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    Laugh With The Sinners Or Die With The Saints?

    Friday, September 03 2010
    Johnny has a proposition for Lucky, Sonny and Brenda see each other, and Lisa makes another startling move.

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    Posted by lily hunter at Friday, September 03 2010 08:01 PM

    Scrimmage - Yes, let the games begin.

    Posted by Canadagirl17 at Friday, September 03 2010 08:07 PM

    Hello lily hunter:
    You are so right.Carly needs something stuffed in her mouth all right.
    Happy Labour day weekend everyone!

    Posted by lily hunter at Friday, September 03 2010 08:07 PM

    Just my last thought tonight - Mac can't really play fast and loose with the law, but couldn't he call Robin's parents to have Lisa hooded and taken far far away?

    Posted by NYDrama at Friday, September 03 2010 08:08 PM

    Happy Friday everyone!
    All the hype about Earl, I was expecting all this rain and my ride down to my mothers was sunny and hot, but I didn't bother to bring my sunglasses.... Hope everyone else got snubbed by Earl.
    Poodles-thanks for referring me to Lily's pasta dish post. Will look it up!

    Loving my show!
    Carly-ok, this girl is all about being the center of attention in all her mens lives. One minute she's reminding Sonny and everyone else that she doesn't want her kids around him and he signed away his rights, he's a danger to them, blah, blah, blah......enter Brenda and all of a sudden, her tune's changed and Sonny's walked out on all 4 of his kids! She's a riot and I wouldn't expect any less drama from Carly! This is how she should react and I am glad she didn't disappoint.

    Jax-I was hoping for a little glimmer of excitement in him w/the mention of Brenda's name. hmmmm...

    Sonny/Brenda-I for one am enjoying ALL the flashbacks! Any flashback is a great walk down memory lane for the long time fans and a wonderful introduction to the new ones. It's necessary for all of us and it makes sense that they're remembering the good and the bad. Honestly, I can understand how even bad memories can still intrigue you about an old flame. The more time goes by, they sometimes fade and everyone blends together. Especially when they both have crappy lives right now, the nostalgic memories always seem better than the reality they're living. Right?
    Can't deny the steamy factor they had together either. I did forget how much of a drama queen she was and pretty whiney too. But, they're romantic connection was hot!

    Jasam-interesting convo. Makes sense that Sam would question him about Brenda since I don't know if they've ever really broached that subject before. Like someone else said, Spin's room is still pink. Anyway, still liked their ability to speak honestly about thier feelings. Nice.

    Lucky-hmmmm....not understanding why Johnny would suggest switch to work for the other side. Anyone get what that was about? But the most obvious point that stood out to me was that poor Lucky really doesn't have anyone to talk to. When he showed up at Dante's to talk about it to Lulu, I knew this poor guy has nobody. Pls, throw him a bone, he's been so good! And I could do w/o another scene w/Lulu.

    Michael-I agree w/others, he needs some fun. Too depressing and serious for me. I was excited when that girl was interested in him and I thought he hit her but my daughter corrected me and said he just flinched. But I do love his support and unconditional love for Sonny. Love it!

    Krissy-I don't love daddy, he's a horrible man, but why did he go away? hee,hee,hee....she is superb at this role! Love her!

    Sonny/Italian Lady-as an Italian, I would have appreciated an actress that sounded more Italian. They can't be that hard to find. I hated her fake, slow accent. Ugh! Just like others pointed out the scenes could have been more "Italian" too.

    Sonny/Brenda-OMG! When she came down to the court yard and he was standing there, I was screaming "turn around Brenda!" What a fantastic moment! Loved it!

    Scrubs/Lisa-holy cow! What the mop? Was that a stuffed animal boiling in the beaker? I was at my moms when I was watching with my sister who hasn't seen GH in years and I said "Fatal Attraction"! She's a wack job and getting away w/every little scheme.
    I was cleaning shrimp for dinner and catching her up to speed on the show. I was cracking up w/her comments.....
    -Brenda looks "different"
    -She was disappointed that Greg V. left the role of Lucky! He was so much more hunkier, even though this one looks more like Luke and Laura's kid.
    -She was shocked when I told her Jason is cheap when it comes to showing skin and we both reminisced about the old days when soaps were so much more risque w/sex scenes. And we liked that!
    -We both agree'd that we want our soaps to be unrealistic since that's the reason we watch them in the first an escape from reality. There are enough CSI's and reality shows out there.

    PS-We took my mom to see Eat, Pray , Love the other night and James Franco has a part in the film. Pretty funny.
    Loved the book, but the film just couldn't pull off the authors story, tsk,tsk Aussie-have you seen it? The parts in Italy are fabulous!! "Attraversiamo"...

    Posted by NYDrama at Friday, September 03 2010 08:15 PM

    Rans-I was cracking up w/your post regarding Murph pooping in his pants! I agree. But I was suspecting him to be in cahoots w/the bad guys, so who knows?
    I am a....
    1. therapist/cheerleader
    2. Mommy
    3. Wife/mommy..... (yep!)
    4. Fixer of everything that's gone wrong
    5. Party animal/organizer
    6. Fashionista

    Posted by Scorpioqueen at Friday, September 03 2010 10:57 PM

    Have a Happy Labor Day weekends God bless!!!!!

    Posted by Cynic at Saturday, September 04 2010 12:23 AM

    I am already sick of the sight of Brenda, and hope that Friday's temper tantrum is not an indication of what we are going to be subjected to for the next two years. Carly is bad enough without another prima donna.

    I disagree with the posters who complained about Andrea Marcovicci's appearance. I find it a refreshing change to see a beautiful older woman in a soap. I watch a lot of British shows and notice that the most popular invariably feature older actors and actresses who look normal, i.e. they haven't had work done.

    I sincerely hope that enticing back Vanessa Marcil does not mean pay cuts and pink slips for other actors on the show. We all miss Kate and see the Coleman/Kate pairing as a potentially good storyline which is totally wasted due to lack of development. Now Monica Q is being put on the back burner, and whatever happened to Alice. Bang goes the comedy hour. Calling for Alice to open the door now and then, or Nurse Bobbie Spencer to come to the nurses station is not a substitute for seeing old favorites. The show should be an ensemble not a vehicle for promoting one actress at a time.

    All I can say is that when I find myself fast forwarding through the entire show three days in a row, or not bothering to stop whatever else I am doing to watch GH, then the show is losing me.

    Posted by celgrl28 at Saturday, September 04 2010 02:12 AM

    I enjoyed the last part of the show today. I loved that Brenda and Sonny have finally made eye contact. So glad that Brenda is back! The show had become a bore to me but now I don't want to miss it.

    Carly is an idiot and always has been. With all of the crap that she has pulled and subjected her kids to, she deserves misery....I hope she chokes on her jealousy.

    All of that BS that Jax was throwing at Carly today to stroke her fragile ego, I hope he remembers every word that he said, when Brenda comes to PC.

    Jason describes Brenda as insecure....just you wait Jason because Sam is about to reveal what insecure really means.
    Can't wait for Tuesday's episode.

    Posted by azzure1020 at Saturday, September 04 2010 09:18 AM

    I haven't been able to post or do much of anything because of school. I must say the wacko Lisa storyline is turning out to be one of my favorites. I did hate this storyline at first but it is actually making me remember that Kimberly McCullough can act her pants off. The writers usually just have her sniping at someone so you forget she has acting chops. I hope Robin reports the floating ducky to the cops instead of confronting Lisa herself. Lisa has a strong case against Robin, whereas, Robin has no solid evidence of harrassment against Lisa. It looks pretty bad for Robin right now. This story is all that GH has going for it now well besides insecure Carly and Sam. Their scenes provide comic relief for me. What more does Jason have to do to prove he loves Sam, seriously! I hate them as a couple. I hope Brenda comes and bust those too up somehow. I might be alone in saying that but it's my opinion. I also can wait for Brenda to take on Carly. Too many of the women on the show let Carly walk all over them. It's time for her to meet her match. Well folks, back to studying and homework!

    Posted by BeanCounter at Saturday, September 04 2010 11:13 AM

    I just read the Suds Report on TV Guide Canada and the following was stated about a storyline for Lucky.

    Spoiler *******

    I read that Lucky resembles the assassin that works for the Balkan and that he will take the guy's place to bring the Balkan down.

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