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General Hospital Spoilers.

Tuesday, July 22 2014

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Thursday's "GH" Rant! General Hospital Rundown. A taste: "This week ran the gamut between the ridiculous and the extremely sad. It happens every now and again, but this time was exceptional."

Weigh in! GH poll: Is Obrecht turning over a new leaf?

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Thursday July 17:

General Hospital was pre-empted due to the news of the Malaysian tragedy. Today's episode will air tomorrow. The spoilers have been moved one day ahead to reflect the story.

Friday July 18:

GH Recap: Time To Tuck In.

Nina overhears some incriminating evidence that could be used to her advantage.

Anna encourages Patrick to not give up on his marriage.

Maxie throws Nathan out.

When Spencer’s first attempt with Britt to thwart Elizabeth and Nikolas’s relationship fails, the youngster has a new trick up his sleeve.

Week of Monday July 21:

Monday July 21:

GH Recap: Moss. Ronn Moss.

Nina puts a plan in motion to help break up Sam and Silas.

Maxie has a shocking announcement regarding Levi.

Nikolas is on to Spencer’s shenanigans, causing Spencer to make a drastic attempt to get his father’s attention.

Tuesday July 22:

GH Recap: I Got Here First.

Patrick is grilled about his work ethic.

Scott adds to Anna’s pressure about the Port Charles drug problem.

Spencer takes his latest scheme a bit too far.

Wednesday July 23:

Mickey has his suspicions about Jordan.

Lucy’s love life is falling apart.

A desperate Ava enlists Julian’s help in order to rescue her from Sonny.

Thursday July 24:

Julian refuses to help Ava until she comes clean about Sonny.

Sam and Silas’ relationship is on shaky ground.

Patrick is determined to put his life back together.

Friday July 25:

Mickey reminds Julian about the cost of defiance.

Shawn and Jordan’s desire heats up.

Nina deviously seduces Silas.

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An explanation concerning Luke, or Fluke is on the way. In a TV Guide interview, Geary said, "I'll be back to raise more hell in October as the guy they call Fluke."

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