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General Hospital Spoilers.

Friday, May 01 2015

The Nurses' Ball continues. (ABC)
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Friday May 1:

Read Friday's GH Recap: Jake Is Jason.

Parts 1 & 2. Greys Recap: She's Leaving Home. Find out why Candace says, "I cried again when she..."

The Nurses' Ball begins with the red carpet arrivals.

Someone proposes at the ball.

Two big reveals are exposed.

In Friday's blog, Dustin wonders if Obrecht has known who Jake was all along. Read the GH Rant and find out what he thought about Jake’s secret being exposed, and what Liz might do with what she knows.

Week of May 4:

Monday May 4:

The Nurses Ball continues.

Lucy blindsides Anna and Duke.

Spencer makes a dangerous play for Emma’s hand.

Tuesday May 5:

The Nurses Ball concludes.

Elizabeth makes a surprising choice.

Spencer receives some advice from an unexpected source.

Wednesday May 6:

Hayden blackmails Nikolas.

Anna and Duke make a confession.

Sam has apprehensions about keeping a secret.

Thursday May 7:

Oliva starts to go into labor.

Jake finds something unsettling in the garage.

Jordan is in danger.

Hayden coninues to blackmail Nikolas. (ABC)

Friday May 8:

Sloane and Anna grasp the implications of a discovery.

Sabrina and Michael discuss their relationship.

At the end of the day, Sabrina receives a knock at the door.

SOD May Sweeps!

Head writer Ron Carlivati dishes on what's to come.

"GH" is live May 15 and 18. Chad Duell will not be seen in these episodes as he told Soaps.com backstage at the 42nd Daytime Emmys.

One of the biggest things that the Nurses' Ball centers around is Jake. Carly and Spin are close to figuring out Ric is behind this.

Duke decides Jordan has got to go.

Julian and Carlos and the gang decide that Duke's got to go.

Blood will be spilled.

Ned and Olivia are poised to leave in May.

Someone else finds out Julian's Olivia's baby daddy. This will come to a head at the ball.

Something will happen in May to ramp up Sonny's dislike of Jake.

With the mob war escalating, Julian and Alexis' relationship will be tested in May.

Tracy is hopeful that Luke will be the same old Luke once he's discharged from the hospital.

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