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General Hospital spoilers

Friday, July 31 2015

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Friday July 31:

Read today's GH recap: Silas is dead.

Nina is furious with Silas.

Franco makes a devastating discovery.

Patrick has an update on Hayden’s condition.

In Friday's blog, Dustin wasn't buying that Nina killed Silas. Read this week's Deconstructing GH and find out what he also thought about Luke's final scenes and the lack of a Luke and Laura goodbye.

Week of August 3:

Monday August 3:

Franco finds Nina in a compromising position.

Morgan confides in Sonny.

Laura makes a decision on what to do regarding Nik and Liz’s secret.

Tuesday August 4:

Kiki makes a shocking discovery.

Nathan shares his concerns with Nina about her being set up.

Carly confronts Ava/Denise.

Wednesday August 5:

Sonny calls a meeting.

Carly is suspicious of Morgan.

Madeline worries Franco will sabotage her plans.

Thursday August 6:

Franco turns to Obrecht for guidance, while Nina turns to Ric for help.

Jake divulges important news to Liz.

Sam has a confrontation.

Friday August 7:

Nik confirms Liz’s suspicions.

Sam and Jake discuss Liz’s trustworthiness.

Sonny and Carly confront Morgan.

Ava/Denise drops a bombshell.

Franco confides in Obrecht.

August teasers from SOD:

A shocking murder in Port Charles produces a handful of suspects, but who the responsible party is will leave fans speechless.

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