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General Hospital Spoilers.

Thursday, November 20 2014

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Friday November 14:

GH Recap: Welcome To You.

Nikolas and Britt have an unexpected visitor.

Sonny laments over his recent loss.

Elizabeth wonders if she can spark a memory from Jake.​

Grey's Recap: Can We Start Again Please? Candace says, "While there was no sexy stuff this week, the drama was riveting from beginning to end."

General Hospital Rundown "Woo hoo! Someone hooked up with Rosalie. She and Michael are actually pretty hot together."

Week of November 17:

Monday November 17:

Read the GH Recap: Here For A Visit.

Michael has a request for Sonny.

Jake has a new living situation.

Patrick learns the fate of his job.

Tuesday November 18:

Read Tuesday's GH Recap: Clearing AJ.

Michael makes an announcement to the Quartermaines.

Sam and Patrick overhear Larry’s conversation.

Anna is suspicious of someone.

Wednesday November 19:

Sonny makes a deal.

Jordan and Shawn come clean with TJ.

Ava enlists Silas’s help.

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Thursday November 20:

Read our GH Recap: You Lying Scarecrow.

Britt makes a surprising admission to Nikolas.

Anna divulges some Intel about Faison.

Franco comforts Nina.

Friday November 21:

Sam and Patrick dig deeper into Larry’s motives.

Julian tells Alexis the truth.

Spencer tries to woo Emma again.

SOD November Sweeps!

Head writer, Ron Carlivati has the scoop.

Several characters will face jail time.

Sam and Patrick are on the train of figuring out whether Luke caused the accident that killed Gabriel. Will they discover Luke's not Luke?

Fans will finally begin to see the unfolding of the truth where Fluke is concerned.

Maxie and Nathan continue to be in a pickle over seeing one another vs the judge holding it against Maxie in court.

There may be some answers coming about Faison.

Alexis says she's done with Julian but she can't quite say goodbye.

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