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    Let Me Go And Move On.

    Wednesday, September 29 2010
    Stone encourages Robin, Patrick is arrested, and Siobhan confronts Lucky.

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    Posted by StraightTalker at Wednesday, September 29 2010 08:18 PM

    Hello to all posters:

    I am finding it hard to remember why I liked Spin. I had this uncontrollable urge to reach into the TV and pimp slap the heck out of him during his convo with Patrick. This boy is getting more annoying by the minute, geeez. Having said that, he cracked me up with his scene with Carly. I am still chuckling at his meditative pose and Carly’s attempt to get him focus on her revenge plot.
    As for Carly, she’s such a… flirting with poor sex deprived Spin. That is such a cruel and unusual punishment for the poor guy. I wouldn’t blame him if he had jumped at it like a starving dog seeing meat for the first time.

    Welcome back sassy Sam; girl I have missed you!!! She sure gave it to Carly and she didn’t have to resort to a snarky attitude to deliver the 411. I also loved her talk with Molly. I know many said that Sonny’s love life wasn’t any of Molly’s business but I think that her concerns were valid. Sonny’s love life by its self is not the issue but rather whom he is shacking up with. Molly can’t get pass the role that Clair played in Michael’s arrest and I can’t blame her. But I love the advice that same gave to her.

    I wasn’t watching GH during the Robin and Stone s/l but I was glad that Stone came back to point out some truths to Robin. She needed to hear how she has been idolizing their relationship and how holding onto the past has been affecting Patrick and her marriage.

    I think that JZ hit the nail on the head when he described his and Olivia’s and Dante and Lulu’s relationships as wack. I was thinking the same thing, except I would substitute wack for sick. Olivia would be mother bear with her three little cubs, yep, sickening.

    All I could think of when Lulu and Dante were driving a long that dirt country road was, where is a steep cliff when you need one? One wrong turn and TIIC could have put us out of our misery. For that act alone, I think that most of us would forgive TIIC for all the sloppy s/ls that are currently going on.

    Posted by lily hunter at Wednesday, September 29 2010 08:35 PM

    I was thinking of the Thanksgiving dinner long before Olivia mentioned it today. I had forgotten that Lulu and Johnny were lovers in the past (not that memorable). So if the extended family is present at the table, wouldn't that be most of PC? I guess that would be the event for Jerry's grand entrance? Exploding turkey anyone, no need to fight over who's going to carve.

    Posted by Cynic at Thursday, September 30 2010 02:47 AM

    They actually got something right today. Rural roads in Ireland are one lane, and to make it worse, they have hedges on either side. There is no way I would drive at night there.

    So excited about Jerry coming back in December. Unfortunately Elizabeth will also be returning. Oh well, we can't have everything.

    Erin Chambers (Siobahn) gets my vote for staying around for a long time. Apart from the fact that she is very attractive, she does not have long dark hair and I can tell her apart from the others.

    Brenda absolutely stinks! Carly is bad enough but at least she doesn't put on the needy "little girl" voice. I just cannot stand these self absorbed prima donnas. Carly was screeching yesterday because Jason had not answered her phone call. Give me a break!

    Posted by NYDrama at Thursday, September 30 2010 09:09 AM

    Hello everyone!
    Yesterday was gorgeous and today it's back to the monsoon! My hair must be happy for this curly break it's getting!

    Just a few comments regarding yesterdays show and I'm off to catch up on laundry...

    Stone/Robin-OMG!!!! Now that's how you come back to a show! He was amazing and of course he brought out the dynamo actress that Robin can be. Those scenes in the well were beautifully done and got me all emotional too. He looks great also. I didn't want those scenes to end! Sniff, sniff.... Loved everything about them.

    Lisa-she's lookin pretty coo-koo too. She does it well

    Patrick-hee,hee,hee....Mac is going hog wild! Love it! Don't even care how crazy that arrest was, I still enjoyed it.

    Lucky and the crazy bunch-I am loving Lucky and those eyes! His eyes are so intense w/ likey! I really can't take the Irish chick though. Ugh!

    SAm/Carly-now that was a satisfying scene! So great to see Sam giving back! She's about had enough and she does it w/no drama! Just cracked me up!

    Ethan-wow, I was surprised to see his hair down. I didn't hate it, since I like long hair on some men, but something seemed off. Maybe it was his girl? I'm still not feeling Maya. All she does is complain. Where's the fun? He needs a fun girl not a whiny, judgmental stick in the mud. Bring on Maxie!

    Olivia/Johnny-they are so great when they're happy. I can really get back into this couple if they keep it light and sexy. He's got a dynomite smile too. We need more smiling, shirtless men.

    Just saw some sad news that Tony Curtis has died. What a handsome man he was. Rest in peace.

    With all this rain, I may soon need a paddle.....

    Posted by PumpkinGirl at Thursday, September 30 2010 12:36 PM

    lisa is cuckoo for coco puffs and the actress/writers and smashing it out the the ballpark. she is so believable as nuts! this show has the best nut jobs.

    i laughed at the comments of lulu and dante. please get lost you two! and then have to get saved by the balkan, who then will tie you up to a bomb, then lucky to the rescue. serves them right for blowing his cover and showing up unwanted and unwarrented.

    bravo sam for giving carly some good stuff back in her face! stay strong! they are making carly so jealous and coniving.

    love nik and brook lynn. that was a pretty convincing panic attack by the actress on the plane. can't wait to see them evolve.


    Posted by css2 at Thursday, September 30 2010 02:07 PM

    NYDrama omg-ditto, ditto, ditto on your comment:

    "Stone/Robin-OMG!!!! Now that's how you come back to a show! He was amazing and of course he brought out the dynamo actress that Robin can be. Those scenes in the well were beautifully done and got me all emotional too. He looks great also. I didn't want those scenes to end! Sniff, sniff.... Loved everything about them."

    I loved their scene's 15 years ago and loved seeing them again yesterday...they've always been beautifully done. Michael Sutton belongs back in daytime...i want to see that gorgeous face and smile everyday Anyone know anything about his career?

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