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    Taking A Life Changes A Life.

    Wednesday, October 06 2010
    Michael tries to cope, Suzanne meets Diane, Jake's is hoppin', and Mac advises Patrick.

    After pushing Abby onto the bed in the hotel room, Michael apologizes. She wants to try it again and asks him to sit with her and talk, but he says it won't work. She tries to make him see that he needs to let prison go and do things he enjoys. She had an ex-con for a boyfriend who said she healed him better than anything else. She wants to help Michael now and promises to take it slow. He wants to but he's a mess. He apologizes but she understands. She says she'd like to see him again if he changes his mind and leaves.

    Sam confronts Suzanne about Brenda in the office at the restaurant. Suzanne retorts that there's more at stake here than just Sam losing her boyfriend to Brenda. She explains to Jason and Sam how using Brenda's celebrity is golden for her charity, which makes a difference in the lives of thousands of children. Sam just wonders why she can't keep Brenda in line. Suzanne would love to, but Jason seems to be the only one who can do that. Sam gets a call about Michael and runs out. Jason explains to Suzanne about Michael and she says, "Taking a life, changes a life." She says there's hope though because she's seen people change. She thinks if he puts in the time he can help his nephew heal.

    Suzanne sits in the restaurant with Max and Milo. Milo nervously tends to Suzanne's drinking needs as Suzanne talks with Max about protecting Brenda. Diane walks in and gets territorial. The women verbally spar over the ethics regarding what the other does. Diane warns Suzanne that Sonny will be all over Brenda and he is as criminal as they come.

    Sam visits the hotel room to see if Michael is okay. She tells him Abby called her and said everything went fine, but Michael tells her he blew it. She thinks he is overreacting, but he says she couldn’t possibly understand.

    Jason walks off the elevator and finds Michael sitting outside his door. They go inside the penthouse and Michael relays how when Abby tried to take his shirt off, he went right back to prison with Carter. He wonders how messed up it is that he can't be with a girl. Jason tries to make him feel better, but Michael states he will never be normal. Jason calls Michael a survivor, but Michael says all that means is he's alive, but he's not really living. Jason tells him the bad stuff doesn't have to define him and he can't give up on himself. Jason declares he will never give up on him.

    Dante and Lulu return home, as Maxie stops by with work. Dante leaves for food and Maxie tells Lulu they are going to get the cover girl of Kate's dreams: Brenda Barrett.

    After returning to Port Charles, Nikolas and Brook Lynn go to Jake's. He offers to pay her to escort him to a few more parties. Elsewhere, Kate watches as Steve and Olivia have a beer. She walks over and makes disparaging remarks about her cousin. Olivia stands up, takes off her earrings and the women go at it. Steve gets in between them and then Dante walks in to try and help break it up. Coleman restrains Kate as Olivia welcomes her son home. Dante goes to get some food and then leaves to get back to his girl. Olivia sits back down with Steve, as Kate flirts with Coleman at the bar. Olivia goes to the bar for another beer and starts bickering with Kate again. Brook starts singing and tells the women to shut up. Nikolas seems impressed with Brook as she belts out a song while sitting at their table.

    Dante returns to the loft and finds Lulu sleeping. He then sees the magazine with Brenda's photo in it. Lulu wakes up and Dante tells her used to have an idea of what love was supposed to be like, but hen he met her. All he wants is to be with her, take care of her and never take her for granted.

    In Robin's hospital room, Mac tries to console Robin over her marital problems. She just wants to figure out her role in what happened. She used to think cheating was a deal breaker for her, but now she's not sure and thinks it might be too soon to be calling divorce lawyers.

    At the hub, Patrick talks to Matt about Robin. He tells his brother he wants his wife to stop hurting and that he wants his family back. Matt suggests he take a step back and breathe. Matt says he needs to earn Robin's trust back and figure out why he did what he did. Patrick sees Mac, who tells him he hates him for cheating, but he knows he loves Robin and Emma. He asks him to accept responsibility and to not put Robin through any more pain. Mac wants him to man up and let her go – a clean, quick break.

    Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Jax learns Brenda is back.

    Robin and Brenda catch up.

    Luke visits Lucky.

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Wednesday, October 06 2010 01:16 PM

    Well, Candy gave it the old college try.

    Mack, butt out of Robin's love life and get one of your own.

    What has crawled up Connie/Kate's drawers. Olivia can talk to whomever she wants. Olivia told her she would knock her on her fat ass. That mess was funny. Then you had Steve and Dante trying to separate them. Loved it. My money would have been on Olivia.

    Then here comes the battle of the boobs, between Diane and Suzanne. I would have to put my money on Diane. This episode is making me broke.

    Poor Brook Lynn, she was just singing her little heart out, and sounded good too. All you could hear in the background was Olivia and Connie, still going at it. Brook Lynn had to stop singing and tell them to cool it. She has a nice voice, I could tell Nikolas liked it to.

    Dante sure was staring at that photo of Brenda. How do you go from Brenda to Lulu. No wonder Dante gave Lulu some french fries to stuff in her mouth. Then he wouldn't have to listen to her.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Wednesday, October 06 2010 01:16 PM

    Continuing the discussion from yesterday’s board:

    Nancy-marie – I don’t think referring to Robin as an emotional vampire is hyperbole at all. Other characters, like Maxie, Luke, and Ethan display a lust for life, a “joie de vivre” that Robin lacks. Who day is ever brightened when she’s around? When does she ever bring anything but angst to any given situation? When does she have fun? When is she ever happy? She’s just not the kind of person that I would find enjoyable to be around, much less in a relationship with. Lisa’s approach was all wrong, but I can see why she thought Robin made Patrick miserable, and why she wanted to save him. Lisa could see that Patrick and Robin are a mis-matched pair and that their marriage was doomed to fail. If she had just been patient, Robin would’ve eventually found some reason to end their marriage, or Patrick would’ve gotten fed up with Robin’s pessimistic outlook on life. That was Lisa’s biggest mistake, forcing the situation instead of letting things happen at their own pace.

    Of course Patrick has to take a lot of the responsibility for his drunken one night stand with Lisa (I would hardly call it an affair), and I’m not saying that Robin is wrong to be upset and disillusioned with him, but both of them are victims of Lisa’s obsession. The question is: Now what?

    In my opinion, it’s a foregone conclusion that eventually Robin will take Patrick back. What I find so disconcerting is that the attitude she has currently adopted, basically “I still love you, and I accept that you regret your infidelity, but I can never trust you again, so I want a divorce,” is only designed to permanently make her the dominant partner in the relationship.

    Until now, Patrick has been in that position. He is the one who has achieved a level of professional success and acclaim that Robin can only aspire to. He is the one who, for all his life, has always received attention from the opposite sex in a way that Robin has never experienced. Patrick was, and still is a “player” in Robin’s words. He will always have opportunities of a sexual nature presented to him without having to make any effort along those lines. Robin, for many reasons, is not someone that a lot of men would pursue, especially not men that have other options available to them like Patrick. I’m not saying that to be cruel, that’s just the way it is. Robin knows she is not in the same league as Patrick, and she’s known that from the day she met him. That gives Patrick the power to destroy their relationship and devastate Robin, which is what she’s afraid of.

    What I find objectionable is that she’s now taking advantage of this sordid situation to even the playing field. She will use Patrick’s guilt and willingness to do anything to keep his family together to essentially castrate him. From now on, Robin can justify demanding that Patrick adhere to her conditions for their reconciliation, and she’ll be calling all the shots from here on out. No more NASCAR, no more nights out at Jakes if she doesn’t want to go. No more objecting to her relationship with Sonny, and no more disagreeing with her about anything at all, or else she’ll take her toys and quit, and it will all be Patrick’s fault.

    This isn’t a relationship built on love; it’s a power struggle between two enormous egos. Robin convinced herself that she could change a man like Patrick, and even though it took her getting pregnant (the oldest trick in the book), she thought she had won until Lisa came along. Now that Lisa is out of the equation, Robin is taking steps to insure that she will have the advantage over Patrick for the foreseeable future. She has no interest in getting past this ordeal or in an equal partnership with her husband. She doesn’t want to forgive him and move on, she wants to break him, and tame him, and keep him as a trophy to preserve her precious illusion of a perfect life so everyone can admire the wonderfulness that is Robin. That’s not the basis for a long lasting, happy marriage, that’s a recipe for misery and heartache, but that’s exactly what Robin wants as long as she feels in control.

    Patrick and Emma deserve more than that out of life. I hope they get it, but they won’t if Robin has anything to say about it.

    Emotional vampire? That’s being kind.

    Posted by beenaroundalongtime at Wednesday, October 06 2010 01:18 PM


    Hello AMC & GH poster friends

    I posted last week that my aunt (mini stoke on the 27th) and my son (diabetic & HP on my b-day 28th) well in the Been household yet another medical emergency occurred. My 11 yr old grandson was admitted in UIC hospital on Saturday. Diagnosed with Spinal Meningitis. He’s home and was at my house last night, asking grandma what’s for dinner? Praise God everyone is home and during well.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Wednesday, October 06 2010 01:23 PM

    beenaroundalongtime, bless your heart.

    Posted by smurf18 at Wednesday, October 06 2010 01:26 PM

    I'm back. I have been reading but not posting for a while. Why doesn't someone get Michael some professional help? He really needs it! More than just a booty call! Sam, come on now. Also, the storyline with Brooklyn is kind of boring. Where is this going? Anyone know when Elizabeth is coming back? We need her to whine some more and stir something up..... Shout out to 4myJylli!!!!!

    Posted by smurf18 at Wednesday, October 06 2010 01:27 PM

    Beenaround - Wow that is a lot to handle. Will say prayers for you and yours.

    Posted by smurf18 at Wednesday, October 06 2010 01:29 PM

    Off topic -

    Cowboy fan how are your cowboys doing? Have you heard my Rams are kicking butt here in St. Louis. We haven't had good football in a long time now..............

    Posted by Scrimmage at Wednesday, October 06 2010 01:42 PM

    ***off topic***

    Beenaroundalongtime – Sorry to hear about all you’re dealing with, but I’m glad everyone is doing better. Just a few short decades ago, the chances were that a story like yours wouldn’t have had such a positive outcome, and we can all be grateful that we live in a time where such things are treatable, thanks to the excellent state of modern health care. Obviously we all have to deal with unpleasant situations like those you describe from time to time, but when they happen so close together, it can be especially difficult, so hang in there. Hopefully the odds will now be in your favor for a long time to come, and the only drama you’ll have to concern yourself with will be on TV.

    Posted by nat21 at Wednesday, October 06 2010 01:43 PM

    Don't understand what the argument between Connie and Olivia came from. Is Connie jealous that Olivia had another younger man "sniffing around her"? Coleman just needs to take her upstairs to one of those dingy rooms and give her a good shag, maybe then she will behave.

    Diane sure did put Suzanne in her place, had to smile at the comment about the shoes. Diane is too much. For a moment there, I though Suzanne was going to get the best of Diane but my girl came out fighting. Loved the little smirk on her face after Suzanne left.

    Cowboys fan: love reading your comments, everyday I get a kick out of reading them!

    ***Off topic***

    Bless your grandson's little heart. Sounds like he's back to being a little boy asking nan what's for dinner.

    On another note, my mom is coming to visit me from the UK for almost a month. I am so excited. She is going Christmas shopping in Paris in a few weeks w/ somem friends before coming and wanted to know what I wanted from Paris. The funny thing is that I don't want anything but some chocolate from Marks & Spencers. I am so excited as I only get to see her once a year (plus she's a great cook and when she's here I don't have to do anything

    Posted by FUBU at Wednesday, October 06 2010 01:54 PM

    Been, God bless you and your family.

    Scrimmage, are you sure Carly has not possed you and has started typing on this board. For a minute there I could hear Carly saying pretty much the same thing about Robin being miserable and wanting everyone around her miserable as well.

    This post is in response to Nancy Maries post form yesterday.

    Robin is a twit.

    Sorry I know there are some of you who do not believe it and or want to face it but she is. Does that mean she deserved to be cheated on, no? But Patrick also didn’t deserve to have his wife check out on him again and all in the name of her first love. That’s what she did to him. She went on and on for weeks about how Stone was this and Stone was that to her. She made it clear that Stone had a permanent place in her heart one which Patrick had about as much as a snowballs chance in hell of every getting to. Heck she just didn’t stop at Stone she included Sonny and Jason in the mix as well.

    Would he have gone out of his way to find a woman to cheat with probably not? Should she forgive and forget, I can’t say but she is not as innocent in this as she would like to and have everyone else believe she is.

    The cheating was on the wall if you will. How many men can stand being ignored by their wives and treated as an outsider in her life? Lisa offered him a chance to feel like the man again and the idiot fell for it. Trust, I do not say that women should become slaves and constantly cater to their husbands. However, I do say know your man. Robin wants to paint Patrick as this playboy cheater and that is not who he is. If he were then he would have been cheating on her the entire time they were dating.

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