JJ) credit: Lucky at least asked why would T and L want to marry on Laura's birthday.
    If this wedding comes off, it is the death knell for the loyal fans of the show. Mark my word.

    I'm thinking, however, when they make such a big todo about a wedding it never seems to come off. Here's hoping! But not holding out too much hope. C'est la vie; c'est l'amour; c'est la guerre! And Que sera, sera.

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