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Thursday, August 21 2014

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Thursday's "GH" Rant courtesy of Dustin Cushman! General Hospital Rundown. A taste: "This week looked to continue the trend with Lucas’ proposed threesome. It perpetuates the idea that gay men are about sex above relationships."

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Friday August 15:

GH Recap: Wrong Is Right.

Nina discovers that Ava is pregnant and later reveals a secret with Franco involving Carly and Sonny.

Felix is inspired to find his own true love and blows off Lucas and Brad.

Carly learns about Franco’s whereabouts.

Week of August 18:

Monday August 18:

GH Recap: What's Your Story Twinkletoes?

Carly tries to resist her feelings for Sonny, while Franco’s jealousy grows.

Nikolas is torn between Britt and Elizabeth.

The aftermath of the wedding is discovered.

Tuesday August 19:

GH Recap: You Need Calming.

Michael overhears Tracy talking to Alice.

Franco returns home and questions Carly about her status with Sonny.

Ned and Olivia decide to go out as friends.

Wednesday August 20:

GH Recap: Ding Dongs.

Carly covers her tracks.

Ava gets a sinister request from Luke.

Jordan and Shawn continue to keep a secret.

Thursday August 21:

GH Recap: Put It To Bed.

Sabrina returns from her trip to Puerto Rico.

Sam discovers more clues about Rafe.

Julian tries to conceal his “boss” from Jordan.

Friday August 22:

Julian shares some revealing news to Ava about Luke.

Nina is determined to have another baby with Silas.

Patrick lets someone in on what he discovered at the clinic.

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