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General Hospital Spoilers.

Friday, March 06 2015

Julian plots. (ABC)
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Friday March 6:

Carly tries to intercept a bad situation.

After an incident, Nathan is upfront with Maxie.

More is revealed about Luke’s family history.

Week of March 9:

Monday March 9:

Silas reveals some devastating news.

Michael makes a shocking announcement.

Nina and Franco get lured into a bad situation.

Tuesday March 10:

Lulu informs Tracy on Luke’s latest exploits.

Maxie and Spinelli get an urgent call.

Nina and Franco are questioned about the latest turn of events.

Wednesday March 11:

The PC mob wars heat up.

Sam and Spinelli reunite.

Maxie makes a confession to Lulu.

Thursday March 12:

Spinelli thinks he spots someone from his past.

Michael has a new job proposal for Sabrina.

Shawn has suspicions about Jordan.

Friday March 13:

Julian plots to eliminate a member of the mob.

Ric asks Elizabeth if she still has feeling for Jake.

Jake receives a new visitor.

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- Christine Fix