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General Hospital Spoilers.

Friday, April 18 2014

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Friday's Rant! General Hospital Rundown A taste: "It was going on in Port Charles this week. The music was edgier, speculation ran high in a number of storylines and Maxie returned but was some of the drama over-played?"

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Thursday's Grey's Anatomy recap: I'm Winning.

Week of April 14:

The truth about Aiden's father's role is revealed and more in last night's Revenge recap: Allegiance.

Soaps.com Interview With General Hospital’s Marc Anthony Samuel (Felix).

Monday April 14:

GH recap: Negative Energy.

Carlos shows up somewhere he's not invited to.

Dante tells Lulu about Obrecht’s cryptic proposition.

Nikolas makes an offer to Elizabeth.

Madeline is pressed to disclose scandalous news to Nathan.

Michael demands answers from Anna.

Tuesday April 15:

GH Recap: Rolling Over.

“General Hospital” is pre-empted today during east coast feed from 2:35 - 2:55 PM EST in remembrance of the Boston Marathon a year ago. Please note the GH episode will not change. Also, this east coast pre-emption will not affect the west coast airing.

Soaps.com will still try to recap.

Sonny’s conscience is haunting him, while Carlos fears he could be accused of shooting AJ.

Jordan starts her new job.

Ava and Julian confront each other about their deeds.

Ned returns to Port Charles.

Wednesday April 16:

GH Recap: Get Out Of My Head.

Olivia is overwhelmed by Sonny’s erratic behavior.

Patrick and Sabrina learn the gender of their baby.

Jordan proves her loyalty to her new boss.

Anna and Dante take Carlos in for questioning.

Thursday April 17:

GH Recap: Sucker.

Sonny confides in Ava.

Nathan deals with an obstacle at home.

Spencer is not happy with news concerning Cameron, his competition.

Lulu questions Britt about Obrecht’s latest plan.

Friday April 18:

GH Recap: Aging Gigolo.

Sonny tries to make things right between him and Olivia.

Ned tells Tracy that he disapproves of Luke, just as he enters.

Spencer tries to warn Sonny about Luke.

Franco lets Carly in on a new scheme.

Will Ava get to Carlos before he confesses to the PCPD?

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