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General Hospital Spoilers.

Thursday, July 31 2014

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Thursday's "GH" Rant! General Hospital Rundown. A taste: "Britt needed to act her age, she's a doctor who shouldn't be playing these games."

Weigh in! GH poll: Are Sam and Silas done?

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Friday July 25:

GH Recap: Clear Out.

Mickey reminds Julian about the cost of defiance.

Shawn and Jordan’s desire heats up.

Nina deviously seduces Silas.

Week of July 28:

Monday July 28:

GH Recap: Poor Impulse Control.

Ava begs Franco to help her bring down Sonny.

Jordan’s life is at risk because her cover is about to be blown.

An explosion pushes Julian over the edge.

Tuesday July 29:

GH Recap: Just Started Having Fun.

After getting a glimpse of what she believes to be a close moment between Silas and Nina, Sam thinks he has moved on.

Ava tries to convince Franco to give her the recording.

Mickey discovers the truth about Jordan and is determined to bring her down.

Wednesday July 30:

GH Recap: It Sounded Like Luke Spencer.

WWE star David Otunga guest stars as himself.

Julian confides in Jordan about who was responsible for the explosion.

Ned overhears Tracy talk to Luke about the ailing Alice.

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Thursday July 31:

GH Recap: To Britch, or Not To Britch."

Julian seeks the truth from Luke about the recent explosion but Luke is more interested to know what Ava has on Sonny.

Britt weighs telling the truth about Spencer to a distraught Nikolas.

Tracy learns about a possible eleventh hour cure for Alice.

Friday August 1:

A revelation prompts Sam and Patrick to get the goods on Nina.

Ava fills Julian in on her latest business deal.

Julian tells Sonny he knows the truth about AJ.

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