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General Hospital Spoilers.

Friday, September 26 2014

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Friday's "GH" Rant courtesy of Violette! General Hospital Rundown.

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Friday September 26:

GH Recap: His Worst Nightmare.

Luke sends an emissary to demand answers from Julian.

Sam and Patrick share their suspicions about Luke with Alexis.

Shawn and Jordan’s relationship is tested.

Week of September 29:

Monday September 29:

Franco continues his ruse with Carly.

Michael’s life is in danger.

Tracy arranges a meeting with Luke.

Tuesday September 30:

Franco reveals to Nina his scheming master plan.

Ava shares a secret with Kiki and Morgan.

Alexis probes Julian about Luke.

Wednesday October 1:

Elizabeth keeps vigil over the mysterious patient.

Julian warns Ava to keep a low profile, while Sonny has a warning for Julian.

Thursday October 2:

Patrick tells Sabrina who he suspects is behind their accident.

Carly has something important to tell Sonny.

Kiki has reservations about keeping Ava’s secret.

Friday October 3:

Will Franco finally trust Carly?

Patrick and Sam are on a mission to find Luke.

Liz learns the prognosis of her mysterious patient.

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Robin Mattson returns as Heather.

Anthony Geary (Luke/Fluke) returns to "General Hospital" in October.

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