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General Hospital Spoilers.

Tuesday, August 26 2014

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Friday August 22:

GH Recap: There's No Hysteria!

Julian shares some revealing news to Ava about Luke.

Nina is determined to have another baby with Silas.

Patrick lets someone in on what he discovered at the clinic.

Week of August 25:

Monday August 25:

GH Recap: Death by Chocolate.

Michael and Kiki arrive at Ava’s for dinner.

Levi is forced to take some extreme measures.

Britt and Elizabeth continue to fight for Nikolas.

Tuesday August 26:

GH Recap: Thinks With His Bits.

Ava changes her strategy after Kiki makes a revelation.

Dante and Nathan are shocked by a discovery.

Julian asks Sonny for a truce.

Wednesday August 27:

Sam and Patrick bond over their past.

Nina has a proposition for Silas.

More clues about Levi’s past are revealed.

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Thursday August 28:

Levi is provoked.

Sabrina is determined to get answers about her car accident.

Liz confronts Nikolas about wavering between her and Britt.

Friday August 29:

Ava has a new scheme for Luke.

Britt delivers some unsettling news for Nina.

Elizabeth makes a choice.

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