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    Let Me Go And Move On.

    Wednesday, September 29 2010
    Stone encourages Robin, Patrick is arrested, and Siobhan confronts Lucky.

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    Posted by mamajj at Wednesday, September 29 2010 03:26 PM

    Hey poodles...

    Yes I believe the same person is doing Maxie's & Ethan's hair. I have noticed he has been wearing it down a lot lately... MISTAKE! Pull it back.

    LOL at your post about Danalu having sex on the dirt road & the psychotic leprechaun. If only.

    Posted by 3koalabears at Wednesday, September 29 2010 03:28 PM

    Does Mac really think that Patrick is responsible for Robin's disappearance or is he helping Patrick tick Lisa by pretending to arrest him. I hope the latter is true.

    Posted by lily hunter at Wednesday, September 29 2010 03:51 PM

    Hello to all my fellow posters
    Sam is my hero. I loved the fact that she told Carly the absolute truth today. I'm surprised that Carly hasn't tried to talk Alexis into going to Rome to bring Jason back citing some Michael/Christina need. Good for Sam to point out that Brenda really is in danger, not the drama queen Carly is.
    I really wish that Maxie would have walked in when Carly looked as if she was going lick Spin. Go home Carly.Take care of that baby that you risked your life to carry and your son went to prison to protect from Claudia. I wonder what Jax would think of her jealously, not because of him, but because of Jason. To me it seems as if Jason is the one she's always wanted, but knew he wasn't ever going to interested. All she has is Michael and that ship is about to sail. He's growing into his own person, not with any guidance from her or any of her husbands, especially Jax.
    I don't like the direction that the writing is taking Robin's character - blaming her for Patrick's lust (and excessive drinking). He's Super Surgeon (in his own mind), so how does he justify dulling his senses when at any moment he might need to done the greens and cape to save someone's life?

    Posted by lily hunter at Wednesday, September 29 2010 03:53 PM

    I didn't get to see some of the show today because the local ABC station cut away to cover the landing of Air Force One in Richmond. President Obama had a town hall meeting today.

    Posted by lily hunter at Wednesday, September 29 2010 04:08 PM

    I just had a thought. Robin and Patrick's house looks as if it would have enough room for Brenda, especially if Patrick isn't living in it. There's nothing like a great girlfriend to help get over a bad decision.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Wednesday, September 29 2010 04:22 PM

    Mac is right about one thing. It doesn’t matter if they don’t follow the rules trying to build a case against Lisa, because there’s no way they could ever get a conviction. Lisa has done well at manipulating the situation, but where she’s really been brilliant is in the way she’s taken advantage of every opportunity that has presented itself, like Robin running into a ditch, and falling in the well, all on her own. Sure, Lisa drugged Robin, but she never could’ve dreamed it would work out so well for her. Her deniability is near perfect. Unless they can somehow connect her to the drugs in Robin’s system, and to the dead nurse, then everything is just Robin’s word against Lisa’s. Between the two of them, Lisa would appear to any outside observer to be the more stable person, especially given Robin’s recent history of mental issues.

    As it stands right now, it looks like she wandered off into the woods, leaving her baby behind in a ditch, and is trying to blame it all on her husband’s mistress, who can plausibly deny any involvement. Robin will be lucky if they don’t send HER off to Shadybrook for observation. She’d be well advised to keep her conversation with Stone to herself.

    Posted by lily hunter at Wednesday, September 29 2010 04:57 PM

    The nurse would have to have logged the medication Lisa ordered into the GH computer system. I was really disappointed that Spin didn't bother to look further. Patrick wasn't much help to Spin either, but he's only a Scorpio by marriage.

    Posted by foxyleo28 at Wednesday, September 29 2010 04:59 PM

    I was not around for the Stone times. But I sure am enjoying watching him speak with Robin. Finally someone let her know what she has been doing wrong also. Will come back when I finish watching

    Posted by foxyleo28 at Wednesday, September 29 2010 05:15 PM

    I loved watching Sam tell Carly about herself. Carly is going to drive herself back to ShadyBrook if she keeps this up. Cant wait for Brenda to get back and really drive her crazy. Robin should have been thinking about the fact that Patrick was so self absorb when she kept going on and on about Stone. I dont excuse Patrick for cheating but she was making me sick with all the Stone talk so I can see why he looked at someone who was interested in him.

    Posted by cbru at Wednesday, September 29 2010 05:57 PM

    poodles-I am ROTFLMAO picturing that psycho leprechaun. And wow, driving in a foreign country, in the dark, no cars, who would have thunk they are lost???? And now with the broken down car, they will have to do something to pass the time. Let's hope it stays dark!

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