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    A Train Wreck Is Coming.

    Friday, October 15 2010
    Dante and Brenda talk privately, Lucky and Siobhan grow closer, and Robin loses it over Lisa.

    Lisa tells everyone at the hospital that she has been cleared to return to work, much to Robin's outrage. Steve calls Shadybrook and confirms she was properly released because she has responded well to drug therapy and her psych evaluation came back normal. Robin won't stand for it and starts to call Mac to have Lisa arrested. Maxie stops her and drags Robin away as Patrick tells Steve Lisa returning is unacceptable. Steve responds it's inevitable and Lisa states Robin obviously isn't getting any better. Patrick declares he will never work with Lisa again and walks away. Steve thinks it would be better if Lisa transferred to Mercy, but she isn't going anywhere. Meanwhile, Maxie tells Robin she needs to keep it under control or else she will make Lisa look like the sane one. Elizabeth tells Patrick he needs to be careful and to see Lisa clearly. She assures him she is on his side and walks away, as Lisa approaches him with a case she wants to work on together. Patrick tells her he knows what's real and so does she. She's just trying to put her life back together. She admits she's made mistakes, but he has too because they made them together. Robin later talks with Maya and tells her Lisa is coming back to work. Maya encourages her not to take Lisa's bait. Robin wonders if she should take a leave of absence until Lisa trips herself up.

    At Jason's, Suzanne wonders what caused Brenda's abrupt change of heart regarding Sonny. She's worried about her and wants to help. Brenda tells her she becomes irrational when it comes to Sonny. It's like the whole world drops out and she knows she will lose him. She needs to get out of Port Charles right away, but Suzanne reminds her she can't as long as she is a target for The Balkan. Brenda needs a plan and goes to see a friend.

    Carly walks in the Metro Court and tells Jax Claire found Michael in Sonny's office. She wants him to talk to Claire and he agrees. He learns about Sonny and Claire's parting of the ways and he's not surprised, but seems rattled that Sonny dumped Claire for Brenda. Once Carly is gone, Max and Milo accompany Brenda as she visits Jax. She tells him he was right – she does need to stay away from Sonny. Jax tells her she can count on him because he will do anything for her. Max and Milo worry that Brenda is looking at Jax like she loves him and that a train wreck is coming.

    In their office, Jason reminds Sonny how shattered Brenda was after he left her at the altar and encourages him to just move on. Sonny thinks it's fate that she's there and it must mean they should try again. Jason leaves and Carly storms in to tell Sonny to make things right with Claire for Michael's sake. Sonny won't play her for a fool and orders Carly to stay away from his personal life.

    While looking at a photo of them together at the station, Dante recalls finding Brenda, who fainted, on the floor. In the flashback, he helps her to the couch, as she says she must have passed out because of an early photo shoot. He offers to call someone for her, but she says she's fine. She does ask him to stay with her until she falls asleep though, which he agrees to. Dante jolts back to the present as Lulu walks in, noticing he looks like he's found the value of something lost. He says he's fine but he has to get back to work because he's got a lot going on. Once Lulu has left, Jason finds Dante and asks him to get Claire to back off Michael. He agrees, but he will also talk to Michael about staying away from Sonny or places he might be. Mayor Floyd walks in and threatens Dante's badge for conspiring with a mobster. Dante defends himself and Jason backs him up. Once Floyd leaves, Jason says he wouldn't normally stick his neck out for him but Michael needs him.

    Brenda returns to the penthouse and gets Max and Milo to guard her from downstairs. Once she's alone, Dante knocks on the door and says they need to talk. They go upstairs to her room, as Jason returns. Sonny stops by looking for Brenda and he heads upstairs. In Brenda's room, Dante and Brenda both declare they've kept the secret and they agree no one can know.

    A hatless Siobhan helps Lucky into his room after he gets beat up by the cops, who think he's Ronan. He thanks her for her assistance and she says that's what she's there for. He corrects her by saying she's there so he can protect her from The Balkan. She thinks one good turn deserves another and heads out. She returns with some supplies to clean up his wounds. As she gets close to him, he says her hair smells nice. She didn’t think he noticed such things, but he points out he's not dead. Once she's done bandaging him, she kisses him. He doesn’t respond because he doesn’t think he should. He explains what a mess his romantic history is, but she tells him she's not looking to marry him – she just wants to sleep with him. He does like her and she suggests he just go with the flow. He takes her up on it and kisses her, as they start to take off their clothes.

    Monday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Luke and Jason discuss The Balkan.

    Patrick finds Lisa in her underwear.

    Mayor Floyd wants Dante off the force.

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Friday, October 15 2010 01:20 PM

    Robin said somebody needs to call Shady Brooks and tell them, their number one whack job has escaped. Good one. But Robin, you are looking more like the whack job. You should just ignore Lisa. Robin goes on her little rants and wonders why everybody is looking at her. She should take that leave of absence.

    Ooops, Dante told Lulu not to wait up, he's pulling an all nighter. He should have told her to take her rusty butt home. But I see he had time to go see Brenda. I wonder what the secret is between Brenda and Dante? Could it be a baby?

    Carly told Jax that Sonny dropped Brenda like a hot rock, when Brenda came to town. She ain't never lied.

    Elizabeth asked Patrick if he couldn't tell Lisa was off, back when they were dating. How could she hide all that craziness? He should have known.

    Sonny knows Carly like a book. He told her you want me with Claire so I wont't be with Brenda. BINGO!! Before Carly was mad at Sonny for sleeping with the lady trying to put Michael in jail. Carly makes me dizzy.

    Posted by nat21 at Friday, October 15 2010 01:57 PM

    I don't understand how Brenda is running around asking others to keep her away from Sonny. One day during the summer I decided to spend the day with my 9 year old cousin and we ended up at the park. She met 2 other girls and they were all running over to the boys to carry messages for each other. Brenda running to Jason to carry a message to Sonny and then running to Brenda and Jax reminds me of that. Very childish!!

    Can't believe Brenda and Dante went to his room to have a conversation. They should have discuss whatever they wanted in the living room so that they will know when someone comes home (common everyone just walks into Jason's home). Now how are they going to explain Dante a complete stranger to Brenda being with her in her room??

    Lisa is funny. Loved the way she greeted the staff upon her return. She sure knows how to push Robin's buttons and the little fool was buying into her game.

    Loved Siobhan comment to Lucky about not wanting to marry him and that she will scream if she hurts her. Ever since those two comments, I am starting to like her spunk. And I noticed that she didn't have her hat on so I am sure that made some of the viewers happy.

    Have a great weekend everyone...

    Posted by Blesseddiva at Friday, October 15 2010 02:09 PM

    It says Patrick finds Lisa in her underwear. I take that to mean she didn't go chasing after him in her panties.

    Boy, Lisa is free after holding someone at gun point and leaving an HIV patient in a well. There is something really wrong here.

    Brenda, will you stop interfering with everyone's lives? Why the heck is Dante dreaming about you all the time? you put something on him too?

    Posted by Diana8254 at Friday, October 15 2010 02:24 PM

    I wonder if Lisa is only going after Robin so she will get Patrick or will she turn on everyone in the hospital that doesn't cow down to her such as Epip or Elizabeth Matt or anyone who doesn't believe her?

    Posted by nat21 at Friday, October 15 2010 02:37 PM

    I don't understand how Mayor Floyd is still in office. Just realized that there hasn't been an election since I was in high school and I left HS a decade ago!! Okay back to my topic, with all the corrupt things the mayor has done how come no one has investigated him? Especially after he lied about Alexis last year when his mistress was murdered and then it turned out that his wife was a cold killer!!

    Posted by Scrimmage at Friday, October 15 2010 02:50 PM

    Did Robin use the “F” word? I know the closed caption says the line reads “flippin,” but I swear that’s not what Robin mumbled. LOL! Of course yesterday she was all “May I have your attention please” and today she’s like “Why are you all looking at me?” I’ve said before that Robin doesn’t have a sense of humor, but today she was cracking me up. When she filled Maya in on Lisa’s list of offenses against her, I laughed out loud when Maya said: “Yeah, that IS hard to believe.” Are they commenting on the writing now, too? HA! And Liz? Mind her own business? LMAO! She’ll be after Patrick herself before too long, once she learns that Lucky is off the market.

    And boy is he! SHABOOM!!! Hot and sweet with just a little kick! Me likey!

    Of course he’s never noticed how nice your hair smelled, ya daft girl, he’s never seen yer hair without that damned beret! That was a great scene, especially her straightforwardness, and the way she jokingly promised to be gentle so she wouldn’t hurt him. What goes around comes around. That’s almost exactly what Lucky said to Elizabeth the first time they made love. I guess they’re in Rome now. Very romantic.

    I’m glad Lisa’s back. Not only is she super hot, and the actress is really talented, but we need more people we can ALL enjoy hating on this show. Like the way Jason hates Mayor Floyd. He’s not hot at all, but I’m glad he’s showing up a little more often lately too. A show is only as good as its bad guys are bad.

    I think Jason is pretty disgusted with Sonny’s selfishness regarding Brenda. Sonny dismisses the pain he caused her because he suffered when he thought she was dead, but that wasn’t HER fault. On the other hand, he IS the source of her pain. He purposely hurt her, destroyed her actually, even if in his own mind he was doing it for her own good. Anything that happened to him after that is irrelevant to Brenda’s state of mind now. What Jax said WAS perfect. That Sonny created the buttons in Brenda when she was a teenager that he’s pushing now. Sonny thinks when Brenda says no, she means yes, he’s hearing only what he wants to hear, and he’ll do anything to get what he wants – Brenda – whether she wants to be with him or not. Of course she WANTS to, but she knows she shouldn't. Brenda used the same “Sonny is her drug analogy that I posted a few days ago. Like I said then, she’s intellectually aware of his effect on her, but like an addict, she can’t be around him for long and resist the pull. And Carly had the same WTH? Moment with Sonny that Diane warned him about and we all were posting about, wondering what was he thinking in sleeping with Claire, then dumping her for Brenda. Everybody could see that no good was going to come from this, but did Sonny listen? Of course not. And will he listen now, when practically everybody on today’s show, Brenda, Jason, Carly, Max, Jax, and Suzanne all were telling him to leave Brenda alone? No, he’s going to go right over to see her, and catch his son in her bedroom. Whoa!

    Obviously, this secret isn’t about an affair between the two of them. It’s got to be the same secret that Brenda can’t tell Jason or Suzanne about, and Dante has kept from Lulu. It somehow involves the Balkan, otherwise Dante wouldn’t have recognized the name. They didn’t sleep together; it’s got to be something else, which is lucky for Dante because Lulu looked absolutely scrumptious today. I never said she wasn’t a very beautiful young lady, or that Dante wasn’t a very lucky man.

    Like the old saying goes: “Not much upstairs but boy, what a staircase!”

    That’s our Lulu!

    Posted by mamajj at Friday, October 15 2010 02:53 PM

    Hi all.

    Lisa being back makes NOOOOO sense. Did those stupid cops fingerprint the cabin? I mean if they could find Sonny's hair in a burned out cabin he was NEVER in then I would think they could find some prints or hair belonging to Lisa. Wake up writers we are not as stupid as you!!! And Lisa saying GH was her home & she isn't going any where...WTF NO B*tch that is Robin & Patrick's home. She needs to go.

    When Brenda told Jax he was right she can't be w/Sonny I was waiting for the confetti to pop out his ears & him jumping up to do a happy dance. You know that's what was going on in his head.

    AWW there's nothing like a beat down to bring two people together. Lucky & Siobhan I like them. Bring her back to PC & watch Liz's head explode. And Siobhan finally took her hat off. She's cuter w/out the hat.

    Happy Friday to you all & Hello to all my poster friends.

    Posted by cjsmom926 at Friday, October 15 2010 03:01 PM

    So, the way I understand it, Dante guarded Brenda when he was a rookie on his force in NY and it was after she left PC when Sonny left her at the alter--Think of him as early 20's and she as pushing/early 30's. Their thing wasn't sexual (except he probably fell in love with her a little cause everybody did then) Something of value was stolen and I think they had it and somehow it got in Jerry Jax hands and he gave it to Jax for safekeeping but has no idea what it is. That is how Jerry will come back for a little while before the end of the year (maybe we will even see Bobbie) and some of this Balkan stuff will begin to get sorted out. Otherwise it would be too icky. Dante and Sonny and ick.

    ps--my husband didn't fall in love with "Brenda" until she was Sam McCall on Vegas..

    Here's to the weekend and more shirtless men in the afternoon!

    Posted by Scrimmage at Friday, October 15 2010 03:08 PM

    cjsmom926 - pn the future, please mark your posts as SPOILERS so those of us that try to remain spoiler free can avoid reading them. It absolutely ruins the show for me to KNOW what's going to happen. They're called SPOILERS for a reason. Thanks.

    Posted by cjsmom926 at Friday, October 15 2010 03:08 PM

    Sorry Whoops I meant Samantha Marquez on Vegas, not Sam McCall, thats Kelly Monaco--
    my bad

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