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General Hospital Spoilers.

Friday, May 22 2015

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Friday May 22:

GH recap: You Are His Father.

A mysterious new visitor comes to town.

Jordan drops a bombshell onto Shawn.

Jake tells Sloane he wants out.

In Friday's blog, Dustin felt Sloane really cares for Anna, and that he may be up to something we don't know about. Read the GH Rant and find out what he also thought about TJ's reaction to Jordan's news.

Week of May 25:

Monday May 25:

Memorial Day encore episode
Episode #13274 (Original airdate April 1, 2015) – “General Hospital’s” 52nd anniversary Show.

Various scenes from the original 1963 episode will be revisited, and questions raised that day will be answered.

The truth about Luke comes out.

Tuesday May 26:

Shawn must make a difficult decision.

Sloane has some news for Jake.

Nina is having some doubts about a situation.

Wednesday May 27:

Jake updates Elizabeth on his work status.

Valerie applies for a job.

Franco and Nina have a huge argument.

Thursday May 28:

Sonny confronts a stranger.

Anna is haunted by her actions.

Lucas and Brad discuss wedding plans.

Friday May 29:

Sloane makes a confession to Anna.

Michael concocts a strategy for ELQ.

Ric has new partner in crime.

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