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    Thursday, November 18 2010
    Elizabeth questions Siobhan, Carly spills to Jason and Ethan and Maya accept Edward's offer.

    At Jake's, Siobhan accuses Lucky of using her to make Elizabeth jealous. Lucky denies it and assures her that he likes her. Lucky gets a call and steps away to take it as Elizabeth walks in to get to know Siobhan considering she's spending so much time with Lucky and her kids. Elizabeth questions her as Lucky returns. He talks to Elizabeth and she explains she's worried about the boys and him as well. Lucky wants them to respect the boundaries they've set. Liz apologizes if she's overstepped and hopes it works out the way he wants. Elizabeth leaves and Siobhan thinks Elizabeth wants him back. Lucky thinks it only matters what he wants and that seems to be her, unless she runs because she's scared. Siobhan assures Lucky she's not.

    As Dante explains his and Brenda's history to Suzanne at the penthouse, Brenda walks downstairs. Suzanne tells Brenda their trip to Africa all makes sense now, but Brenda never wants to talk about that first trip ever again. Brenda asks to talk to Suzanne alone and Dante leaves. Brenda tells Suzanne that whatever happened is no one's business and asks her to leave it alone.

    Carly gets out of talking to Jason about her plot against Dante when Olivia walks in the Metro Court. Jason orders Carly to meet him at the penthouse later. Dante joins the ladies and tells Carly Sonny and Michael are now allowed to see each other, but he doesn’t think it's a good idea.

    Jason returns home and Brenda asks him to get Dante reassigned because all she can think of when she sees him is that she killed someone. Jason will look into it, but regardless, Dante will still be around. Brenda gets upset and storms out. Carly comes by as requested and tells Jason Dante and Brenda had an affair three years ago.

    Lisa stops by Robin's room as Patrick sits by his wife's side. She tells them she's made a decision and will not enable Robin any longer so she will go to the board to have Robin fired. Robin asks Nikolas to come by and in front of Steve and Patrick she asks her old friend if the board can come to her so she can tell her side of the story. He thinks he can get the hearing stalled, but Robin wants to prove Lisa is a liar as soon as possible. Once Robin is alone, Brenda drops in with cookies. They share stories about the past and Brenda says she thought she and Sonny were going to be together forever.

    On the pier, Michael lashes out at Abby when she pushes him to talk about prison. He apologizes, but she feels bad that she pushed too hard. She wants to help him, but he can't talk about it. She urges him to talk to someone because he is too good a person to let whatever happened wreck him.

    At the courthouse, Sonny tells Claire he doesn't want to cause her any more damage. She understands they are over and she wishes him well. She assures him he is free to go after Brenda without feeling guilty. She encourages him to do so and to follow his heart.

    Sonny visits Michael at the loft and tells him they can now see each other freely. Sonny explains how Claire helped him out, but he had to break things off with her because it cost her too much. Michael wonders if he should have hung on for more favors, but Sonny says she's done enough. He adds Claire thinks he can be happy with Brenda.

    Olivia talks with Sonny at the restaurant. She wants him to use his head where Michael is concerned. She says Dante would never forgive himself or Sonny if something happened to Michael. She wants him to be smart so he doesn't lose both his sons. She then sees the fashion magazine he has on the table and they talk about Brenda. He recalls their past and says when it was bad it was ugly, but when it was good, it was good.

    At the Q mansion, Tracy tells Luke she wants a Christmas wedding, with a dress and a room filled with family and friends. She adds there will be a prenup and they will be sober. Luke balks at the sober part first, but then agrees to all of Tracy's terms.

    In the family room at the mansion, Maya rejects Edwards million dollar offer to stay married to Ethan and Lulu encourages her brother to do the same. However, Ethan agrees to it. Maya can't understand it, but Ethan wants the money. Tracy and Luke walk in to announce they are getting married, but Edward and Ethan needs to seal their deal first. Maya wants to know what the catch is, but Edward says there is none. They can stay together or break up after a year - no strings attached. Maya eventually agrees when Ethan points out she can use the money to pay off her student loans and help her sister. Tracy moves on to her wedding news and outlines the terms, which include Luke staying sober and signing a prenup. Tracy announces they will get married on December 21, but Lulu points out that's Laura's birthday.

    Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Brenda and Sonny meet up at Luke's old club.

    Maxie catches Lisa messing with Robin.

    Luke becomes suspicious of Carly.

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Thursday, November 18 2010 01:16 PM

    Why is Lisa sticking her big head in Robin's room? Robin should have her barred from coming near her room. They need to put Lisa's face on Robin's door with a big X on it.

    I like the friendship with Robin and Brenda. That's what Carly needs. She needs a lady friend she can talk to. I don't think she likes one lady on that show.

    Poor Michael, I'm glad his friend told him he needed to talk to someone. Lord knows his mother doesn't seem to care.

    And what is up with Elizabeth? She is jealous of any lady in Nikolas and Lucky's life. Talking about she was concerned about Lucky. She didn't give a hoot about Lucky when she was two timing him behind his back. Siobhan has more sense than she will ever have.

    Carly told Jason that Sonny's first born was banging Sonny's first love three years ago. So what? Dante and Sonny did not know each other. I'm sure Brenda slept with a lot of other guys too. Dante did not know she was his father's ex. Carly, you slept with your step-father, knowing he was your step-father. Run and tell that.

    Posted by Anna Lou at Thursday, November 18 2010 02:01 PM

    Cowboys fan, Well said!!!!!!!! Nothing more to add.

    Posted by LOVECHILDALWAYS at Thursday, November 18 2010 02:10 PM

    cowboys fan i love reading ur post because for the most part u are always on point. and if u remember carly and olivia were pretty good friends until she found out olivia kept her mouth shut about who shot michael. now they're just associates.
    i will be so happy when lisa leaves the show so patrick and robin can go back to being that happy couple that makes all the others envy them.

    Posted by Blesseddiva at Thursday, November 18 2010 02:19 PM

    Olivia and Carly used to be friends...before the great Dante revelation.

    Dante didn't have a father, so he doesn't understand that bond that Michael and Sonny shares. Part of me wonders if he is jealous, but is unaware that he is motivated by jealousy. If the judge thinks it's okay, then why is Dante so worried? It's not like Dante is the beacon of Honesty.

    Poor Elizabeth, no Lucky and no Nikolas. Helena predicted all this...and I guess she caused it since she switched the results. What's a girl to do? Maybe she can get close with Jason, but Brenda is eating up all his time.

    Look at Carly tattling about Brenda sleeping with Dante, Didn't Carly try to sleep with Jason last month, just to make her husband jealous? What is her excuse for using Jason like that(although I would like use Jason myself)?

    Carly could be friends with Olivia again. I enjoyed their interactions. I also loved her relationship with Lulu, but GH writers ruined that.

    Lisa is crazy...she may be related to Helena Cassadine. Have we checked into her background, there may be a cassadine connection. She loves coming by to torture Robin.
    Patrick should agree to sleep with her but video a confession. It won't be admissible in court but he can play it at the hospital for her co-workers to see what a psycho she is.

    Abby, leave Michael alone. you are not a professional so don't go around disturbing that hornet's nest. Michael needs to talk to Lainey Winters--of course she would have to be around.

    Posted by Anna Lou at Thursday, November 18 2010 02:45 PM

    Blesseddiva, I don't think Dante is jealous of Michael's relationship with Sonny. I have no doubt Dante has feelings for Sonny. You can even argue that he loves him. I think if anything Dante may care for his siblings more than his father. I know I say this over and over but TPTB have constructed Dante to be just like Sonny. Dante is afraid that something will happen to Michael. Yes, Dante feels even more protective of him since the prison debacle. I think Olivia said it best when she told Sonny to be careful. I think for the most part Dante is a stand-up guy. With the exception of the before mentionen prison debacle he has done ok by his brothers and sisters. Dante cares more about Michael than his own mother and father.

    Now that this Brenda situation has come to forefront, I understand why Dante told the truth about Claudia's murder. I don't think he wanted Michael to have live with the same guilt he has had to.

    I understand that there are many of you who don't like Dante. I firmly believe he was added to the family to offer a slightly better version of Sonny. JMO

    Posted by aussie-gal at Thursday, November 18 2010 03:05 PM

    You're so right cowboys. Liz didn't give two hoots about Lucky when she was banging his brother in the barn!!

    Carly sure is frothing at the mouth with the secret about Brenda & Dante. She needs a life.... can't stand her!

    Posted by AngelGlo at Thursday, November 18 2010 03:13 PM

    Absolutely love Chad Duell (Michael). That tear running down his face was......priceless. His first daytime emmy awaits.

    Does anyone know if Chad Duell has a website or facebook page or any way to message him?

    Posted by scorpion110282 at Thursday, November 18 2010 03:21 PM

    Sry lulu but u gonna have to let it go, ur parents are together no more, so if they want to get married on laura's birthday i dont see the harm, less knowing that tracy moves it or doesnt get married at all. And i say spill dante and brenda past already, just tell the truth,i know its gonna hurt lulu and i know carly is gonna have a front row seat, shes so heartless anymore. And michael should get help dealing with what happen in prison i would like to see him date and be happy. Liz should leave lucky and siobhan alone she had her chances.

    Posted by lily hunter at Thursday, November 18 2010 03:25 PM

    cowboys fan - Perhaps Carly, Lisa, and Liz could form a support group, exchange ideas about bed hopping, filling the gaping hole within themselves by fixating on men only when said man doesn't orbit around them as if they are the sun, going balls out to exact revenge no matter who suffers the collateral damage...after all they all have Shadybrook in common.

    Posted by enad19 at Thursday, November 18 2010 04:06 PM

    Olivia would not be Olivia if she wasn't sticking her nose in someone's business. She like her lying hypocrite of a son just love telling people what they should do because they are the only ones who knows what's best and they think that they can live other people's lives better than they can. STFU Olivia and go find Johnny's couch to go violate. Robin never listens to anyone because she is the smartest person ever! Somehow it has escaped her that Lisa has always been 50 steps ahead of her and Lisa is a pretty masterful manipulator amd liar. Nothing short of photo or video evidence can prove that Lisa is really gaslighting Robin and that Lisa is actually a loon. Just listen to Nik and Patrick Robin. How in heaven's name are you going to prove Lisa is crazy unless you take the time to gather proof. What? Are you going to preach to her beyond the point of surrender? Can Eliza be any more transparent? Look at her grilling Shaboom under to guise of motherly concern. Eliza's only problem is that Lucky's life no longer revolve around her and she's not the center or any man's universe. This is another first class hypocrite looking down her faithless nose on Shaboom. As far as I can remember, she wasn't worried about the safety of her boys when she was sleeping with mob enforcer Jason or when she was two-timing Lucky with that awful Nik who's murderous granny makes ANthony Zaccharra and Jerry Jacks look like choir boys.

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